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The latest news about the Halo series of games from Microsoft

Author: Crux Fidelis

  • The Chant Has Begun

    Among the concerts presented this summer at the Hollywood Bowl, one strikes a chord here. “Video Games Live,” featuring music from a variety of different games including Halo, is scheduled for July 6th. Sycophantic Marty fans eagerly await word on whether he will be conducting/playing/singing at the event. You can check out the Video Games…

  • The Numb Skull.

    To sleep, perchance to dream… or to play. Check today’s One One Se7en for deep philosophical meaning. Or not. Pax.

  • Oracle, dissected

    Deep thanks to Mike Miller, who submitted his Oracle chapter of the Halo 2 Legendary Walkthrough early enough that Louis could format it and prepare it for the masses before he left. Because of Mike’s consideration, you can read it on time, today, rather than at the end of this week. This level contains the…

  • Sticky Situation.

    Anything you can do I can do brighter… One One Se7en is up. Pax.

  • Double Trouble.

    Halo vs Halo 2? One One Se7en knows. Pax.

  • Apologies for Postponement of Half Life 2 Release.

    Last of the Half-Life trilogy on One One Se7en. Pax.

  • Adams on Mac Halo

    Inside Mac Games has posted their eleventh installment of “One on One with Glenda Adams” where one of the topics discussed is Halo: Tuncer: Can you give us any details on Halo for the Mac? How will it be different than the X-Box [sic] version. Any details on networking you can talk about? Glenda: There…

  • Peter Tamte on Mac Halo

    Inside Mac Games posted an interview with Destineer’s Peter Tamte today, in which Tamte discusses Halo for Mac. Here’s a small quote: Mike Phillips: After Halo’s announcement, the Mac gaming community let out a collective “w00t!” of joy. Can you give us a progress update on Halo and will it be a simultaneous Mac/PC release?…

  • New Truth & Reconciliation updates

    Bungie’s Truth & Reconciliation site has been updated with a bunch of new screenshots for you to caption as well as a new installment of the Legendary Walkthrough (complete with cool shots and tactics!). Pax.

  • An important note about submitted stuff

    Eep… Louis forgot to give me access to HBO’s ftp so now I can’t upload new fan fiction or art. Count Zero isn’t able to do it either. So anything submitted between yesterday and Wednesday will not be posted. Sorry, all! Pax.

  • Destineer’s Peter Tamte on Mac Halo

    MacGamer had a chance to catch up with Peter Tamte of Destineer to talk about Halo for Mac. When asked about system requirements, Tamte could only say:”Desktops you can buy today will be able to run Halo. We can’t make any promises about older machines, however.”Read the full article here. Pax.

  • New Japanese Halo trailer

    Microsoft’s Japanese Xbox site has a new Halo trailer (Windows Media Player format, High Bandwidth only). Nothing new for seasoned Halo movie watchers but some nice gameplay nevertheless. Warning: it may contain a spoiler for those who haven’t played Halo. Pax.

  • interviews Max has posted a small interview with Max Hoberman, our friendly neighbourhood Online Guy. Here’s a quote: S: What were some of the greatest challenges to overcome during production? MH: Two things come to mind. First, switching from the PC to the Xbox necessitated a huge change in the direction we were going with Halo.…

  • Japanese box art

    The Japanese box art for Halo on Xbox is up at the Japanese Amazon web site. Check it out here. Pax.

  • GOTY Box

    So Halo’s the game of the year. What better way to advertise it than say it on the game box! Pax.

  • Halo in Japanese

    Microsoft’s Japanese Xbox site has posted a Halo promo video which basically shows off Halo and talks about the game (I can’t understand Japanese, so I apologise for getting that wrong). You can hear all the various characters speaking in Japanese here. The video is Windows Media: Large Small Be warned however that there is…

  • Pondering Halo at GameSpotting

    In the latest edition of GameSpot’s GameSpotting, Senior Editor Amer Ajami ponders Halo and its refined nature. Check it out here. (Hey, he even links to our Warthog jump mirror – Cool!) Pax.

  • Halo in diagnostics CD movie

    French site XboxManiac has posted a movie from a Xbox Diagnostic CD that is used to test hardware. At the beginning you see quite a bit of Halo footage. Check it out (Windows Media Player plugin/player required). Pax.

  • Halo Update-a-thon

    New stuff at Halo: Truth & Reconciliation, including a One on One with Halo’s artistic lead Marcus Lehto, new outtakes and a new gallery section. Pax

  • More outtakes and Covenant craft at T&R

    More new content hits Truth & Reconciliation! Outtakes and concept art for Covenant craft hit the site. Pax.