My Halo

The latest news about the Halo series of games from Microsoft

LEGO my Halo!

2:18 Mins

From HBO
Yes, that’s right, a new video. Mintz has been ignoring your emails so much, he’s to the point where he has forced me to work. So, I bring you a pretty cool movie made by Marshall Brecka, a frame by frame brick by brick recreation of the Halo 2 trailer…entirely in LEGO blocks. It’s pretty much the coolest thing ever, and it mirrors the original trailer perfectly. Has to be seen to be…well, not believed, but appreciated.

Also, we’ve…uh…arrived at the social. We’re now doing Zune videos, and they should work with most other video players.

<3 Tex for the lolpix, btw.

PSP – 8.1MB
Zune – 4.9MB
iPod – 7.8MB