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Halo SETI Team 14 day stats posted

April 30th, 2001
Dink!... despite the infusion of 16 new members, the Halo SETI Marines lost a position in the Battle of the Teams, dropping out of the top 50 for the first time in almost a year. Ouch! Part of the blame can be placed on the four deserters, who, between them, pulled almost 2000 units out of the Halo coffers... but a big part of the problem is the low crunching action of the majority of the team. (Don't blame DarthFlounder - he's pulled within 121 units of the top spot...) The rest of you... turn that SETI screensaver back on! To see how YOU are doing, check the 14 day stats page.

33 days out of the gate

April 30th, 2001
Woohoo - the mail guy's back! For all those who wrote in the past week and a half, and expected a reply, I'll be getting to them in the next day or two. Meanwhile, I've added Friday's Weekly Halo Update to the Halo Update Database; the word of the week is Cortana. How long did it take the Halo team to bring her to life?

Fan made Halo MP3

April 29th, 2001
Fan art, fan fiction, and now fan music. Bjorn sent us a link to an MP3 he created for Halo. The name of the song is "After the Storm" and you can find it at: Go take a listen. Pax.

New Blam (Halo) site

April 29th, 2001 goes live according to Sapwood. Take a look. Pax.

Halo in Gamespot’s High-Tech Games article

April 29th, 2001
Halo "Sci-Fi epic with all the right moves". Menalaus Khan lets us know that Gamespot have a High-Tech Games article in which Halo is mentioned. Go check it out. Pax.

Hi-res Halo scans

April 28th, 2001
Bungie Sightings puts up the hi-res Halo scans from Next Generation magazine. Go get them before they are pulled again. BS also has info on next month's Bungie Fanfest V.

Halo interview

April 28th, 2001
Halo interview. IGN Xbox interviews Bungie's John Howard and Joseph Staten. Thanks to Massa for the heads up. Here's a piece:

IGN Xbox: Because the guys at IGN PC threatened us with death if we didn't ask, what's up with the PC version? Will they see it before the Covenant invades earth?

JS: Given that it will be hundreds of years before the first Covenant recon picket stumbles across our most distant colony world--yes, absolutely! Oh man, we're all pushing so hard to get the XBOX version out on time, we really have zero time to think actively about the PC and Mac versions. But they're always in the back of our minds. You know: " should I do 'x' so itÕ¬l be relatively easy to implement on the PC/Mac?" Tell the IGN PC guys to keep the faith, and we'll get back to you, OK?

Changes afoot at

April 28th, 2001
Whoa... looks like (if I'm reading it right) Tyson Green, AKA Ferrex, of, has been hired away by Bungie for who knows what... I think he just took the job to get out of Canada, but you never can tell. Congrats, Ferrex! (Don't let this stop you from reading this week's Halo Update from Matt, mind you.)

Matt’s Weekly Update posted

April 28th, 2001
Thanks to Matt Soell, who didn't hold our feet to the fire TOO long for Marty's update last week - he sent us this week's update as scheduled. And it's a tasty one. So tasty, in fact, that I logged in from a place where I have to PAY by the minute for my internet access to bring it to you. (Yeah, yeah, you Brits, stop your whining.) Crux would have posted it, but he was eating fish, or something. In any case, go read about a model for Cortana, a whole bunch of stuff that brings on Marathon flashbacks, better AI, and more multiplayer art. What are you waiting for? This is costing me! (It'll make it into the Halo Update Database in the next day or two.)

Bernie plays with his jeep?

April 27th, 2001
Dgenohunter of the french clan HELL website (yes we remember it well) enlarged one of the Bungie webcam pics of Bernie and says he thinks he can see the famous Halo jeep. Of course we went to source of all image enhancements "Crux" who said he could see two jeeps. Altar wine folks... altar wine. ;)

Bernie plays Halo?

April 27th, 2001
fate187 sent us a bunch of webcam pics from yesterday. Is this Bernie playing Halo on a PC? See here, here and here.

New fan fiction

April 27th, 2001
"He fired in short bursts, seeking out the heads of the taller elite..." Vector40 sends us Part II of his Halo Story. Part I is on our Fan Fiction page.

Bungie webcam mystery

April 26th, 2001
Dorram sent us in this Bungie webcam pic from yesterday. If you've been following some of the discussion on our forum you'll know what it's all about. Just what is on that screen? Bungie's webcam page can be found here. Pax.

No Halo in Wired magazine

April 26th, 2001
Noah Brimhall informs us that the the XBox feature in the May 2001 issue of Wired Magazine is mostly just a review of the hardware with one really cool picture of the guts of the machine. Other than that there are only a few mentions of Microsoft's console strategy, but no mention of Halo. Thanks Noah. Pax.

Xbox in Wired Magazine

April 26th, 2001
Kamikaze informs us that the May 2001 issue of Wired Magazine has an Xbox feature. Not sure if there is any Halo info but it might be worth checking out.

More wallpaper from Diogo

April 26th, 2001
Two more pieces of Wallpaper from Diogo "Razorback" Barbosa. A black & white sketch called War is Hell and a splash of Tecnicolor. Use our Wallpaper search engine to find all Diogo's work.


April 25th, 2001
"Acid!" was Crux's only comment to Dinosurfer's latest piece of Halo inspired Wallpaper. Is this the way the Covenant see us or did the marine just drop a tab? Check it out!

Thanks for the scans but…

April 24th, 2001
Thanks to Dorkonaspork for sending in a whole bunch of scans of the Halo preview in the latest Next Generation magazine. Unfortunately we can't upload these until the mag comes off the store shelves. You can see small sized pics of the full article over at Bungie Sightings. Please buy the magazine if you want to see the full article or wait a few weeks and we'll have it up. Pax.

More Wallpaper

April 24th, 2001
OliverHeilwagen sends us in a very nice piece of Wallpaper. It's 1024x768 in size. There are now 153 items in our Wallpaper section and it's growing daily.

Blue’s News gets a touch of Halo

April 24th, 2001
Thanks to Ilium Rise who points out on our forum that Blue's News gets a touch of Halo. Their main logo has been featuring a different game each day and presently it has the jeep from Halo. Pax.

Update: Frans P. de Vries of Blue's News informs us that their logo changes once a week, not once a day. Thanks Frans.