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It’s Bonekin’s Funeral

June 30th, 2015
Tex let us know that after a semi-successful night of Halo gaming last week, they're organizing another adventure for this Thursday. If you're looking to play some MCC customs with an 'interesting' group of people, check out Tex's post!(MacGyver10 20:18:40 UTC)

No Split Screen or LAN for Halo 5: Guardians

June 30th, 2015
I believe we might have seen some hints at this before, but ArsTechnica has confirmed there will be no split-screen of any kind in our new Halo adventure. There's also the talk of no LAN support which is a downer for the communities (including our own) that get together to play Halo in person at times. Thanks for the heads up uberfoop!(MacGyver10 20:15:10 UTC)

Prepare to SSD

June 29th, 2015
munky-058 wants you to Forge a cool play-space in H2A based on ODST... and he's hosting a contest to see what you can do. Go read the details!(Louis Wu 22:54:14 UTC)

Reinventing Halo

June 29th, 2015
Polygon sat down with Kevin Franklin to talk about Halo 5 Warzone (and a bunch of other stuff) - it's a pretty interesting interview! Swing by and read it.(Louis Wu 22:48:43 UTC)

Halo The Musical

June 29th, 2015
We missed this when it came out - but Vic M. made sure we heard about it. lhugueny posted Halo The Musical... a musical animated version (sort of) of the first game. The autotuning adds a nice touch.(Louis Wu 22:44:17 UTC)

Breaking The Habit

June 28th, 2015
AssaultGodzilla once again celebrates his birthday with a Halo music video - it's quite short, but as always, timing is great.(Louis Wu 21:45:56 UTC)

In The Zone

June 28th, 2015
This week's Canon Fodder is pretty solid - Grim discusses the context of Bosses in Halo 5's Warzone, he reminds you of a great interview with Game Informer, he answers a couple of fan questions about mysteries old and new, he updates you on Halo: Escalation, and he unveils Chatternet. Go read!(Louis Wu 21:43:27 UTC)

ASE Ep. 162 Marathon Tempus Irae 26: Game of Death

June 27th, 2015
Tempus Irae 26: Game of Death

We backtrack to a lava-surrounded secret level full of ammo and near-unkillable Pfhor.

We're doing a new Marathon adventure-- this time fighting the Pfhor in Italy of the past in third party scenario Tempus Irae!

Tempus Irae can be played, like the other Marathon games, using the open source Aleph One engine which you can get here for Windows, Mac and Linux:

Tempus Irae and other third party scenarios for the Aleph One engine can be downloaded here:

We use irons' Co-Op script, which gives weapons and ammo to both players if either picks any up, and prevents weapon loss on death (so items can't be destroyed in lava or slime). The script also allows one player to teleport to a destination set by themselves or their partner, in case co-op players run into a problem a solo player would have to restart for.

Tempus Irae has its own spoiler guide:

Subscribe to the Narcogen's YouTube channel for Anger, Sadness and Envy video podcasts:

Subscribe to the iTunes channel or RSS feed for shorts and audio podcasts:

Music used in this episode:

"What About Bob?" by Alexander Seropian, remixed by Craig Hardgrove (intro music)
"New Pacific (Reprise)" by Alexander Seropian, remixed by Craig Hardgrove (outro music)

Long Story Short

June 26th, 2015
Layne Thomas let us know that his group just released the 100th episode of Marlin the Elite. (We've looked in on Marlin from time to time in the past few years.) Go watch this episode- Marlin has decided to write an autobiography, but he's underestimated the power of the past.(Louis Wu 22:53:18 UTC)

Ripa Bust – Finished

June 26th, 2015
Last year, we mentioned an unmarketed Ripa 'Moramee bust that superfan PFG was able to get his hands on... it's finally finished. The end result is stunning. Check it out!(Louis Wu 22:43:04 UTC)

Tim Longo talks Halo 5

June 26th, 2015
During E3, YouTuber h0lmb0m got a chance to talk to Tim Longo about Halo 5: Guardians - it's worth your time!(Louis Wu 22:37:34 UTC)

No plans for a Reach Remake

June 26th, 2015
Phil Spencer was a guest on IGN's Podcast Unlocked during E3, and one of the things he said was that it's unlikely that a remastered version of Halo: Reach will be made before Xbox One backward compatibility makes it available.

"It doesn't keep us from doing a remaster or something, but clearly letting people play Halo: Reach and any of the first-party 360 games that they want to play is part of what backward compatibility is about. We don't have a plan right now for a remake of Halo: Reach. I suspect it'll be a backward compatibility game before we ever even think about doing a remake."

Worth knowing, if you were hoping for its future addition to the Master Chief Collection...(Louis Wu 22:30:44 UTC)

A Reminder: All content available to all players

June 26th, 2015
Scooting back over some news in the past week we've overlooked - we've mentioned this elsewhere, but it bears repeating: according to Josh Holmes, all unlockable content in the game can be earned by anyone, by playing. Preorder bonuses just mean you're GUARANTEED that content, without having to unlock it - but the rest of us aren't shut out. Thanks, Destructoid.(Louis Wu 22:26:10 UTC)

Halo 5 Req Packs, Explained

June 26th, 2015
Greenskull has done a good job of explaining Req cards in Halo 5's Warzone - if you're confused about these, this will help a lot. Go watch! Thanks, Bounce-A-Gon.(Louis Wu 22:21:57 UTC)

Lumberjackals Hate Trees

June 26th, 2015
Rockslider is back with some more H1 goodies. The video starts out with a bang and has plenty more fun and freaky gameplay pulled from the Halo game that started it all!(MacGyver10 19:02:19 UTC)

I Regret Everything, Especially Wednesdays

June 26th, 2015
This past Wednesday, a group of our HBO forum denizens merged there bodies with metal, dirt and corgis on the battlefields of Halo. There was much rejoicing, and a montage video happened to get left on our forum. Here's padraig08's post so you can see the carnage and fallout from their custom games night!(MacGyver10 15:03:15 UTC)

Podtacular 491: PrE3 Halo Hype

June 26th, 2015

With the lead up to E3, Game Informer delivers a dump truck load of Halo information revealing more about the campaign we’ll be playing in October and hinting at an all new multiplayer experience that we’ll get to see at the expo.  We get full details confirming the members of Blue Team and Fireteam Osiris unveiling the identify of the red Spartan as Olympia Vale.  A new multiplayer map, Fathom was revealed being underwater inside a glass dome.  There’s a lot of other campaign and multiplayer related info that will hopefully be expanded upon at E3 including the new Artemus Tracking System equipped by Osiris.

Bungie Weekly Update – Part Two

June 26th, 2015
This time, it’s personal.

Halo Wars Legendary Walkthrough – Complete

June 26th, 2015
Almost missed this - but The Tyrant has finally completed his Legendary Walkthrough for Halo Wars - the final four missions are online now:

If you want the entire playlist in one place, it's right here. Dive in!(Louis Wu 23:03:53 UTC)

Digging a hole and leaking information

June 25th, 2015
MacGyver10 asked about some concept art that was shown in an Xbox Daily: LIVE video recorded at E3 last week... and while his question is a good one, you should take a look at the video he referenced just for general new Halo information! Frank O'Connor and Kiki Wolfkill join Major Nelson and Tiffany Smith about 8:30 in, and for the next five and a half minutes, they talk about Halo 5, with tangents into things like the Fall of Reach Animated Series (which is what MacGyver10 was asking about). If you missed this - go watch! (Louis Wu 18:28:40 UTC)