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Wallpaper page updated

January 31st, 2001
Whew. Forum regular Razz has submitted 5 new desktop images to our Wallpaper page (a couple are based on existing wallpapers, others are variations on submissions he's made previously), and a 2.1 MB movie, showing a 500-frame animation of a Halo-like landscape. (You'll need the divx decoder to watch this.) Take a look! (Razz is also looking for a 3D model of the jeep, or other Halo vehicle. If you have something that he might use, in .3ds format, drop him a line!)

Xbox demoed at MSU

January 31st, 2001
Wow. Microsoft demoed the Xbox at Michigan State University this evening, and we got not one, but two reports on what was said! There are some interesting tidbits in there... you should read both reports. And thanks to ironhorse and Fred Sharp for sending 'em in!

Jaime Griesemer on Halo editing

January 30th, 2001
Hmm... info from Jaime Griesemer, Halo designer - you'll have to make your own sense of it.

Q: Which game does Halo most represent when it comes to modifications (ease of use, how much they change the game etc.)?

A: Well, since the tag system is similar, Myth II, with some restrictions since we don't create environments in the editor like we did in Myth II.

So... Halo editing will be tag-based... but not the environments? Something like that. Thanks, Jaime!


January 30th, 2001
Heh... Louis talked. Go check it out at Halo HQ.

Bungie Store reopens

January 30th, 2001
The Bungie Store is open! Seems not to work for Mac users (and God help those who call the 888 number listed - I'm on hold as I write this, while the rep tries to find out if they actually SELL Oni - update; he thinks they don't, I'm going back on hold)... but hey! It's open!

non-repetitious repetition

January 30th, 2001

"The fun part in terms of the music playback in the game is that it won't play the same way twice."

With this, Marty O'Donnell had me hooked. He's a sucker for a free beer, though, so I eventually got more of the story from him:

So it's a little something I've been working on for years now. Just some simple ways to keep music looping in a non-repetitive way. The start and stop are caused by the player's actions, and the middle looping areas will play random sections that go together in musically acceptable ways. So each time you hear music play, if you pay close attention, it will be a variation of the last time you heard it. I even did it to all the techno tracks, as repetitive as they are, they aren't predictable.

He's been using this technique for a while now - the win screen music and loss screen music in the Myth series were the first experiments with it, and it's used extensively in Oni.

Almost all of Oni's in-game music uses this technique, even during the scripted cut-scenes.

I think it'll been even better in Halo, but it works pretty well in Oni.

Pretty slick - the same old, same old, without being the same old at all! Thanks, Marty.

Fan Fiction section updated

January 30th, 2001
Thanks go out to Chris Cox, who sends in a chapter of a new work, The Prisoner, for our Fan Fiction section. He leaves ya hangin... go read it! (And remember, if you like it, follow the "more by this author" link to read the rest of his work!)

Simultaneous? Definitely not.

January 30th, 2001
We were gonna let this pass, but we started getting mail about it - Ding's comment yesterday, on the possibility of a simultaneous US-Europe Xbox release, was off the mark. As we noted last month, Microsoft has officially stated that there WON'T be a simultaneous release... Ding had just forgotten to take his medicine. It won't happen again.

Playable demo confirmed

January 29th, 2001
Clarification from Matt - at the Bungie Fanfest, he was quoted as saying

The next time you see Halo, it'll be playable.

This immediately led to a rumor that a demo would be released, which Matt quickly shot down... but it wasn't until today that someone pinned him down as to what he DID mean. According to the questions and answers in this thread, he meant

At the next E3/expo/whatever we will have a playable halo thingo on a stand, with a line so long you will need to bring food and sleeping bags, with a little 10 year old who seemingly wont get off in the next few years playing it.

(The words are Bongo's, not Matt's... but the sentiment fits.) Where's my press pass for Gamestock?

Halo SETI Team 7 day stats posted

January 29th, 2001
The Halo SETI Marines continue to crunch along at their reduced pace, hampered by the higher processing demands of the latest SETI client. DarthFlounder, however, seems to be unaffected, continuing the 200+ units/week output that has garnered la Crunch Honneur for so many weeks. Iden, too, is shooting up the charts, leaping past 74 competitors to take the Frogblast Award with his 84 units for the week. Full details can be found on the 7 day stats page.

Seven Deadly Xbox Rumors

January 29th, 2001
Seven Deadly Xbox Rumors. Thanks to Ash whopoints out on our forum that DailyRadar have a feature article on dispelling Xbox rumors. Here's rumor #5

The Xbox is going to be launched simultaneously in the U.S. and Europe.

Smoke or Fire? Red hot flames
How'd it Start? Sony recently pushed back the release date for theEuropean launch of the PS2, to the chagrin of many huffy Brits. People don't seem to like waiting for their goodies while othercountries fire up the new games. Word began to spread that the Xboxwill be launched on a single day throughout the U.S. and Europe (andperhaps Japan.) The developers we spoke to said thay hadn't beengive a specific date (only that it will be available before Christmas2001), but they did point out that Microsoft has traditionally launchedtheir products simultaneously worldwide. So this one seems like a solidbet.

Hey good news for all non-US Halo fans. :)

Got 3DS Max?

January 29th, 2001
Nice spotting by Forensic, who noticed a new job listing on Bungie's Jobs page:

3D Environment Artist (Redmond)

Mold majestic mountains, carve cavernous canyons, form fantastic forests... and then coat them in the blood of your enemies! The natural environments you create with the Halo team will serve as the backdrop for sophiticated combat and an epic story, so apply today!

Nice work, if you can get it...

Naked Superbowl

January 29th, 2001
Well, the Giants got creamed, so that was good... but there was no Halo commercial after all during the Superbowl. Ah, well. So it goes.

AdCritic’s sponsor list incomplete?

January 28th, 2001
Halo commercials aren't COMPLETELY ruled out yet - Massa, from, writes:

I read over at that Paramount is going to show a trailer for their upcoming Tomb Raider movie. I was quite sure that they weren't on the list and so I checked back at - I was right, they aren't.

So... if the list at AdCritic isn't complete, then all hope isn't lost yet for a Halo ad. No promises... but we'll know for sure, one way or the other, later today. Thanks, Massa!

Things are afoot at

January 28th, 2001
Thanks to Allenthar, who noticed that is gone... or going... or something. Also, the text for the error page now matches the title of the front page .gif... which makes one wonder a little bit.

...all things change. We all knew it would come to this...

Come to what? Don't ask us...

Wallpaper page updated

January 28th, 2001
$erial-ki!!A sends in a desktop for our Wallpaper page... Dr. Dre and Cortana - who'da thunk it?

Wallpapers page updated

January 27th, 2001
Thanks to Raino Priha, who sent in a brooding desktop for our Wallpapers page. Check it out!

Matt’s Halo update for January 26

January 27th, 2001
Eep - sleep, the enemy of the site updater. Matt Soell sent in his weekly Halo update... but we were slacking. Here, then, is the latest and greatest - or make use of our new Halo Update Database! There's some good stuff in there today - the jeep has a new gun, there are now sleeping alien models, the programmers play an R-rated version of 'horse' (what IS that word, anyway?)... go check it out!

Culture Shock moves

January 26th, 2001
Not DIRECTLY Halo-related, but relevant, nonetheless: seems Culture Shock, a website devoted to the works of Iain M. Banks, has moved - the new URL is Thanks, Chuckg (on the forum).

Wallpaper page updated

January 26th, 2001
Thanks to Spike, who sent in another desktop image for our Wallpaper page. Check it out!