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Year: 2005

  • Stop Drinking The Laundry Detergent.

    Over at Red vs Blue, their annual New Year’s video has been posted for sponsors – should be up for everyone later today. (I’d guess before midnight, Central time… but hey, I’ve been wrong before.) Made me laugh – though I don’t think it encouraged any actual resolution-keeping… Go watch! (Thanks, SaBoT.)

  • Old images, revisited

    Interesting. Slith points out a ‘Covenant Mystery Ship’ from the bridge screens on the Pillar of Autumn; there are representations of two types of Covenant vessel, and one looks similar to the CCS-class cruiser (the Truth and Reconciliation is of this class). The other is… squatter. The T&R-style ship can be seen in this in-game…

  • One Hundred Percent Unexpected

    Pinkuh has updated her Lost the Lead comic – and this one is Halo-related! YAY! (There’s no way to link directly to the comic page… this link will get you there, until she posts another one, and then it won’t any more. But if you’re visiting after this post went live, you’re looking for the…

  • Money for Montages (and chicks for free)

    Eep – I meant to post this yesterday, but it got lost in the pre-New Years Eve-planning. Z, over at, announced a new montage contest a couple of days ago – and this one has what none have had before: cash prizes for the winners. There’s a thousand dollars on the line; at least…

  • Tommy Boy

    Late last night, a new comedy passed the Movie Peer Review Rating System (submissions are WAY off, so we haven’t been hosting a lot of films – are people just not making them any more?) – it’s a re-enactment of a Chris Farley bit from the movie Tommy Boy. You can grab a copy in…

  • BMAC’s Montage Trailer

    BiGmAc2121 has a new montage coming out soon – the trailer for it was edited by MikeMan27, and can be found on 19 mb, WMP9 format. Short, sweet, action-packed. What more do you want?

  • Northeast Tourneys



    A couple of tournaments were announced on our forum yesterday – there’s a 2v2/4v4 Halo 2 event in Pittsburgh, PA, on Sunday January 8 (forum post was here, with a tourney flyer here), and a Halo 1 event in Groton, CT, on Saturday January 7, with details in this post. Next weekend looks to be…

  • Def And Dumb.

    If you don’t like puns, don’t read today’s One One Se7en. (Then again, if you don’t like puns, you’ve had 418 chances before today (not counting Sunday, Holiday, Guest, or Archive strips) to learn that lesson… so you do what you need to do.)

  • Friday Fanfic

    Well… it’s the second week of experimentation with the submission process for the Halo Fan Fiction section, and clearly a number of submitters haven’t bothered to glance at the submission guidelines. Several stories were rejected for lack of basic formatting for readability – if you want to ensure that your story is archived here, you…

  • Limitations of the medium

    GU Comics incorporated Halo Zero in a strip a couple of days ago – it’s pretty funny. Thanks, Ross.

  • Halo Stats on your Google Homepage

    oil has created a module for Google’s personal homepage – you can read about it, see screenshots, and find install links in this forum post. Nice!

  • It’s The Thought That Counts

    This week’s VG Cats comic was posted a few days late – but it’s got a Halo mention, so we’ll let him go. Looks like Echoes was first with the heads-up on our forum.

  • 4v4 tourney in Ohio

    You know the holiday stuff is getting to you when you start missing stuff. Scooter, from Game Junkie, posted a note on our forum yesterday about an upcoming tourney at his store in West Chester, OH, on January 21. $100/team to get in (this goes up a couple of days before the event), minimum of…

  • A Tense Countdown

    What makes this week’s Halo Babies comic so funny is how appropriate it is… for both the BABIES… and for forumgoers everywhere. (What does that tell you about forumgoers?) Go read!

  • And even more art.

    There were three images that had been included in Jilly’s fanfic last week that did NOT get included in the Misc Art update this morning – and that’s because Theo Prins has his own gallery page here at HBO. We’ve added those three images there – and the more I look at his work, the…

  • Misc Art Goodies

    As penance for letting the Wallpaper queue get so out of hand recently, I’ve cleared out the Miscellaneous Art queue, as well. You’ll find the images that were included in Jillybean’s Christmas Fan Fiction last week, as well as dozens of others – HrtBrkr, GT Gundam, Dillo, and Kristina Smith all have multiple entries, and…

  • Halo 2 top with teens

    The Contra Costa Times put up a series of top 5 lists for teens for 2005 – and Halo 2 is the top choice on the ‘Top 5 Video Games’ list. Now that’s too legit to quit.

  • New montage vids at H2F

    Word from Z, over at, is that there are a couple of pretty snazzy vids to download over there. There’s a trailer for an upcoming vid being made by three of the top 5 finishers in the montage contest that just ended there – nice frenzied action. (24 mb.) And there’s Indica Haz3’s first…

  • Halogen Update

    It’s been about five months since we mentioned the Halogen project – a Halo total conversion for C&C Generals. Patrick Dalire sent us a note to go look – and I gotta say, it’s looking pretty impressive these days! You have to go through the news posts one at a time to see new renders…

  • Cashing In

    Gamasutra is running a feature where every day they post the top three games of 2005 from a different reader (most of which are members of the game development community). Today’s picks come from Large Animal Games’ Coray Seifert – and his number one choice was the Halo 2 Expansion Pack. (I found it interesting…