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Just like Ghost Recon Wildlands and Elder Scrolls Morrowind, Halo 5 is Free to Play This Weekend in Celebration of the Halo World Championship

April 12th, 2018
Battling it out with Ghost Recon and Morrowind, Halo 5 will also be free to play this entire weekend in celebration of the Halo World Championship! Download it and give it a try if you haven't already! (MacGyver10 19:50:06 UTC)

The Halo TV Series with Steven Spielberg Possibly Starting to Film in October in Budapest, Hungary

April 12th, 2018
While we might need to take this with a grain of salt right now, it seems the Halo TV series might have a filming location and start time for this October in Budapest, Hungary. As of right now, we have no confirmation (no, fake Kiki accounts don't count) if this is true or not, but hopefully this is actually going to happen!(MacGyver10 15:16:29 UTC)

The Classic Halo M6D Magnum from Combat Evolved Made Entirely in LEGO

April 4th, 2018
Nick Brick took the three shot kill weapon we all now and love, and put his LEGO spin on the classic M6D Magnum! This things has a working trigger, moving slide to 'reload' and removable magazine! Pretty impressive work! (Thanks Cody Moore!)(MacGyver10 22:09:14 UTC)

Wanting to Help Right the Wrongs of The Master Chief Collection, Check This Out to Sign Up

April 4th, 2018
Have you been seeing all this hubbub over a revamped and revitalized Master Chief Collection? If you're looking for way to get involved, make sure you head over to HaloWaypoint to see what you can do to sign up and help out!(MacGyver10 21:44:57 UTC)

Check Out MetalHeadSpartan’s ‘The $#!7 Elites Say 2′

April 3rd, 2018
The IWHBYD skull has always brought some funky lines from our favorite Halo characters, and MetalHeadSpartan has taken the $#!7 Elites say and crafted a cool video again to explore those funky lines in their full glory! You can see some of his older stuff here. (Thanks Morpheus!)(MacGyver10 14:31:55 UTC)

Rockslider Explores the Infinite Ammo Glitch in Halo Combat Evolved

April 3rd, 2018
Rockslider spends some time with the 'free ammo trick' from Halo: CE that they have come to call 'drop reloading'. He has the article and YouTube links here and the high quality and download links here.(MacGyver10 14:23:54 UTC)

Battle Royale Meets Halo Reach in Scripted and Forged Game by FyreWulff

April 3rd, 2018
Been waiting (or dreading) for 343 Industries to jump on the battle royale wave with Halo? Well, you may need to wait a little longer for that, but in the meantime, FyreWulff has scripted and forged together a pretty fun battle royale gametype in Halo Reach! Let them know what you think in our forum!(MacGyver10 14:20:41 UTC)

Halo Community Update 03/29/18 – ‘Spring Shenanigans’

March 30th, 2018
While we all patiently wait for info on a new Halo game, GrimBrotherOne took time to fill us in on some Halo Wars 2 updates, recent HCS tourneys and more in the most recent Halo Community Update at HaloWaypoint. Nice to see the Halo stories branching out of the militaristic tendencies we've seen, and the first Halo romance novel heading our way (pretty sure Grim modeled for the cover)!(MacGyver10 14:52:56 UTC)

Did No One Warn GrimBrotherOne to Change His Waypoint Password from ‘gruntnipples’? (Halo Wars 2 Changes A-coming!)

March 28th, 2018
GrimBrotherOne should have known better than to make his HaloWaypoint password, 'gruntnipples', as it looks like YapYap the Destroyer made his way into the content management system for 343's website guessing that one. There is some interesting consequences of Yapyap The Destroyer's meddling, as it looks like Halo Wars 2 gameplay is going to change up a bit now. Check out the full post over on Waypoint for the interjections of a grunt legend, and Yapyap's ramblings as well!(MacGyver10 21:10:29 UTC)

Halo – Silent Storm: A Master Chief Story Novel Coming This Summer

March 21st, 2018
Hungry for some more Master Chief-centric novels? Looks like we'll be getting one sooner rather than later in 'Halo Silent Storm: A Master Chief Story' this summer! (MacGyver10 21:45:43 UTC)

