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Halo 2: The Series, by Jamie98s.

Jamie98s has been making a lot of good movies, and he’s decided to pick up an older idea tossed around by Crossfire, a Halo 2 movie. He’s doing it episodically, and he’s already released the first two. In short, they’re phenomenal, even handling some things as overlooked as Cortana monologue extremely well, and missing none of the crucial elements of the game, like the Jackal snipers and the tunnel driving. Download Episode 1 and 2 below. Additionally, I’ve been told to say that Jamie98s is “The most wonderful thing since sliced bologna.”

Halo 2 Episode 1: Cairo Station, 14:43

PSP – 34.7MB
Zune – 26.1MB
iPod – 39.1MB

Halo 2 Episode 2: Outskirts, 22:52

PSP -62.1MB
Zune – 42.6MB
iPod – 60.6MB