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Hot Wheels Makes Tiny UNSC Warthog for Your Orange, Loopty-Loop Tracks

November 7th, 2016
RVideo shared in our forum that the new Hot Wheels UNSC Warthog is out on Amazon now! It's the first in their new 'Screen Time' series and a 1/64 scale straight from Halo!(MacGyver10 20:10:31 UTC)

Rockslider Catches Banshee Pilots Mysteriously Falling Dead

November 7th, 2016
Rockslider has dissected Halo: CE more than most, and yet he STILL finds unusual happenings like these banshee pilots dropping dead for no apparent reason! Check it out in his forum post for your preferred video flavor!(MacGyver10 20:07:02 UTC)

Halo Community Update – 11/04/16

November 7th, 2016
Last week's Community Update gets personal with new/old community manager, Ske7ch! He answers a bunch of questions about himself and Halo before letting Grim out of the pumpkin to show off some Halloween themed fan creations and a Battlefield 1 insertion into Halo 5's Forge! Make sure you check it out at HaloWaypoint!(MacGyver10 20:03:10 UTC)

Unboxing: Loot Crate Halo Legendary Crate

November 5th, 2016
Last month, we mentioned the latest Loot Crate Halo Legendary Crate, with an ODST theme... have you wondered what's inside? Wonder no more! We opened one, and, in a first-ever here on HBO, are offering a YouTube unboxing video! (Don't look outside - you might see pigs flying.) The window for grabbing this particular crate has closed... but the next one comes out in late December, and you've got until mid-December to order it! (The unboxing page contains a link and a discount code that'll save you 10%, if you're so inclined...)(Louis Wu 15:53:22 UTC)

Papercraft Chief Cosplay In Low-poly Mode

November 4th, 2016
CheapLEY shared a cool cosplay that he found while on Reddit. It looks like a low-poly Master Chief made of papercraft, though Rev said it might have started as a scale test before a full armor build.(MacGyver10 20:54:55 UTC)

If Master Chief Were Adorable, He’d Look Like This Corgi

November 4th, 2016
There's been many iterations of the Chief throughout the 15 years of Halo, but this one feels like it might be the most likely to kill us...with cuteness. (Thanks Louis Wu!)(MacGyver10 20:48:30 UTC)

Podtacular 556: Blitz

November 4th, 2016
We are starting to enter the news lull but not before we get introduced to a brand new game mode for Halo Wars 2, Blitz.  This mode is fast paced requiring you to strategize your battle before the fight begins … Continue reading

This Week at Bungie – 11/3/2016

November 3rd, 2016
Roll out the banners.

Community Focus – ScaRdrow

November 2nd, 2016
Riding solo.

Forge’s Halo-ween Prefab Contest Results Are In

November 2nd, 2016
The folks at Forge Hub held a contest for designers to put together some Halloween pre-fabs, and the now have the results in of their 'Halo-ween Prefab Contest' to check out!(MacGyver10 21:33:56 UTC)

Halo’s Legendary LootCrate #3 Tackles ‘Halo: Combat Evolved’

November 2nd, 2016
With the latest ODST LootCrate out in the wild now (I love my 'feet first' pants!), they've jumped the next one to the top of my favorites list already by choosing to focus on Halo: CE with Legendary Crate #3! Sign up by 12/15 (not 11/15 like the tweet says) to get in line for the next box! (MacGyver10 21:30:43 UTC)

New Winter Season Starts off In Halo 5’s Arena

November 2nd, 2016
The Fall season has ended, so jump into ranked playlists and play 10 games to be sure to pick up this 'Winter Season' emblem in Arena play! (MacGyver10 21:29:39 UTC)

Morpheus Picks ‘Death Machine’ from Hyena for This Week’s Featured Montage

November 2nd, 2016
Morpheus shares another great montage from the THF crew! Check out the 'Death Machine' from Hyena in this week's Montage Monday choice.(MacGyver10 21:27:46 UTC)