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FUDcast #26: War On Colons Discusses Halo Fiction and Halo Infinite Reveal from E3

June 14th, 2018
davidfuchs stopped in with news of the latest FUDcast up for your listening. He and Dani discuss the latest and upcoming fiction of the Halo universe, and the new Halo Infinite reveal from E3 of course! (The FUD crew also appeared on the recent Podtacular episode discussing the E3 reveal!)(MacGyver10 15:48:00 UTC)

Rockslider Plays With an Oddly-Stuck Banshee in Attack On The Control Room

June 14th, 2018
I'm sure he's bound to see everything there is to see in Halo: CE someday, but Rockslider ran across a banshee in AoTCR that was having a little trouble.(MacGyver10 15:46:18 UTC)

Artist Jamie Bull Creates Awesome Set of Posters for Original Halo Trilogy

June 13th, 2018
Artist Jamie Bull got excited about the prospect of a new Halo game and created some pretty amazing posters for the original trilogy. Their poster for Halo: CE features your first ringworld experience, Halo 2 hints at your Gravemind introduction and Halo 3 rekindles the Chief's explosive re-entry to Earth quite beautifully. You can follow the complete story on Reddit as they're looking to possibly screenprint these!(MacGyver10 15:52:34 UTC)

Rockslider’s Compilation of Halo: CE Freakiness and Fun #21 (A Trapped Gold Elite and Worst Jackal Lookout Ever!)

June 11th, 2018
Rockslider is back with a compilation of crazy happenings in Halo: CE. A lazy jackal, a fragged up flood and a trapped gold elite all make appearances in his latest freakiness and fun video posted in our forum!(MacGyver10 17:22:20 UTC)

The Next Official Installment, ‘Halo: Infinite’ Announced at Xbox’s E3 Press Conference With Return to Old Art Style and New Slipspace Game Engine

June 10th, 2018
The next installment of the Halo franchise was shown off today at E3 with the Xbox press conference kicking things off with a 'demo' of 'Halo: Infinite' and its new game engine called Slipspace. You can see the reveal trailer here on YouTube, or head over to HaloWaypoint to read about the upcoming continuation of Master Chief's story post-Halo 5!(MacGyver10 22:47:47 UTC)

Halo Community Update 06/08/18 – ‘Soldiering On’

June 8th, 2018
No mention of Halo's presence at E3 this weekend (and no denial of it either!), but still plenty for GrimBrotherOne to shout about with Halo. Lots of new Halo reading materials headed our way in the not-too-distant future, updates on competitive Halo and a few other goodies round out a pre-E3 collection of news. Here's hoping we have some big announcements soon to share!(MacGyver10 17:43:20 UTC)

Rockslider Heads Back to the Halo Ring to Merge UNSC Crewmen in Halo: CE

June 8th, 2018
After playing around for a bit on the Pillar of Autumn, Rockslider made his way back to the ring with a new spot to try out his merging of UNSC marines.(MacGyver10 17:41:31 UTC)

Join Master Chief and Blue Team in Covenant War Exploits as the ‘Halo: Collateral Damage’ Comic Trilogy Gets Kicked Off

June 7th, 2018
Remember that new Blue Team-focused comic trilogy coming in June, well you can start reading the new adventure now in print and online thanks to Dark Horse Comics! Follow the exploits of Master Chief and Blue Team from their time together during the Covenant War!(MacGyver10 20:47:18 UTC)

Development Continues on Halo The Master Chief Collection as Sketch Outlines Updates on HaloWaypoint

June 6th, 2018
The development of MCC's rebirth keeps trucking along, and Sketch popped back up with update #4 on HaloWaypoint about some of the things they're working on these days to bring the Master Chief Collection up to where it needs to be. (Thanks davidfuchs!)(MacGyver10 17:59:59 UTC)

The Early 90’s Invade Halo with A DOOM-inspired Halo 3 HUD Mod by Lord Zedd

June 5th, 2018
Lord Zedd, infamous modder and lover of Halo, has put together a pretty impressive mashup of Halo 3 with a Doom-style HUD and first person perspective. You can grab the files to experience this yourself in the video description at YouTube. (Thanks General Vagueness!)(MacGyver10 19:55:37 UTC)

Updated ‘Revert Stacking’ Glitch in Halo 3 from Chappified

June 5th, 2018
They mentioned it back in November, but Chappified is back with a more up to date form of the Halo 3 'revert stacking' glitch they found. Apparently, this will also work in Halo: Reach!(MacGyver10 19:45:01 UTC)

