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Some good stuff going down over at the Marathon’s Story page

June 30th, 2000
Some good stuff going down over at the Marathon's Story page. A review of Iain M. Banks' new novel Look To Windward. Halo is clearly influenced by Banks' scifi novels. There's also more Halo backstory, some comments on Bungie's third game Phoenix, the Xbox keyboard or lack of it,the amusing The Official SA Guide to Making a Successful FPS and Marathon pants. Anyone know what the 't' in 'storytpagepants.html' URL stands for?

The full E3 Halo movie release confirmed!

June 30th, 2000
The full E3 Halo movie release confirmed! Thanks to nikozomofor writing to tell us that his issue of PC Gamer (Aug 2000) arrived and the cover CD contained a 160 MB Halo movie (9 mins 42 seconds long).

No stickers for you

June 30th, 2000
Seems the Halo-Net Store was laboring under a misimpression... in this forum post, they suggest that the situation might not be as they'd understood it. Bungie licensing still costs money.

Full E3 Halo movie released.

June 30th, 2000
According to a Hard|Forum post the full E3 Halo movie has been released. It's claimed to be 150MBs and 10mins long. HBO staff haven't been able to verify this yet though.

Caveat Emptor

June 30th, 2000
Matt Soell dropped into our forum to say that he seriously doubts the Halo-Net Store actually has permission to market their products. He's looking into it... but if you were thinking about buying a sticker today, you might want to hold off a few hours, or until the issue is clarified.

CVG article says no keyboard for you!

June 30th, 2000
Kudos to Bagman, who found a small article about the XBox controller, posted two weeks before the Bungie/MS deal went public. Seems it's been known for quite some time that a keyboard will not be a standard feature on the XBox... makes you wonder how Bungie thinks the fan community is going to stay together. (Makes me wonder, too.)

New Halo scans on the web

June 30th, 2000
ARMAGEDDON informs us on our forumsthat he has made the Halo scans from PC Gamer (Aug 2000) available on the web at These scans were originally from the Hotline server, scanned and upped by Isolder. Thanks ARMAGEDDON and thanks

Halo-Net Shop opens… but shelves are bare

June 29th, 2000
I'm totally unclear on the concept... but it seems a Halo paraphernalia shop has sprung up. The Halo-Net Shop offers... well, nothing at the moment. But you can read about the shirts, stickers, and info packets (?) it WILL have for sale at some point. Seriously bare-bones site, so even if you (as I) don't get it, you'll be in and out in a matter of minutes. Check it out!

Halo SETI Marines hang on to position #46

June 29th, 2000
SETI techs update their team rankings page and the Halo SETI Marines find themselves still holding on to position #46 in the Battle of the Teams.Banzif hits 7777 units and knocks Jjaro tech off the #1 spot. Team membership rises to an all time high of 432 recruits. We need more marines though to replace the combined crunchin' power of Banzif and Jjaro tech. Join up today for a better future in space.

Xbox… no keyboard, no mouse… no chat

June 29th, 2000
IGN Xbox have posted an interview with J. Allard, General Manager of Xbox. Allard's insights into the Xbox are quite revealing. Here's a piece that caught our attention:

IGN Xbox: So first critics were saying that Microsoft was going to create a mini PC in the living room, and then it switched to a console that crashes. What's your definition of what makes a console?

JA: You turn it on, and it blows your mind. We're not confused. It doesn't boot, there is no install, there are no patches, it's not an opportunity to port PC games, there's not a keyboard jack, there's not a mouse jack. You put it in the living room, you put it in the bedroom, you put it on the biggest TV you've in the house and the biggest sound system you've got, and you plug in not one, not two but four controllers. You invite your buddies over, and you have the best time you've ever had in any form of digital entertainment ever. And you'll have experiences that you'll never forget. That's our focus.

No keyboard, no mouse... thus no means to chat while online.

Gamespot glances at the Phoenix Project

June 29th, 2000
Not strictly Halo-related... except that its engine is Halo's. GameSpot posted a tidbit about the game being worked on by The Team Formerly Known As Myth2... "The Phoenix Project." Interesting little read. Thanks to NexZ, who mentioned it on our forum. Pax.

New Halo IRC channel

June 29th, 2000
There's another IRC channel devoted to Halo... #halo on Irc.EnterTheGame.Com. This is probably the same channel mentioned a couple of days ago in's news... anyone know what network this is? In any case, if you're looking for a place to hang out and talk Halo, try this one. Pax.

PC Gamer scans on HL server

June 29th, 2000
A bunch of scans from the August 2000 PC Gamer have been uploaded to the Hotline server. (Downloads -> August 2000 PC Gamer) Quality is questionable (as is legality), but the content is very interesting, to say the least.

Halo Mystic comes online

June 28th, 2000
Seen over at Halo Center: a new French site, Halo Mystic, has come online. The site of the Mystic Angels... take a look!

DR Interview with Mark Rein about Consoles

June 28th, 2000
Daily Radar has an interesting article with Mark Rein, VP of Epic Games, about the future of gaming as he sees it. Apparently, Epic has no plans to move to a console paradigm anytime soon. A pair of intriguing quotes:

We have no problem with people shifting their focus away from the PC or watering their PC product down to the lowest common denominator -- it just leaves more opportunity for us!

I can't see any logical reason why the PC platform is going to be any less vibrant than it is today. I don't see anything stepping up to the plate to replace the PC I own now or the next one I'm going to buy, or the next one after or the next one after that, or even the next one after that. I think that covers me being a devoted PC user for the next four or five years. So as long as I have a PC that can play games, I'm going to be playing games on my PC. I want a keyboard, I want a mouse, I even want a video camera.

The rest of the article is definitely worth a read. Thanks to Harry Al-Shakarchi for the heads-up.

GCA online

June 28th, 2000
King of War sends word that GCA (German Cosmonautio Army), a new German Halo clan, is now online. Check 'em out!

Bungie Store to stop taking orders

June 28th, 2000
Bungie store to close? As noted first on the Marathon's Story page the Bungie Store is to stop taking orders as of this Friday. Jim Ruiz posted a farewell letter to Bungie Store customers and stated he was moving on. The Microsoft assimilation begins in earnest. Doug, Jim... who next? And what about my Bungie Points?

“What do you think of Microsoft buying out Bungie?” poll

June 28th, 2000
noddy99 sends us this news item:

There is a poll at asking the question, "What do you think of Microsoft buying out Bungie?" and the overwhelming majority of respondents show their dislike for the purchase.

Thanks noddy99. Since this is a Mac site no big surprises on the outcome.

Halo thumbs not taken from E3 trailer

June 28th, 2000
Jeremy Roush comments upon the Halo thumbs we posted yesterday:

Just so ya know... neither thumb is from the trailer shown at E3, as the Green Marine is never among the other troops in such a fashion. He snipes the aliens in the opening shots, and then reappears to save the lone surviving Bob in the final few shots. He never appears in any shot with the jeep.

Thanks Jeremy.

There is always a Plan B

June 27th, 2000
Matt expands on his comments of last night in this forum post. Once again, it's not a promise to do ANYTHING, but a common sense argument that if the X-box fails, PC/Mac development is always there as a fallback. And while the inference can be made that "since it IS a fallback position, it won't be implemented unless it's needed," this would be just an inference... nothing of the kind has been said. Bungie's official position is still "we haven't made a decision yet."