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The latest news about the Halo series of games from Microsoft

Author: Wirehead

  • Marty to win that new Game Music Grammy?

    Marty to win that new Game Music Grammy? Matt says it could happen and it couldn’t happen to a nicer old fella. Matt also says there are several new pieces of Halo Swag in development for the revitalized Bungie Store. Go, Go, Go!

  • A sorry day

    TeamXbox dies! Yes folks. Sad news indeed. But unlike which is back by millionaire Louis Wu TeamXbox enjoyed no such luxury. Kudos to Gary Coleman for the heads up on this sad day!

  • MacGamer inteviews The Man and the Candyman!

    Kudos to Harry of Oni Central who sends word of MacGamer interview with Bungie’s Studio Manager, Alexander Seropian, and Interface Architect, David Candland. Here’s a great piece: Although no time frame was given for the release of the Mac Halo, Bungie assured MacGamer that a simultaneous Mac/PC port is planned. David says, “We’re planning on…

  • Halo Dissected by TeamXbox

    Check out the Halo Dissected article over at TeamXbox as well. Thanks Harry.

  • TeamXbox hands-on report of Halo

    Thanks to Harry for pointing us to a TeamXbox hands-on report of Halo at the Bungie Fanfest V.

  • 15 new Halo screenshots

    15 new Halo screenshots over that MSXbox. Thanks Siva (W’rk). The same shots without Xbox logos can be seen over at Blue’s News. Thanks Anaphiel.

  • Xbox on Nov 8th for $299

    Thanks to Dan Rudolph on our forum for noting that the Xbox will be released on Nov 8th at a cost of $299. For more details read this news item over at over at Yahoo.

  • Louis is outta da house!

    Has Louis gone yet?

  • Hi-res Halo scans

    Bungie Sightings puts up the hi-res Halo scans from Next Generation magazine. Go get them before they are pulled again. BS also has info on next month’s Bungie Fanfest V.

  • Halo interview

    Halo interview. IGN Xbox interviews Bungie’s John Howard and Joseph Staten. Thanks to Massa for the heads up. Here’s a piece: IGN Xbox: Because the guys at IGN PC threatened us with death if we didn’t ask, what’s up with the PC version? Will they see it before the Covenant invades earth? JS: Given that…

  • Bernie plays with his jeep?

    Dgenohunter of the french clan HELL website (yes we remember it well) enlarged one of the Bungie webcam pics of Bernie and says he thinks he can see the famous Halo jeep. Of course we went to source of all image enhancements “Crux” who said he could see two jeeps. Altar wine folks… altar wine.…

  • Acid!

    “Acid!” was Crux’s only comment to Dinosurfer’s latest piece of Halo inspired Wallpaper. Is this the way the Covenant see us or did the marine just drop a tab? Check it out!

  • New fan fiction

    “They had nine clips of the 12mm RunHard penetrators, only seven of them full.” New fan fiction from Vector40 on our Fan Fiction page.

  • More Wallpapers

    Ok we’ve got a few more Wallpapers in our Uploads area. We’ll get them up later today but if you want to see them now why not take a look.

  • New Wallpaper from Razorback

    Thanks to Diogo “Razorback” Barbosa for sending us in another of his outstanding Wallpapers. This is the eleventh piece from Diogo. Use our Wallpaper search engine to find them all.

  • New Halo preview in PC Gamer UK

    fAt1 informs us that he finally got his subscription copy of PC Gamer UK (general release on the 14th) which has a new Halo preview. While there are no new in-game screenshots there is a piece of concept art of the human dropship (woohoo!). Here are some juicey quotes from the article courtesy of fAt1:…

  • Halo scans from Next Generation mag are here

    Someone set up us the scans. Freewill, Master of BS, dropped into our forum to tell us that he has scanned in the whole Next Generation magazine Halo article and upped them to his site Bungie Sightings. Best get them quick in case they are pulled. All your scans are belong to us… for now…

  • New Halo desktop at MacDesktops

    MacDesktops has posted another top quality Halo desktop from Olaf Kasper. It comes in a large number of sizes from 640×480 to 1600×1200. It uses the old Halo marine model which I must confess to favoring.

  • Joe tells it like it is

    As noted on the Marathon’s Story page Joe Staten of Bungie’s Cinematronics (Sin-O-MatiXXX) team dropped in on the Rampancy forums to give his two cents on the latest Unreal 2 tech demo movie. Yeah the one that looks like last year’s E3 Halo movie.

  • New B&W wallpaper

    Evilbum sends us a black and white wallpaper with “subtle colors” and a “wussy circle”. His words not ours.