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Brute Vidoc

7 minutes

From Bungle

Bungie’s started making video documentaries, which they have shortened to “Vidocs,” about… well, stuff. They’re professional, and are similar to the FilmOasis stuff we have seen before. This specific one is about the role brutes will play in Halo 3, and it shows some campaign footage, and a bunch of sandbox footage. Absolutely worth the download.

On a more personal note, I got into a mild motorcycle accident, and broke my hand. I couldn’t type for a while, so that’s why there haven’t been as many videos as there could be. To make up for it, I’ll stick a classic machinima vid up tomorrow.

On an even more personal note, Mintz sucks. [Edit by Mintz: Yes.]

Also, I’m going to up the bitrate on the iPod movie next time, and see if that makes it better.

PSP – 31.4MB
Zune – 12.4MB
iPod – 12MB