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This Week at Bungie – 11/30/2017

November 30th, 2017
Looking forward to new reasons to play

Podtacular 605: Our Halo Thankfuls

November 29th, 2017
In the US, it’s the holiday season starting off with Thanksgiving, and with the Halo news running dry this week, we decided to go through the latest community update and say what we’re thankful for from the Halo franchise and … Continue reading ?

The State of Destiny 2

November 29th, 2017
Where we’re heading.

Congratulations @GrimBrotherOne On Your GrimEngagement to Your Future GrimWife

November 28th, 2017
He started out here on our forum as a little infection form way back in the day, and now our little GrimBrotherOne is not only creating Halo games, but he's asked his GrimGirlfriend to be his GrimWife! Congratulations Jeff! We know we'll always be your first love! :) (MacGyver10 18:13:49 UTC)

Parts 3 and 4 in Act 3 of the Great ‘LORC: Beginnings’ Fanfic Is Up in Our Fan Fiction Section

November 27th, 2017
Looking for the continuing story of LORC? HWPD has shared with us parts 3 and 4 of Act 3 as his Sangheili war with the Jiralhanae and try out human vending machines! You can check out the full story so far in our Fan Fiction section!(MacGyver10 21:15:12 UTC)

Rockslider Rock-Hops Up the Structure in Guilty Spark More Easily Than We Used to Do It

November 27th, 2017
Looks like Rockslider has been jumping around in our 'Tips and Tricks' section and found an even better way to rock-hop up the structure at the beginning of Guilty Spark!(MacGyver10 20:52:28 UTC)

XP in Destiny 2

November 24th, 2017

Podtacular 604: Micro-req-actions

November 24th, 2017
The holidays are back, which means we’re facing a lull of Halo news, but the never ending controversy behind micro-transactions has reared its head again after an announcement from EA regarding Star Wars Battlefront II. It’s very evident that within … Continue reading ?

Amazing Gunplay in ‘Death Machine II: The Final Halo Montage’ by Office Hyena

November 22nd, 2017
It's worth checking out based off Morpheus' write-up alone, but the video itself doesn't disappoint either! Check out plenty of amazing gunplay in Death Machine II: The Final Halo Montage by Office Hyena!(MacGyver10 23:10:30 UTC)

Rockslider Has Some Spawning Fun on Halo: CE’s 343 Guilty Spark Level

November 22nd, 2017
Continuing his new exploration of 343 Guilty Spark in Halo: Combat Evolved, Rockslider toys around with the spawning baddies at the structure's entrance! Choose how you'd like to watch by checking out his forum post!(MacGyver10 23:00:10 UTC)

This Week at Bungie – 11/22/2017

November 22nd, 2017
An adventure through time and space.

DrBizz Explores Space in Halo 2’s Gravemind, Launching Himself Into a Cutscene Room

November 21st, 2017
Using a 'living dead player' glitch discovered earlier this year, DrBizz has launched himself into the Gravemind 'space cutscene room'. It really is quite the launch, and he ends up in a cool, little room he discovered while watching the space battle in the new MCC Halo 2 graphics!(MacGyver10 19:15:02 UTC)

Marlin the Elite: The Movie, Out Now After Two Years of Work

November 21st, 2017
I received the heads up Friday, but forgot to post til now (sorry!). After two years of work, Thomas Productions released their feature-length 'Marlin The Elite: The Movie'! Expanding upon the comedy machinima series of the same name, 'Marlin the Elite: The Movie' takes the quirky character to new heights and perils!(MacGyver10 18:43:19 UTC)

Isaac Hannaford, Creator of Great Halo Art, Has an ArtStation Worth Checking Out

November 21st, 2017
It had been a while since scarab had looked through Isaac's portfolio, and maybe it's been a while for you too. So while you might have seen some of his recent work in LootCrate boxes, head over to Isaac Hannaford's ArtStation to take in his great work for Halo and other properties!(MacGyver10 18:38:42 UTC)

Rockslider Explores the 343 Guilty Spark Level for the First Time on Video!

November 20th, 2017
He's spent a LOT of time in Halo: CE, but Rockslider features his first video on the level 343 Guilty Spark this time. Check out the link to choose how you'd like to watch him fly to the top of the map, explore and have fun with some baddies.(MacGyver10 20:58:25 UTC)

Halo Discounts from the Xbox Black Friday Sales for Halo 5 and Halo Wars 2

November 20th, 2017
Xbox has them up for gold members, but the console's black Friday sales go up at the end of this week for everyone. Morpheus has done a great job at consolidating Halo discounts in his post in our forum if you want deals on Halo 5 and Halo Wars 2!(MacGyver10 20:56:05 UTC)

New and ‘Useless’ Halo 3 and ODST Glitch of Revert Stacking found by Chappified

November 20th, 2017
Chappified calls it useless, but I've learned the Halo community can do some pretty amazing things with 'useless'. Check out this new glitch they discovered featuring revert stacking!(MacGyver10 20:52:46 UTC)

Halo Community Update 11/16/17 – ‘Thanks Beat Everything’

November 17th, 2017
The most recent Halo Community Update is live on HaloWaypoint! It hits on Halo: CE's sweet 16th, new Halo books and Mega Construx, as well as the usual community-driven content!(MacGyver10 22:34:46 UTC)

This Week at Bungie – 11/16/2017

November 16th, 2017
Osiris unmasked

Marlin The Elite, ‘A Recap’ Before ‘The Movie’

November 16th, 2017
Gearing up for their big release, the team that has been putting out Marlin The Elite videos for near a decade have a 'recap' of sorts to catch people up on the characters. Check it out as they gear up for Marlin's greatest adventure yet, in the upcoming 'Marlin The Elite: The Movie'.(MacGyver10 20:55:04 UTC)