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Category: Ascendant Justice

  • Alas…

    A fond farewell… For the last twenty-some-odd months, the staff of Ascendant Justice – Vociferous and Cocopjojo – has enjoyed bringing various Halo observations to this site; observations which were, in many ways, simply extensions of our own pre-existing conversations. The rich fiction of Halo begs a deeper understanding, and its vast universe, a more profound excercise of…

  • The Prodigal

    A brief word on demonstrations and expansions… (more…)

  • The Best-Laid Plans

    An overview of the fictional events witnessed in the Halo 3 ODST E3 ’09 trailers… It’s hard to believe that a full year has come and gone since last year’s E3 conference; but it has indeed been an entire year. It’s also hard to believe that during this span of time we’ve seen no in-game…

  • Ground Zero

    A closer look at the city of New Mombasa… (more…)

  • The Hub

    With Halo 3: ODST’s release date drawing ever nearer, we have now opened a new page which will serve as a central menu for all of our ODST coverage. Our previous analyses can now be found on this page, and new write-ups will be added to it as they are released. Click the link below…

  • Thel

    Regarding Thel ‘Vadam… (more…)

  • More Weight

    A detailed look at the fiction of Microsoft and Ensemble’s Halo Wars… It would be unfair to suggest that there hasn’t been an exceptional amount of skepticism directed toward Ensemble Studios’ Halo Wars over the past few months – and there’s likely not been more weight placed on a single Halo title to succeed than…

  • Advent Unlimited

    These days are so far displaced from the ones which came before that I struggle to remember what changed along the way. I can recall with effortless nostalgia how things were the first day downloadable content had been made available for Halo 2, in late April of 2005. And just as easily, I can fondly…

  • October 20, 2552

    A brief look at the day’s events… (more…)

  • Unworlding

    Regarding the Great Journey… (more…)