Andy ‘Bravo’ Dudynsky Leaves 343 to Be Closer to Family

May 31st, 2018
Big news yesterday came down that Andy Dudynsky is leaving the halls of 343 Industries to pursue other interests. The guy got his feet wet in Halo as a member of the eSports community, and it was awesome to see him morph and mature into a community leader helping guide us through Halo news and games. Best wishes, Bravo! (MacGyver10 21:36:49 UTC)

Rockslider Has New Videos of Merging Silver and Gold Elites, as Well as Pillar of Autumn Crewman

May 31st, 2018
Rockslider continues to put out impressive content with a couple of new videos! Their first shows off a new color of merged elites (as well as a how-to to accomplish these merged Covenant corpses!) using merged silver and gold elites in Halo: CE. The next one seems a little creepy to me using human, but hey, the effect of merging POA crewman is pretty cool, and fun as well when they start using the grunts to help!(MacGyver10 21:33:23 UTC)

Catching Up with The Halo Community Update 05/24/18 – ‘Duty in Battle’

May 31st, 2018
Well summer has started for the MacGyver family, but Halo news didn't get the memo to slow down (even more so than it already has during this dryspell of mainline Halo game news)! Thanks to davidfuchs for the heads up on last week's Halo Community Update! Looks like the new Fireteam arcade game is mentioned with a FAQ (canon story, coming to places other than Dave & Busters/North America), some details on upcoming e-sports stuff and MCC community playdate all in one place.(MacGyver10 21:29:33 UTC)

It might be time for cake.

May 26th, 2018
Wow. Been a little while since I posted here (thanks, MacGyver10, for making that possible!), but a recent email from Stuntmutt, coupled with the 19th anniversary of this site, made for a pretty compelling siren call. Swing by the One One Se7en page for a new guest strip, and Stuntmutt's response. (We haven't accepted guest strips for that comic since 2004. We had to sweep a lot of dust out to even find the right buttons.) And to everyone still stopping by for a little bit of Halo news now and then, thanks for all the memories!(Louis Wu 17:32:20 UTC)

Rockslider Shows Off the ‘Harlequin Elites’ That Result from Merging Covenant Corpses

May 23rd, 2018
Rockslider is back showing off a cool side effect his merging behavior has with the elites in Halo: CE!(MacGyver10 14:17:19 UTC)

New Canon Fodder ‘Nevermore’ Focuses On the ODST Squad in the Upcoming ‘Fireteam Raven’ Arcade Experience

May 19th, 2018
Our very own GrimBrother One surprised the world with a new Canon Fodder up at HaloWaypoint. You can read all about the ODST squad behind Fireteam Raven, the new arcade experience coming to Dave & Buster's real soon!(MacGyver10 02:02:01 UTC)

Rockslider Merges the Corpses of Covenant Elites in Halo: CE for Some Fancy Results

May 17th, 2018
Rockslider continues to iterate on his Covenant body merging, this time with elites in Halo: CE! Who knew sangheili could be so fancy?(MacGyver10 21:48:23 UTC)

Halo Community Update 05/10/18 – ‘Summary Approaches’

May 11th, 2018
GrimBrother One has taken it upon himself to collect a bunch of the recent Halo happenings and cram them into this week's Halo Community Update at HaloWaypoint! A reminder of the new weekly 343 Social Streams, some HCS remarks and plenty of other cool stuff join the usual fan creations!(MacGyver10 20:44:53 UTC)

Sparky of halomodtesters Releases Kit for Modding Just About Everything via Halo: CE on Mac

May 10th, 2018
Sparky of halomodtesters on YouTube is putting a lot of work into some pretty cool stuff for Halo: CE, particularly on Mac in this case. Here's what they had to say:

I've been working hard on my Zeus-related projects as I mentioned over the years. The Zeus projects were experiments, and they are generally concluded. Today, I am announcing an application that I am developing to replace the Halo Custom Edition Halo Editing Kit programs. This all-in-one application is called "silence". I frequently post results of the day's work on this application on my YouTube channel, "halomodtesters".

The application is ready for a user test, so I simply recorded a video of its current capability of reading .actor tag files (used by the Halo Editing Kit).

Here is a beta tester build, with fully-featured .actor tag file format support. The .zip archive is encrypted. The password is "beta tester". Thanks for your interest!(MacGyver10 15:03:43 UTC)