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Sticker Shock Weapon Skins from LootCrate Available in Halo 5 for a Limited Time

July 27th, 2017
Missed out on the Sticker Shock weapon skins in the Halo Legendary LootCrate? Looks like they're available now for a limited time in Halo 5! (MacGyver10 19:38:33 UTC)

Community Focus – Gigz

July 26th, 2017
Top tier.

DrBizz Runs Back Through ‘The Arbiter’ Level in Halo 2

July 26th, 2017
After some time off, DrBizz is back with a cool new trick on Halo 2. He had this to say about it:

Hello friends! Well, it's been quite a while since I posted a trick video but here is a project that was only streamed live and never put into a production video until now. This involves MCC on The Arbiter and a bunch of crazy physics skulls to travel way off course and actually go backwards inside the station from the banshee ledge where the heretic leader is later in the mission. It's a long run of difficult jumps, fall breaks and blasting through closed doors with grenade piles. Amazingly, the load zone trips work backwards allowing a very long travel and all sorts of things get triggered out of order.Thanks for watching, hope you enjoy it!

Also check out and follow his Twitch stream, where you can see him breaking and tricking through levels live!(MacGyver10 17:39:27 UTC)

Serina Rises and Spearbreaker Drops for Last Batch of Halo Wars 2 Season Pass Content

July 26th, 2017
The latest and last news dump on content for the Halo Wars 2 Season Pass is up. Head on over to Halowaypoint to read about the Spearbreaker missions and Serina as a playable hero for the game, as well as see the new content's launch trailer.(MacGyver10 17:35:58 UTC)

Becoming a Destiny 2 Clan

July 26th, 2017
Migrating to a new world together.

Artist of Many Halo Wars 2 Blitz Cards Shares His Artwork and is Featured on Kotaku

July 25th, 2017
Revenant1988 let us know that the artist behind many of the Halo Wars 2 Blitz cards was featured on Kotaku recently. You can see all his art on his personal page as well if you want to grab a few for a desktop background!(MacGyver10 17:19:32 UTC)

Rockslider Makes the AoTCR Column Ascent Easier

July 24th, 2017
Following up his recent accomplishment, Rockslider has come back with a much easier way of ascending the AoTCR column in his latest work.(MacGyver10 22:16:11 UTC)

Final Release Trailer for SPV3 Makes Halo CE Look Gorgeous

July 24th, 2017
Masterz1337 popped in with the final trailer for SPV3. Check out the SPV3 for Halo CE Release Trailer and see how beautifully they've remade the experience of Halo: Combat Evolved!(MacGyver10 22:11:36 UTC)

Halo Shows Up in ‘Ready Player One’ Trailer from San Diego Comic Con

July 24th, 2017
The much-hyped Ready Player One trailer popped up from SDCC this past weekend, and IdahoGamerGirl let us know that GamesRadar had a list of video game easter eggs so far in the trailer, including one of obvious relevancy to Halo fans.(MacGyver10 22:08:01 UTC)

Rockslider Launches to the Top of the AoTCR Entry Chamber (AFAIK, First to Accomplish This Since Mentioned in 2006)

July 21st, 2017
A High Impact Halo forum user mentioned the possibility of accomplishing this task way back in September of 2006, but as far as I can tell, Rockslider is the first to pull it off! Check out his post in our forum to watch him launch to the top of the column in AoTCR's entry chamber!(MacGyver10 19:56:43 UTC)

This Week At Bungie – 07/20/2017

July 20th, 2017
Putting you to the Test.

Community Focus – Brian Moncus

July 19th, 2017
Dark arts.

Canon Fodder #99 – Stay Frosty

July 19th, 2017
One shy of his centennial, GrimBrother One has shared his latest Canon Fodder on HaloWaypoint giving us a preview of the upcoming Halo Wars 2 multiplayer and campaign DLC, some lore bits (of course) and a nod to September's 'Halo: Warfleet'. (Thanks Revenant1988!)(MacGyver10 13:57:30 UTC)

Podtacular 588: The Untold Story of Halo – Beginnings, Branding and Breakdowns

July 18th, 2017
The developmental story behind is not a new journey that hasn’t been pursued before. Many Halo fans have some realization of the developmental struggle that the franchise has faced in the past and all throughout its lifespan, but it’s something … Continue reading ?

Rockslider’s Force-Launching Extravaganza

July 18th, 2017
Rockslider expands upon his force-launching in his latest video. Spending a little time showing how to set it up, and then going crazy with the fun! Check it out in his latest forum post!(MacGyver10 20:56:50 UTC)

Cortana Headlines Series 2 of LootCrate’s Halo Boxes

July 18th, 2017
Did you miss the reveal of the new Halo Icons figure coming to series 2 of the Legendary LootCrates? It's Cortana, taken from Halo 4 and in 'The Awakening' themed box coming up next! (MacGyver10 20:36:16 UTC)

Podtacular 587: They Let Ske7ch Pick

July 16th, 2017
This week we catch up with the latest Halo Community Update with a few wrap-up items from E3 and looking at what’s coming up with Halo at the Rooster Teeth Expo. We also tell the story of how Dust Storm … Continue reading ?

Halo Community Update – 07/13/17 ‘Austin-tatious’

July 14th, 2017
Missed out on the recent trip to Austin, Texas for the Rooster Teeth Expo? 343 has you covered with some of the going-on's in their latest Community Update, as well as a recap of some of the cool announcements recently for Halo backward compatibility and a preview of San Diego Comic-Con fun.(MacGyver10 21:58:45 UTC)

Chappified Shows Off Halo 3 Strategy for Speedrunning ‘The Ark’ on Legendary

July 14th, 2017
Chappified shared a strategy he's using now to run the ghost through Halo 3's 'The Ark' level on legendary. Something that was pretty difficult before, but could save 30 seconds to a minute in speed runs!(MacGyver10 21:55:15 UTC)

Lori Tritel, Voice of Halo’s Librarian, Passed Away This Week According to Fellow VO Actor

July 14th, 2017
TheBSPolice shared the sad news of Lori Tritel's passing earlier this week. Lori was the voice of Halo's Librarian and one of the highlights of 343's new characters for me, personally.(MacGyver10 21:48:51 UTC)