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Miller Pack Installment 3: Halo: Legend 3

5:34 mins

From HBO

An anonymous user from HBO sent this in as a tribute to Mike Miller’s Legend series of videos. It’s not as polished, but it does what it sets out to do: pay homage to Mike Miller and his great Legend movies. Showcasing skill with stylish kills in Legendary, this video is an entertaining film that doesn’t quite make you go “WOW, how did he do that?” but it does make you go “Sweet.”

Now, it occurs to me that we have not finished our Miller Pack, so I’m sticking this in there. Next time, SMG Love by Cody Miller, then Legend 2 by Mike Miller.

Also, if you ask me why the image is the suck, it’s because I took it from the video. Why? Cause the video had a title screen, and in this particular movie, I don’t see a reason to deviate from it.

PSP – 22MB
Zune – 11MB
iPod – 17MB