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Podtacular Face Off

Dust Storm and GLewis have set up a really cool community project called Podtacular Face Off. It's a series of 1v1 events in the forums with video highlights for all to see. To participate or check it out, take a look at their forum section. In the mean time here's a promo video:

Read on for another video showing the first face off match!

Podtacular Community Podcast (PCP) Episode 1

CAM-oflauge a.k.a. nobudy recently started a new podcast with GLewis for and by the podtacular community. First episode is with me (foo mo) chatting with him about the future of Podtacular and what's up now that I'm not hosting the podcast.


Podtacular Final Audio Episode Delay

Just a heads up, we know the podtacular final audio show is late. But here's the plan: It will be released in multiple parts, and all of it will be available by Sunday. This one has taken some serious work and some serious time. Thanks for your patience.

Podtacular Rec Clan Update

Kiaffex gives us another great podtacular rec update this week (PRU), a regular staple on the forums that tells us what's happening with the rec clans. This week he interviews the member of the week: KBC, explains the new clan invite system, mentions upcoming events, and lots more.

Check out this great article in the forums!

Be on Bungie Favorites!

Bungie has opened their doors to allow communities to submit custom content to their favorites list. Since you're here, you can submit things on behalf of your community: Podtacular! This is a great way to get your map or game type out there and be on everyone's start menu.

Details in the forums »

Around the Ring: Episode 0

Lancelot59 and Dust Storm have put together a short podcast called Around the Ring. It's all about the Halo PC/CE community with some cool map reviews. Check it out!


Episode 156: The Covenant Campaign Show


Download | Shownotes

It's the final user submission show, and this one's all about helping you do well on The Covenant. Guest hosts this week are Lone Banana Fone and Cross Before Crowns. Pod art this week was a shared screenshot on taken by Stumpy Starling. Show's just under an hour and has some crazy outtakes at the end about the making of the intro. :)

Episode 155: Customs and Creations


Download | Shownotes

This show covers a bunch of cool custom games the community sent in. Guest hosts are Shotgun Friendly, Anorexic Leader, and Dust Storm. Pod art this week comes from the great screenshotter Plasma Qrenades. Show's about an hour long, and the next one should be out on Sunday.

Send In Stuff for the Next to Last Show: The Covenant Campaign Show!

This past show is a little delayed because my computer died. In the mean time, let's start preparing for the next one. This is the FINAL content show for Podtacular, so be sure to get your last text submission in! After this is the grand finale where we'll be going through voice mails and taking a look back at nearly 3 years of podtacular. I actually think this is kind of a fitting final content show, since we're stopping right before the one everyone hates: Cortana. This week is all about how to do well on The Covenant, where master chief disables the shield to get at the prophet of truth, faces a glut of vehicular resistance, joins forces with the flood, eliminates truth, and escapes. This level is downright famous for the scene with the two scarabs at the entrance to the key room where truth is. What secrets are there on this level? How do you deal with the 2 scarabs? Any tips on handling the flood and the covenant here? How about the vehicles? Help the Halo Nation by clicking the big green button and sending in your tip with your gamertag so we can give you credit. If it's good, we'll put it on the show! Deadline is Tuesday night at about 7pm eastern, so be quick!

Attention: How to be on the final episode of Podtacular’s audio podcast

Podtacular's audio show is a community show, likely the first of it's kind. With the many great guest hosts we've had on, voice mails we've played, and tips we've read, thousands of people have been on the show. We want all of you to have a chance to be involved in the final audio show.

Here's the plan: call in a voice mail to 206-888-HALO and say your gamertag first (and what site you're from if applicable). Then leave any goodbye message you'd like. What we'll do is pick out the Halo and gaming community leaders first and play their full goodbyes. After that we'll have a montage of every single gamertag that called in a goodbye. Our goal is to get everyone that wants to be a part of the final episode to be on it, this time in their own voice. CapnKrunk is going to scratch the voice mails he was finishing for the last tales from the foxhole show to work on these.

Thanks everyone for wanting to contribute. Let's make it the best show ever! Deadline is Thursday, April 3rd so he has time to edit this all together.

Whoa, JVB and CapnKrunk have their own podcasts?

In case you didn't know, some of the guys at Podtacular have been doing their own things these days, and are kickin' butt at it.

CapnKrunk is actually the creative director behind PIQ Magazine, entertainment for the rest of us. It's the successor to the very popular Newtype anime magazine, but this time including more entertainment that geeks like us get into. Issue 1 recently came out and features stuff about Appleseed Ex Machina, Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and more. They have a great podcast that's just getting started. Go have a listen!

JVB has started his own podcast as well called the Post Game Report or PGR. He's already on episode 10 and gets the community involved with the show. They talk about the latest happenings in the gaming community and have a different guest on each week. Check it out!

Send in Stuff for This Week’s Show: Customs and Creations

It's one of the final shows of podtacular, and it's your chance to get involved! This week is all about your favorite custom games and halo 3 maps. Whether they're yours or just a cool game you've played recently, now's the time to get your favorite map and/or custom game in! Send it in by clicking the big green button. Deadline is TONIGHT at about 7pm eastern, so hurry!

Important Announcement About the Podtacular Audio Podcast

This is a hard article to write, but it has to be done. The Podtacular Audio Podcast, started in July 2005, will be retiring in April. The last show will be recorded on April 8th, 2008. No, this is not an April fool's joke. This may be bad news, but I have good news too. Read on for more.

First of all let's calm some fears.

Wait, does this mean, the community, the clans, the review frenzy, the events, the 2008 season, and Pod TV are going away?

NO. In fact, this is the good news. Pod TV will be taking over the podcast feed and putting out new stuff more regularly. Freak in a Box and Cryptoflix need your help to do it though! If you want to help in acting, voice over, guest hosting, editing, recording, or some other way, leave a note in the comments. Pod TV has a lot of cool stuff planned and a schedule all worked out, so it's shaping up quite well.

But why?

JVB is stretched to the max and had to find a way to cut back. He's on like 3 or 4 different podcasts, including his own. I've been talking about doing this for a while now, but some possibilities kept me around to see what happened. Turns out nothing came of them, so it's finally time for me to say my goodbyes. I've been fortunate to be a part of creating an environment that's great for making friends and playing halo... for everyone but me. All the friend requests mess with my head because many of them just want someone "famous" on their friends list. I eventually ignored the whole lot and just isolated myself for this reason. That ain't healthy. I want to play games with friends and be a regular joe. I have other reasons too, such as getting my 2 nights a week back (recording and editing) which I've been putting in for almost 3 years now.

So is the last episode going to be something special?

Yes. We plan on doing a look back and playing a bunch of goodbyes from our friends in the Halo Nation. (If you're a leader in the Halo Nation, please let me know if you want to be a part of this historic episode) We hope to make it something special for all of us for whom the podtacular audio podcast has been a part of our lives over the years.

This, right now, is not the final goodbye quite yet. We do have a few more shows planned, so be sure to listen to the historic final shows of podtacular. I'll still be hanging around in the forums, in fact probably a little more so. We have a tournament season coming up that Dialpex has put a lot of work into, among other things. Stick around and see what podtacular becomes in this transition!

Episode 154: Multiplayer Tips and Map of the Month: Narrows


Download | Shownotes

It's the multiplayer tips show, where we read off a bunch of tips for Narrows sent in by the Halo Nation. There is also a special announcement in this show about the end of the Podtacular audio podcast and the rise of Pod TV to take it's place on your iPod. Another article will be on the front page shortly about that as well. Pod art this week is from Phil C., who didn't send his gamertag. Guest this week is Miss Tique from Team Bombshells, an all female gaming team.