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Year: 2007

  • Weekly Index #10

    I’m very disappointed this week.

  • Xbox Family Posts Year’s Top 5

    Xbox Family says Halo 3’s ‘rehashed [campaign] gameplay and storyline similarities’ held it back from being their Game of the Year – but its multiplayer component made sure it didn’t fall below the number 2 slot.(Louis Wu 21:25:25 UTC)

  • Nice survey. Now where’s my sandwich?

    Hawty McBloggy is getting tired of muting idiots, so she wants everyone on Live to take a simple survey. Your answers will determine your automute status when playing with her. (For what it’s worth, I want this too.)(Louis Wu 20:59:56 UTC)

  • More awards from GameTrailers

    Yesterday, we mentioned that Halo 3 had won GameTrailers’ Best Shooter award for 2007 – Mattus let us know that they’ve also taken Multiplayer GotY, and Best 360 Game. Nice going!(Louis Wu 20:48:52 UTC)


    harabek stopped by to announce ‘All The Stuff Your Heart Is Wet For’ – a music video montage that works surprisingly well. Several very funny clips; I laughed out loud at the Counting Crows punchline. (Mostly because I didn’t recognize the opening; might not have been as funny if I had.) Go watch it -…

  • Perilous Test Drive

    A bit over a week ago, Taco Power stopped by our forum to report that ‘Peril’, from the Halo 2 Soundtrack, could be heard in the Top Gear Christmas special. Given that Top Gear is actually pretty hard to find on this side of the pond, I decided to pass on this as front-page news.…

  • A Woman Of Little Substance.

    In its 750th (!!!) standard strip, One One Se7en sends you New Year’s wishes, of a sort. Well, not really. It just makes you laugh. It’s a Christmas Miracle, one week late.(Louis Wu 16:44:49 UTC)

  • I resolve not to read any more lists.

    Gaming Steve has put together a list of resolutions made by games and consoles for the new year. (I’m wondering when he broke into my house to ask my stuff… but I’ll let that go for now.) Bungie, Halo 2 (Vista) and Halo 3 are all on the list. Thanks, gijake.(Louis Wu 16:43:56 UTC)

  • Lego Bionicle Grunt

    retinence is back with another Lego Bionicle Halo figure. This time, it’s a Grunt. He hasn’t posted instructions for making this one yet – but will, if there’s a demand. Take a look!(Louis Wu 16:40:10 UTC)

  • Cheap Space Art from a Halo fan

    Wow, awesome. Alexei TND (you can find a bunch of his work in our Misc Art section) is offering one of his cool space pics at cost – that is, you can buy a canvas print from DeviantART, and pay only what DA charges for printing and shipping; Alexei is making zero profit on this…

  • Next time, just hit B has a story about a 20-year-old from New York who drove to Spokane, WA to get arrested for stalking a 15-year-old girl he met while playing Halo. (Recon #54, who brought us the story, believes it’s unfair that Halo is blamed, rather than Xbox Live… but really, the problem is with the guy who…

  • Halo 3 for 20 bucks

    Apparently, according to this post at, if you buy Halo 3 at a brick-and-mortar F.Y.E. store before January 16, you’ll get a mail-in rebate on your receipt; complete it, and get $40 (of your $60 purchase) back. Halo 3 for $20 – not a bad price! (Louis Wu 16:20:44 UTC)

  • Getting Sent Off, Halo Style

    Mariachi is getting married this week – and his friends threw him a Halo-themed bachelor party for him. No hot chicks in cakes… but custom medals, and appropriate lessons. Nice! Thanks, JeSteR 343.(Louis Wu 16:15:49 UTC)

  • Recon Helmet you can wear

    SPU7N1K stopped by with pictures of a REAL Recon helmet, created by Belakor of the 405th forums. You might not be able to get Bungie’s… but this one’s actually cooler.(Louis Wu 16:14:04 UTC)

  • Sarcastic Gamer’s Top 100 (the Halo stuff)

    Sarccastic Gamer has been counting down the top 100 Gaming Moments of 2007; the leaked ending to Halo 3 came in at #64, and “Halo 3 Heart Attack”, the chaos that ensued when the Crackdown route didn’t let folks in as expected to the Halo 3 Beta that first day, just made #25. We’ll keep…

  • Episode 140: Multiplayer Tips and Map of the Month: Standoff

    Download | Shownotes We’re a little late on this one because of Christmas but here it is! Guest hosts are Nelson from Achievement Junkie (for a little bit) and Klutch27 (for most of the show). I think we have some really helpful stuff this show for Standoff, I know it’s helped my game a lot.…

  • Group now suspended

    I have decided to close the group due to lack of traffic, it seems it doesn’t do anything that we couldn’t do in the regular forums.To this end I will no longer be accepting new group members.Please all add the AVForums Halo 3 friend if you want a game, loads of peeps on there still.

  • Halo 3 is GT’s FPS of the Year

    Gametrailers Game of the Year Awards continue – Halo takes Best First Person Shooter from a field that included Bioshock, Call of Duty 4, Metroid Prime 3, and The Orange Box. Thanks, Mattus.(Louis Wu 21:51:12 UTC)

  • A true Couch Potato

    Some people might look at a recently-posted video from FooFoo and wonder why… others will see the value in sofa launching without any prompting. Which group are you in?(Louis Wu 21:49:03 UTC)

  • Believe – up for Flash Site of the Year

    A representative from AKQA, the agency behind the IRIS ARG and the Halo 3 Believe ads, stopped by our forum to point out that the Believe website is up for Flash Website of the Year from the Favorite Website Awards. Go help ’em win! (He also wanted to thank the community for its involvement in…