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Year: 2007

  • The Riot 80

    Sigafoos sent word of The Riot 80, an hour-long discussion of their Community Aawards nominations. There’s still a little community news, but the focus is on the awards. Go listen! (Louis Wu 21:42:05 UTC)

  • Gamespot disses Halo 3

    Avi Levin let us know that Gamespot has posted their Editor’s Choices for their Game of the Year Awards, and Halo didn’t win anything it was nominated for. (That includes Multiplayer, Shooter, 360 Game, and GotY, as well as the Bungie Microsoft split for Biggest News.) Ouch!(Louis Wu 21:40:05 UTC)

  • Luck is Taken Halo 3 Montage

    Z let us know about a Halo 3 gameplay montage from Luck is Taken – it’s about seven and a half minutes long, and weighs in at 171 mb. Plenty of sticks and snipes – but lots of other weapons too. Take a look.(Louis Wu 21:30:55 UTC)

  • Recon Armor – worth stealing accounts for

    A pro gamer who was awarded Recon armor by Bungie for a pretty cool suicide he filmed has had his account stolen by a jerk who wanted the armor. The story on Joystiq suggests his account was ‘hacked’, but if you read the thread on Team vBi’s forum, it becomes clear that the account was…

  • Epic Machinima Trailer

    AnTi PRO, from Arm The Flag, let us knwo about a trailer for their upcoming movie, ‘Epic Machinima’. I’ts a spoof of every overdone idea in machinima, all in one place. You can find download links (and comment on the project) in this HaloGrid thread.(Louis Wu 21:14:55 UTC)

  • Trolling the web, so you don’t have to

    Hawty McBloggy has a whole bunch of goodies to show you; starting off, there’s a Master Chief helmet created in Forge. (I thought I’d seen this before – but I can’t find it in our news.) Then, she mentions an auction for an item she does NOT want you bidding on – because she wants…

  • RT: Saturday All Day

    Hey Everyone, Today’s comic is below, and there’s even a sponsor comic here. Also, if you missed Burnie’s post yesterday, you should totally check it out. it lives downstairs from this post.

  • Another signature option

    AJay put together a Halo 3 stat sig generator – swing by and make one for yourself!(Louis Wu 12:00:54 UTC)

  • New art from Bryn Casey

    Bryn ‘ofthehi77’ Casey let us know that he’d created four new Halo images – we’ve added them to his Gallery section here. Check out Arbiter, Sierra117, Tunnel, and Feet First into Hell. Wow – these would look wonderful on your wall! (Louis Wu 11:49:41 UTC)

  • It was a very good year

    Today’s episode of Another Halo Comic Strip isn’t NSFW… but it’s close. Still… I like it. And it WAS a very good year. That’s it for AHCS until 2008!(Louis Wu 11:45:40 UTC)

  • Falling Sand Challenge

    Ouch. So a couple of days ago, gunluva brought a challenge from the Falling Sands Game forum – some Halo lovers over there wanted to challenge HBO regulars to a few rounds of Halo. Apparently, they’re better at the Falling Sand Game than Halo – the HBO team (made up of gunluva, Major Silva, and…

  • Edible Chief

    Wow, awesome. If you’re on the right list, apparently, you get a giant chocolate Master Chief from Microsoft. Now THAT’S pretty. Thanks, Peronthious.(Louis Wu 11:31:26 UTC)

  • McFarlane Series 2 – Arbiter Pics

    There are some great pics of McFarlane’s rendition of the Arbiter over at Kotaku – this figure won’t be for sale until June, but you can see what it’ll look like now. I’d agree with Luke Plunkett’s assessment – those feet are HUGE. (These are, of course, also available at their home site, -…

  • Our First Update

    Our first update, no real news quite yet, but something to think about.

  • RT: Grifball Wants You

    The First Annual Rooster Teeth Inc, Winter Grifball League Sponsored by Shisno Energy Drinks in Association with Smoal Enterprises is now open for registration. If this is the first you’ve heard of the of the FARTIWGLSbSEDiAwSE, feel free to browse our…

  • In Space…

    Luke McKay has finished the doodle he started in late September (we mentioned it here) – check it out in his Gallery section! Once again – Halo 3 spoiler warning.(Louis Wu 20:22:01 UTC)

  • Prophecy Episode 2: Delta Bishop

    Lordstemplar1 stopped by to announce Prophecy Episode 2: Delta Bishop. The two sides of this battle are shaping up!(Louis Wu 20:15:05 UTC)

  • Looking Back

    FiringSquad posted their list of the Top 10 Gaming Stories of 2007 – Bungie’s split with Microsoft made Number 5, and Halo 3’s launch got an honorable mention.(Louis Wu 19:59:59 UTC)

  • Steel Halo 2 Logo

    Samscrim posted a photo of a steel Halo 2 logo his dad made for him. Nice!(Louis Wu 19:21:09 UTC)

  • Stow The Bellyaching.

    I know EXACTLY where the inspiration for today’s One One Se7en came from… in fact, I’m living it.(Louis Wu 13:38:08 UTC)