Incredible Brute and Grunt Cosplay from Emerald City Comic Con

March 21st, 2018
We've seen a lot of spartans in our time, but Cody Moore gave us the heads up on an incredible display of cosplay as a brute and a grunt! The brute cosplay is the same cosplayer that crafted the enormous Hunter you might have seen before. After the original link was shared in our forum, thebruce0 let us know of a video one of his buddies did at a shoot with these two cosplayers and others!(MacGyver10 18:43:56 UTC)

LORC Beginnings Brings The Rookie and a Sangheili Science Officer Together on Earth

March 21st, 2018
We see some cool mixing of the characters HWPD has been crafting for some time now in their Fan Fiction with established characters in the Halo Universe proper in the latest LORC: Beginnings piece. Check out parts 5 and 6 of Act 3, as we see the Rookie from Halo: ODST team up with Naki 'Cimutee and the good ole Superintendent AI on Earth!(MacGyver10 15:08:55 UTC)

Rockslider Sends ‘Goldie’ Up in Fireworks and Rhythmic Cascades on Halo CE’s Silent Cartographer

March 21st, 2018
Rockslider took a technique of combining plasma grenades and needler rounds to create some pretty cool explosions in his latest video. Check it out in our forum for your video preference, and a neat 'rhythmic montage' at the end you might get a kick out of!(MacGyver10 15:06:22 UTC)

Master Chief Playable in Super Bomberman R on Xbox

March 15th, 2018
Destructoid has a piece up on the upcoming Super Bomberman R game coming to PC and consoles. Looks like each platform will get their own special character, with Microsoft's Xbox getting our favorite armored super-soldier.(MacGyver10 22:58:30 UTC)

New 1/32 Scale Revell UNSC Warthog Model

March 15th, 2018
Think yourself to be the model Halo fan? Check out Revell's new SnapTite Build and Play UNSC Warthog that comes with Master Chief, Fred and Kelly in the spartan glory! (What, no Linda?)(MacGyver10 18:24:43 UTC)

Arena-themed Halo Legendary LootCrate Icons Figure Revealed

March 15th, 2018
The upcoming Halo Legendary LootCrate looks to be Arena-themed this go around, with a cool looking CHAMPION-class mjolnir suit of armor in mid-juke, with pistol raised! Order by April 15th to secure yours! (MacGyver10 18:22:25 UTC)

Halo Community Update 03/08/18 – ‘Chief Concerns’

March 9th, 2018
The latest Halo Community Update is up on HaloWaypoint! Mention of the upcoming comic trilogy for Chief and Blue Team, and plenty of community content in there. Each of the current gen games (Halo 5, Halo Wars 2 and Master Chief Collection) also get an update on their updates in this week's HCU!(MacGyver10 22:08:07 UTC)

Rockslider Uses and Alternative Method to Slide the Wraith Down to the Bottom of the Cavern

March 8th, 2018
In his fourth and likely final wraith descent movie, Rockslider uses an alternative method to get the Covenant machine (with pilot alive!) to the bottom of the cavern!(MacGyver10 16:03:07 UTC)

Update #2 on the ‘Master Chief Collection’ Work 343 Industries is Doing Behind the Scenes (Custom Games Browser Confirmed!)

March 8th, 2018
There are a lot of things to like about the recent Master Chief Collection Update that went live on HaloWaypoint yesterday. The fact the project is quality-driven, not schedule-driven, and the confirmation of a CUSTOM GAMES BROWSER eventually arriving with the game! (Thanks davidfuchs!)(MacGyver10 15:31:33 UTC)

New Comic Trilogy ‘Halo Collateral Damage’ Starts in June

March 6th, 2018
We could always use more Chief and Blue Team, so 343 Industries and Dark Horse Comics have teamed up to bring us a new trilogy of comics called, Halo Collateral Damage. It follows the story of Master Chief and Blue Team on Earth as they attempt to thwart the Covenant digging up something ancient and powerful beneath the surface. The first issue comes out in June but is up for preorder now!(MacGyver10 23:57:38 UTC)