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Year: 2004

  • Weekly What’s Update – for some

    Working on this New Years Eve Day, Frankie has posted the last 2004 Weekly What’s Update over at – except the link isn’t working for everyone. It’s worth a read when you can get in, though – there’s some good stuff in this one. (The most interesting bit to me, actually, was about Marathon,…

  • Now THAT would be cool on a mantel.

    A 13 inch, 4 pound metal statue of the Master Chief is now for sale on eBay. Starting bid is $100, but reserve is higher than that. If you bid, notice that shipping will be from Paris, France, so take that cost into account. The fact that Frankie weighed in on the thread suggests that…

  • Joint Effort

    NINJ4 posted an animated One One Se7en on our forum – not only in line with Stuntmutt’s brand of humor, but it takes a SHOT at Stuntmutt. What more could you want from a One One Se7en?

  • The Prophets chose YOU!

    A couple of days ago, Captain Spark released 62 new dialogue snippets, downloadable in one zipped bundle from his website. If you’d rather pick and choose which snippets you get (or like the ability to search for text), these snippets have now been added to our Halo 2 Dialogue Databank. Happy hunting!

  • Metropolis never looked so good.

    Twenty-five new panoramic shots just got added to BOLL’s HALOrama collection – mostly multiplayer, but some impressive campaign shots, too. Go look!

  • Donkey Chief.

    It’s hard to argue with Stuntmutt’s reasoning in today’s One One Se7en – this is the pièce de résistance in his argument that Halo 2 is a regression to simpler times in console gaming.

  • Zombies Expansion

    VerdaFolio has written up an article on the Dawn of the Dead gametype – but this one covers much more than a simple rehashing of the rules. It looks at what levels are good for gameplay, plus game variants that might be enjoyable. Thanks to Narcogen, at, for the heads-up.

  • Pretty, but still confining continues its analysis of Halo 2 with Impressions of Delta Halo. Again, the things that work, and the things that don’t, areas that are fun and areas that are not. Very well-written.

  • Odd NTSC/PAL issue

    When we posted the ‘Hot Pursuit’ cutscene (with the Heretic escaping in a Banshee), Jillybean mentioned that whenever SHE watched the scene, the Heretic crashed into a wall before flying away. I’d never seen this – but a couple of other Europeans agreed, that’s the way it was for them. This seems to be a…

  • Awkward is as awkward does.

    Halo Babies is back with a new series – and there’s a new Cortana (just like in Halo 2). Check out the strip – and some Cortana concept sketches.

  • More on video games and combat

    Yesterday, we mentioned an article that suggested that video games might help train people to be better soldiers. It inspired quite a bit of discussion on our forum. Today, MIT’s Technology Review has an article about what soldiers in Iraq do on their off-time… and it seems a lot of it is ‘play video games’.…

  • Finishing off the Gas Giant

    We’re releasing two more cutscenes this evening over in the Cutscene Library: The Oracle and Edification bracket the Heretic Boss Battle. (I don’t THINK just those words are spoilers, in and of themselves… but if you consider them to be, please accept my apologies.) Enjoy!

  • THEM vs US

    Another Machinima series starting up – THEM vs US: A Zanzibar Story. Currently there’s just a teaser up on the page, but they promise more to come. Their hook – it’s all being done over XBL. The performers have never met in real life. Give it a look!

  • That Weasel Cranks Out the Vids

    More video madness: over at That Weasel Television, the community has been uploading mountains of new video footage – much of it is trick material, but there are also a number of gameplay/music vids. If you’re jonesing for new video material (and I’m having a little trouble seeing how you could be, these days, but…

  • MTV’s Making The Video

    Back in early November, MTV put up a special called ‘Making The Video Game: Halo 2’, which took a sort of documentary look at the making of the game. (It wasn’t very much like the DVD that comes with the Limited Edition… but it was interesting. mentioned it here – we put up some…

  • video contest – last chance

    Dennis Powers points out that you’ve got a little more than one day to get your entry in to Halo Maps’ Halo CE Video Contest – there are 2 dozen entries already submitted (high and low res), check ’em out and create something better, but do it FAST!

  • Master Chief in your Living Room

    Ross Mills found another couple of Master Chief statues on eBay – one is 3 feet tall, the other is 6 feet tall. They’ve both got a few days left on their auctions – if you want one of these puppies, go bid!

  • You can’t fit that stuff in a stocking, anyway.

    Oh, the lessons of the holidays… today’s Calvin and Halo hammers home that it’s better to give than to receive. (At least, if you’re gonna be receiving later on…)

  • User-built resources

    Goose241 writes that he’s set up an online wiki to collect Multiplayer Strategies – this is a place you can contribute your own ideas to. (While we’re on the subject of wikis… Khas wrote a few days ago that he’d added an article to Wikipedia about MAC guns.)

  • Canadian Tourney Pushed Back

    We mentioned a Canadian tourney about a month ago, sponsored by the Maasai Clan – it looks like it’s been delayed until mid-March, in order to get the Canadian Gaming League involved. Thanks to Narcogen, at, for the heads-up on the delay.