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Halo Infinite campaign gameplay overview drops

October 25th, 2021
As spotted by some forum goers, this morning was the release of a meaty look at Halo Infinite's campaign. If you're avoiding all plot details, you may not want to watch, but for everyone else, you'll be treated to a tantalizing glimpse into the story and gameplay coming this December. (fuchsdh 13:51:49 +0000)

Autumn comes in the latest Halo Community Update

October 23rd, 2021
The latest Halo Community Update is out, and it features Halo 5's final updates, and MCC Season 8 news, some really cool merchandise, and more. Go read! (fuchsdh 23:31:57 +0000)

The Buck Stops There

October 12th, 2021
Ever wonder about armor design evolution? Another Halo Comic Strip has got you covered. (Higher res version at ZZoMBiE13's DeviantArt page, if you choose.) (Louis Wu 17:01:34 +0000)

B, X, Beatdown

October 2nd, 2021
ZZoMBiE13 continues to enjoy the Infinite tests... but with some caveats. Check out Another Halo Comic Strip to see why I feel personally attacked. (Louis Wu 18:12:40 +0000)


September 25th, 2021
In honor of the current Multiplayer Technical Preview happening this weekend for Halo Infinite, Another Halo Comic Strip has a new offering for you. I giggled. (Louis Wu 22:36:29 +0000)

September’s Inside Infinite talks multiplayer and more.

September 21st, 2021
Another month closer to Infinite's release, and another monthly installment of Inside Infinite. This one focuses on multiplayer; there's interviews with the team, discussion of BTB in the next multiplayer flight, challenges, and some very nifty concept art. Go read! (fuchsdh 01:47:59 +0000)


September 20th, 2021
ZZoMBiE13 is back with yet another installment of Another Halo Comic Strip - looks like he might have found an issue with the recent announcements about features of Infinite that won't be present at launch! It's all in good fun. (Louis Wu 21:02:35 +0000)

MCC Development Update September 2021

September 16th, 2021
This months MCC update is out, and it’s meaty—there’s a recap of Season 8, plans for the future, modding updates, and developer interviews. Go read! (fuchsdh 00:39:54 +0000)

Fun on a Bun

September 13th, 2021
Bob and Doug are back in Another Halo Comic Strip! (If that doesn't mean anything to you, swing by ZZoMBiE13's DeviantArt page for more details.) I'm loving that this strip has returned - I have no idea how long he'll keep submitting new comics, but I'm here for 'em! (Louis Wu 20:34:35 +0000)


September 13th, 2021
Keeping this site in new content, Another Halo Comic Strip has updated again. In ZZoMBiE13's words, "If you're one of the folks who dig the Prometheans, apologies in advance." (Louis Wu 05:45:37 +0000)

Next <em>Halo Infinite</em> flight arrives September 24

September 10th, 2021
You've only got a few days to square away your Insider details to get in on the next Infinite flight, so get cracking! (fuchsdh 18:45:38 +0000)

Send off summer with a wrap-up of news in the latest Community Update

September 10th, 2021
This month's Community Update touches on MCC updates, Halo 5 playlist updates, esports, new Halo merch, and a collection of recent Infinite news. If you haven't been keeping track of what's going on recently, this update has you covered. Go read! (fuchsdh 18:42:15 +0000)


August 31st, 2021
The reaction to the last AHCS entry, after a decade of dormancy, was quite good - so ZZoMBiE13 is back with Another Halo Comic Strip (see what I did there?). As he said on DeviantART, he doesn't know where this might be going... but he's willing to at least release the newest idea! Go check it out. (Louis Wu 22:21:11 +0000)

Halo Infinite gets a release date and an Xbox

August 26th, 2021
Some meaty news from Gamescom today: new story trailer and a release date (December 8th). There’s also a limited edition Xbox bundle you can attempt to grab, if the struggle to get a next-generation console isn’t tough enough. (fuchsdh 00:26:26 +0000)

The Return of an Old Friend

August 21st, 2021
After a decade of quietness, ZZoMBiE13 was inspired by the Halo Infinite playtest to submit a new entry for Another Halo Comic Strip. Here's what he wrote on DeviantArt:

Been a while since I made a Halo comic. Been a while since I was this excited about a game, if I'm honest. The Infinite test flight was a lot of fun and I got inspired. No idea if there will be more or not, but we'll see.

What are you waiting for? Go enjoy it! (Louis Wu 15:03:29 +0000)

343’s August Infinite update details launch plans and season timetables

August 20th, 2021
This month's update is a video, discussing the recent tech preview, plans for the season, and talks with Joe Staten, Brian Jarrard, and more about the launch timeframe. (fuchsdh 19:43:43 +0000)

Learn about this weekend’s Infinite tech preview

July 29th, 2021
This weekend, lucky invitees will get to play the first Halo Infinite tech preview. If you can't play, or want to know more, the Halo youtube channel had a livestream that has been archived here. Launch is starting to feel like it's actually within sight! (fuchsdh 16:01:04 +0000)

Prepare for flights in this month’s Inside Infinite

July 24th, 2021
The monthly Inside Infinite is out and focuses on the upcoming “technical preview” of Infinite Insider members will be able to participate in soon. Check it out for the details. (fuchsdh 23:24:17 +0000)

Canon Fodder celebrates issue 117 with oodles of Chief content and announcements

July 12th, 2021
This week's Canon Fodder is issue #117, so Grim pulled out all the stops. In addition to a ton of Chief-focused community content, there's word of a new, beefier Encyclopedia (checked over, of course, by Stephen Loftus,) and some thoughts from Claude himself on our favorite green-armored Chief. (fuchsdh 19:40:01 +0000)

June’s Inside Infinite gets into live events and Waypoint changes

June 24th, 2021
This month's installment of Inside Infinite covers the launch/postlaunch experience, special events during seasons, how you'll earn rewards in-game, and the changes coming to Halo Waypoint. Go read! (fuchsdh 22:54:05 +0000)