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Fan Fiction section updated

September 30th, 2000
Thanks to Elmo, who submitted the first of what should be 8 chapters for a new piece of Halo fan fiction.

I really want to get some feedback from fans. I've taken a few creative liberties with the story before they arrive on the Halo but i want some feedback on how well this works.

Read it on our Fan Fiction page, then let Elmo know what you think!

Console Curtain

September 30th, 2000
Interesting. Seems the Xbox is going to have a VChip-like parental controls, according to Alex Kotowitz (Xbox's Senior Director of Sales), as reported by Game Informer. Parents will be able to restrict what games are played on the Xbox, based on game rating. This gives everybody (parents, regulators, adult gamers) what they want... except the kids. Will it affect what console the kids ask for? Pax.

Fan fiction at BGH

September 30th, 2000
Battleground: Halo puts up another episode of "Retaliation", a fan fiction in parts by Patrick Palmer. Pax.

When ISPs go bad

September 29th, 2000
Wow. Seems the nVidia movie has caused some major problems... has a story that every Halo fan should read. Cannibal Harry, a Bungie fan with a big heart, now has a big (whopping big) ISP bill to go with it. From the outside, it sounds like Earthlink (his ISP) was either astoundingly ignorant of what was going on on its servers, or just plain greedy. In any case, you should read this thread on the forum, and this explanation from Harry himself. And let us HOPE that this gets resolved in a reasonable manner... because it's not only a problem for CH, it's a problem for everyone who tries to do his part in a fan community.

Logos page and Wallpaper page updated

September 28th, 2000
Thanks to Diogo Barbosa, who mailed us two pieces of artwork: a modified Halo logo for our Logos page, and a new desktop for our Wallpaper page. Take a look!

Miscellaneous Art updated

September 27th, 2000
Put a tiger in your Halo! Jesse Keenan sent us a modified Halo Marine, wearing camo stripes. Check him out on our Miscellaneous Art page.

Halo marine in early Oni movie?

September 27th, 2000
Halo marine in early Oni movie? Some say yeah... some say nay. The Marathon's Story page has a shortclip of a rare Oni movie seen briefly on the web in '98. It shows what looks like a guy in aHalo marine helmet. It has been discussed before on the Oni forumsbut some Oni folk didn't seem convinced. Well the HBO gang gathered round to watch the movieand we're chanting "Halo marine helmet" "Halo marine helmet" "Halo marine helmet". But then we'relike that.

That was then, this is now

September 27th, 2000
Interesting tidbit... the Marathon's Story page notes that a letter written to Macworld 4 years ago, condemning Macworld's judgement that violence in video games decreases the games' worth, was authored by a Matt Segur... a name shared by a current Bungie programmer working on Halo. Coincidence? Or was Matt simply standing up for a company he would one day work for?

Two more nVidia mirrors pop up

September 27th, 2000
Two more mirrors for the nVidia movie have popped up: Halo Center now has a copy, and so does (no relation to the American site). In fact... it doesn't look like we've ever seen before, so we'll take this opportunity to announce it. Looks like it's a GameszPlanet affiliate.

Wallpaper page updated

September 27th, 2000
Thanks to Olaf, who sent in a pair of high-quality desktops for our Wallpaper page. Take a look!

Multiple locations for nVidia film

September 26th, 2000
Sokar writes to say that the nVidia movie is available on the HaloEmpire server, which is probably a good choice for European visitors. That makes 4 locations we know of... the one above, Stomped, VoodooExtreme, and here at HBO.

Halo SETI Team 7-day stats posted

September 26th, 2000
Took a whole day to get these onto the server, but they were calculated on time, Monday. The Halo SETI Marines hold steady at number 43 in the Battle of the Teams, pulling farther ahead of Team Slashdot. A couple of Marines went AWOL this week... maybe we're not pushing the team enough. :) DarthFlounder takes La Crunch Honneur again, and lobo blasts into position to win the Frogblast Award. Full details can be found on the 7-day stats page.

Halo HQ coming back

September 26th, 2000
First seen at HaloCenter: looks like Halo HQ is coming back online. Nothing there yet... but it's nice to see it's not dead permanently!

Original nVidia promo movie available

September 26th, 2000
AAARGHHHH!! For two months, we've been working on getting Bungie to release the nVidia promo movie that was shown at the Bungie fanfest at MacWorld NY 2000 in July. It finally came through last night... in the middle of the first network outage of merit we've experienced. Ah, well... and so it goes.Anyway, this film is available from our Movies page. If you have trouble with our local copy (I'm putting very, very little faith in my telco these days), Stomped was given a copy, as well. Thanks, Bungie! And to the fans... enjoy! This one's hilarious.

Blackley says no browsing

September 25th, 2000
No internet browsing on Xbox!Gamecenter has posted aninterview with Seamus Blackley,manager of the Xbox Advanced Technology Group at Microsoft. Blackley explains in theinterview that there are no plans for internet browsing on Xbox. Here's the quote:

GC: There's no browser on this still, right?
S.B.: No! Nobody wants a browser on a game box. And I'm not trying to be down on Sega, but if you talk to parents whoare buying a lot of game consoles for their kids--oh my lord, they don't want their kids to have a browser in theirbedrooms. Are you kidding?

The HBO Spin: The lack of internet browsing on Xbox will undoubtedly pose a problem forthe online Xbox-Halo fan community. To view fan pages like HBO it means having access toa PC.

Up again, naturally

September 25th, 2000
Wow. That was the longest outage since we moved the servers here. Ouch. Anyway, we're back up. (We think.) Sorry for the downtime! Look for more updates later today or early tomorrow.)

The joys of networking

September 24th, 2000
We want to apologize for the downtime today... an underground cable broke somewhere, and it took the Telco over 8 hours to find the problem. I'm still not 100% sure it's solved... but we should be back up for good, soon.

Xbox news roundup

September 23rd, 2000
Slow Halo day... so we'll pass on some interesting Xbox tidbits. J Allard was interviewed over at GameSpot, and had some interesting things to say. Worth a read. (The bit on why they stuck with 'Xbox' is intriguing.) The Xbox specs have been finalized, and you can find them here, also at GameSpot. Sharky Extreme has a great article on nVidia's contribution to the Xbox... if you want your jaw to drop, go read ITS specs. Now go out and enjoy your Friday night!

Halo Division comes online

September 22nd, 2000
Budd Morris sends word that he's starting up a new Halo clan, Halo Division. Currently, he's not looking for standard recruits... he's looking for staffers. If you're insterested, stop by the site and read the job opening list.

Matt says Listen the first time!

September 21st, 2000
Tempest in a Teapot, Part Deux: Okay, this has nothing to do with the other rumor discussed recently... but it sure is silly. Recently, Matt Soell went on an answering spree at and tossed out this comment, in response to a question about what operating system the servers might move to:

We've spoken to a couple people here who've made snarfy comments about us not using an MS server for and we've ignored them. The most important thing is the integrity of the product. If MS were to produce a server OS that ran faster and crashed less than any of the unix variants out there in a series of independent tests, we'd use it.

Inside Mac Games picked up the comment this morning, and by lunchtime, it was on Slashdot. There are now over 200 comments about that article there... many assuming the worst. Matt clarified the original comment at, for those who missed the point the first time... we ALL need to remember that the rumors that fly sometimes are just that... rumors. Bottom line: runs on linux servers now, and will continue to do so, despite the fact that they're running at Microsoft. And Matt's getting tired of being misinterpreted. :)