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Happy New Year, One and All!

December 31st, 2000
Speaking of seasons... Happy New Year to all of you! And while we're at it, we hope the end of the second millenium was good for you... and that you find plenty of Covenant to beat up on in the next one!

Theories section updated

December 31st, 2000
Mikkel Eriksen writes to tell us that our latest posted theory (No Seasons on Halo) is incorrect. Read his reasoning in our Theories section.

Halo Command Central closing temporarily

December 30th, 2000
We've received word that Halo Command Central will be closing until sometime in May or June. The reason given was lack of time before then for all the maintainers. Pax.

Wallpaper page updated

December 30th, 2000
Thanks to Mads Søndergaard, who submitted another desktop for our Wallpaper page. Dark and brooding... Pax.

Halo Tip redesigned

December 30th, 2000
Vying with BGH for the title of 'Most Redesigned Site', Halo Tip throws up another new design, going for the green-and-grey look. Stop by and take a look!

Xbox GPU downgraded

December 29th, 2000
Xbox tidbit - last week, Microsoft downgraded its performance sheet with a 250 MHz graphics processor instead of a 300 MHz one, which drops its polygon performance from 150 M/sec to 125 M/sec. (This is still twice the performance of the PS2.) For reference, here's the old spec card, distributed to dealers recently. The spin from MSXbox (a fansite) is that these new numbers are more in line with the 'real world' performace of the system... sounds like a copout to us. (Thanks to BGH for initial heads-up on tis one.)

Theories section updated

December 28th, 2000
Thanks to Brian Norton, who sent in a treatise on offplanet seasons, explaining why Halo won't have any. You can find it in our Theories section.

Xbox details coming clear

December 28th, 2000
Thanks to fAt1, of MPZ Halo, who sent along a link to this Video Business article containing Xbox details. Though some of the info is a little confused (they mention a 64 MB hard drive), much of it looks solid. Among the more interesting tidbits: the current launch window is reportedly September 15 to November 15, 2001, and Microsoft is finding that it needs to restructure its launch plans:

VB has also been told that development for Xbox is so easy that Microsoft is actually restructuring its launch plans, because it literally will have too many games ready for launch. The company is talking to key publishers about holding back some of the launch titles to fill the second and third wave of game releases for 2002.

Not a bad position to be in! The most disturbing bit is the quote at the end from MS's Marketing Director for WebTV, who suggests that a future box might bundle what's in the Xbox with what's in the next generation of WebTV, directly contradicting what Seamus Blackley stated a few months ago. Worth a read!

Full Metal Jacket spins off a Halo team

December 28th, 2000
[FMJ]Phönix[BP] drops a note on our forum mentioning a new German Halo clan, Full Metal Jacket. They seem to be a Sudden Strike clan with a Halo offshoot... I couldn't get the provided link to connect me with a Halo page, so here's a direct link.

All-natural glitch-free goodness

December 28th, 2000
Well, it only took 17 months, but it's finally been confirmed that those little blips in the MWNY 99 Halo trailer WERE natural life, and not glitches in the video - Nathan Bitner, former Halo producer and current head honcho of Island Four Software, stated on our forum

Natural life began to appear in the air with the very first trailer...

One can be seen at about 3:11 in the video, behind the Covenant flyer in the blue sky. Pax.

Clan NAVCON working on redesign

December 28th, 2000
=NAV= Shadow writes to say that the Clan NAVCON site is getting a redesign, and should be back online sometime in early January. You can see a preview image at the site now. Pax.

Bungie’s Moving!

December 27th, 2000
Bungie's on the move! Today's the day... Bungie's moving out of their temporary digs in the Encarta building, and over into their posh new Gaming Division offices. A Microsoft employee reports almost being crushed in the elevator by a guy carrying a 6-foot cardboard Trow... (Thanks, Aaron.)

Xbox EU release definitely delayed

December 27th, 2000
Hamish Sinclair writes to point out that in our holiday preparations, we missed an official reply from Microsoft on the EU Xbox release issue (we mentioned the problem here, but at the time it was a rumor). Late last week, Microsoft issued a statement clarifying the issue - the delay IS real, and the reason IS a supply question. You can read about it over at MSXbox.

Wallpaper page updated

December 27th, 2000
eldar-colonel, of Halo Hq, sends along a new desktop for our Wallpaper page. A mixture of the old and the new... Pax.

HBO forum updated

December 26th, 2000
Our forum has moved - the URL is the same, but the machine upon which it resides is different. This means that until your local DNS catches up with our change, you'll be seeing the old forum. When you don't see a "Forum is moving" note on the top, you'll know you're looking at the new one. The upgrade to the newest WebBBS has certainly been welcome on the Oni Central forum... I hope it's as welcome here!

Halo SETI Marines 21 day stats posted

December 26th, 2000
And the SETI Halo Marines make a reappearance! Some weird goings-on, though... although the individual stats are increasing normally, the team numbers haven't changed an iota in the past 24 hours, making one wonder about the accuracy of the Team Standing values. Nevertheless, the Marines have been valiantly plugging away at incoming data, and whether SETI knows it or not, continues to search for the Covenant! All the details can be found on the 21 day stats page.


December 25th, 2000
M E R R Y    C H R I S T M A S !

From the HBO crew and our families, to you and yours, we wish you the merriest of holiday seasons. Pax.

(We'll be back updating on Tuesday, the 26th.)

Roman Federation looking for a pilot

December 24th, 2000
General Cicero says on our forum that the position of Pilot is open under the Staff of Caesar at the Roman Federation, a large Halo army. Stop by or email him for details.

No Halo update this week or next

December 23rd, 2000
No Halo update this week says Matt on our forums. No Halo update next week too. Doesn't look like we'll get one on Friday January 5th either. Matt hints at a possible live Halo update at the Bungie fanfest. Go read his full posthere.

Xbox 360 looks (barely) at Halo

December 22nd, 2000
Wow. This blows me away. Xbox 360, an Xbox news site, has recently (December 16, 2000) put up a preview of Halo. Given the date, and the focus of the site, you'd think they had current info, right? You'd be wrong. The few screenshots up are all using the pre-E3 models, the background (while nominally accurate) is all a year or more old... ah, well, to be expected from a review that promises

While no official list of weapons is available, several of them have been seen in action, and yes, one of them is a rocket-launcher.

I'm wondering if this article is a harbinger of a wave of under-researched pieces... was the early press Halo got going to be a hindrance?