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The latest news about the Halo series of games from Microsoft

Author: Louis Wu

  • WikiRiot/003

    The Creme Savers have released Episode 3 of their WikiRiot podcast – you can read about it at HaloWiki, download it from that same page, or grab it from iTunes.

  • What did he do wrong? …Just so I know.

    Captain Spark posted another 30 dialogue snippets today; you can grab them from his site, or you can browse them individually in our Dialogue Databank. This is the first batch that has all the individual players broken out.

  • Trailer Trash.

    I’d find today’s One One Se7en much funnier, if my inbox wasn’t already chock-full of all of those comments. Sometimes you have to laugh, or you’ll cry.

  • Out of Mind

    If you have a 360, there’s a new Red vs Blue miniseries beginning on XBL Marketplace – ‘Out of Mind’ apparently tells the story of Tex and Wyoming (and Wyoming’s boss). It’s free, it’s in hi-res (Gus points out that it’s the first hi-def video they’ve created, and he’s pretty happy with how it came…

  • You get down from there!

    A little thing… but it made me laugh. Check out Dojorkan’s reworking of the Cairo Station battle.

  • Halo CMT Promo Vid

    The Halo Custom Mapping Team has released a promo video, giving you a sneak peek at the content of their upcoming release, ‘Halo CE: CMT Edition’. (This will be available on June 25.) It’s basically a reworkng of the entire Halo (1) single-player game… all 10 levels. Check Wave of Lag’s forum post for a…

  • Up and Running Again

    XerxdeeJ stopped by to say that Tied The Leader is back to updating – new skin (very pretty!), new focus – or at least, more focused focus. Stop by and say hi!

  • Series 8 Action Figures Now Out

    Nox Invictus points out that Joyride Studios has released the Series 8 Action Figures; they’re available for purchase now at the DieCastExpress site.

  • He still loves Halo CE.

    3Suns points out that PisToL is the Player of the Week over at; go see why.

  • Xbox World 360 Features Halo

    WortWortWort pointed out a blog entry from the guys behind Xbox World 360, a UK gaming magazine, talking about a huge amount of Halo content in the latest issue. Looks like if you have access to this mag, it’s worth buying! Update: Feenix clarifies that it’s not just a Halo feature, it’s a free 82-page…

  • Friday’s Fanfic

    Fourteen (that’s 2×7) new pieces of Fan Fiction for you this Friday – go read!

  • Next game’s to 343.

    The Halo Humpday Challenge writeup is now up over at; HaloPlanet might have won the overall match, but KP did a fine job of finding people on the other team to ridicule. (To the sniper in the first game – don’t worry, I feel your pain.) Go read. I’m guessing, though, that by now…

  • Halo 3 Behind the Scenes Transcript Available

    Hyp3r grunt dropped us a note – there’s a transcript of the Halo 3 ‘Behind the Scenes’ trailer up at Halo Nirvana. Give it a read!

  • Vector Chief How-To

    DMDyet put together a small tutorial on converting a base image to a vector representation, using some work he did on the Halo 3 Trailer MC as an example. Comments can be added to the DeviantART page where it’s hosted, or to his forum post here

  • Tri Tri Again – Again

    Last week we mentioned a Halo-themed parody of the Apple Switch ads – we just got word from Dennis Powers that this movie is now mirrored at, and is available in both the original WMP9 format as well as a QuickTime version. If you missed it then, go watch it now!

  • Think the kids will play Halo?

    A quick note for the Bungie stalkers out there… John Butkus, a Bungie animator, half of the Cananimators (all stories on about them seem to be gone forever, or I’d link you), and known online as Anim8rJB, proposed recently to Brooke, better known as Brookelyn, of the Fragdolls… and she said yes. No date…

  • Weapons Glitches, Matchmaking, and You

    A couple of weeks ago, Ninja 0n Fire, the Bungie playlist designer, posted a note on the forums which stated pretty clearly that weapons glitches (like BXR) and superbouncing were considered cheating in Matchmaking (though not necessarily bannable offenses, per se). As far as I know, this is the first time a Bungie employee…

  • Halo immersion

    NAMLOCO is a Halo fan who wanted the perfect setting for his Halo playing – so he hired 4 women to paint a pair of Halo murals on his walls (6 ft by 12 ft each). Total cost – $2000. He sent along a few large pics (first | second | third), and there are…

  • This Spartan Life – Movies Galore

    There’s quite a bit of new content available over at This Spartan Life – you can find links to two new segments at SpikeTV (an interview with Korn, and another episode of Solid Gold Dancers), and you can find Module 4, Meet Teh Leet, a look at l337-speak in online gaming. Check it out!

  • Lost: Halostyle Episode 4

    Haloplayer submitted Lost: Halostyle Episode 4 to the MPRRS (episodes 1-3 are available at – the reviewers liked it. Good cinematography, understandable voice acting (that’s bigger than you’d think!), interesting effects. Grab a copy in WMP9 format or QuickTime format – 49 mb each, though the WMP9 is a bit sharper this time around.