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I think I’d rather go with sun, thanks.

June 30th, 2007
Wow, nice. Hit the beaches in s7yle, with your new Master Chief beach towel. The only downside? The $35 pricetag. Thanks, x1zero.(Louis Wu 19:12:13 UTC)

Guitar Hero Encore: Rock the 80s

June 30th, 2007

The complete songlist for Guitar Hero Encore: Rock the 80s has been revealed! The game will be released July 24 for PS2 only. Click "read more" to see the full setlist.

• Caught in a Mosh (as made famous by Anthrax)
• Balls to the Wall (as made famous by Accept)
• Electric Eye (by Judas Priest)
• Los Angeles (as made famous by X)
• Police Truck (as made famous by Dead Kennedys)
• We Got the Beat (as made famous by The Go Go's)
• (I Think I'm) Turning Japanese (as made famous by Vapors)
• Seventeen (as made famous by Winger)
• Because, it's Midnite (by Limozeen)
• Hold On Loosely (as made famous by .38 Special)
• No One Like You (as made famous by Scorpions)
• Only a Lad (as made famous by Oingo Boingo)
• Ballroom Blitz (as made famous by Krokus)
• The Warrior (by Scandal)
• What I Like About You (as made famous by The Romantics)
• Wrath Child (as made famous by Iron Maiden)
• I Wanna Rock (by Twisted Sister)
• I Ran (by Flock of Seagulls)
• Round and Round (as made famous by Ratt)
• Metal Health (as made famous by Quiet Riot)
• Holy Diver (as made famous by Dio)
• Heat Of The Moment (as made famous by Asia)
• Radar Love (as made famous by White Lion)
• 18 and Life (as made famous by Skid Row)
• Bathroom Wall (as made famous by Faster Pussycat)
• Lonely is the Night (as made famous by Billy Squier)
• Nothing But a Good Time (as made famous by Poison)
• Play With Me (as made famous by Extreme)
• Shaken (as made famous by Eddie Money)
• Synchronicity II (as made famous by The Police)
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RT: Episode 100 and other crap

June 30th, 2007
Ok, before we go any further, I feel it important to remind you, Episode 100 of RvB is readily available here. "But Geoff, I've already watched it 24 times" you say! Well, saddle up for number 25. It's also been mentioned that the Season Five...

What They Learned

June 30th, 2007
IGN talked to Frank O'Connor about what Bungie got back from the Halo 3 Beta; it's a decent read. Thanks, boesman.(Louis Wu 12:09:16 UTC)

It’s Raining Elites

June 30th, 2007
Heh - a fun take on an overdone concept. Thanks, Major.Dump.(Louis Wu 12:05:06 UTC)

Halo Wars – Not Dead

June 30th, 2007
Thunder has posted a new Halo Wars Update - there's not a lot of new info there, but there IS a promise of more to come in a week or two. Thanks to Mike Smith for letting us know.(Louis Wu 12:03:50 UTC)


June 30th, 2007
The iPhone was available to the public yesterday - Mister Froggy took a look at the economics of the phenomenon in Halo, Articulated #51.(Louis Wu 11:54:00 UTC)

Spartan PMS Jokes

June 30th, 2007
Sane Intolerant pointed out another pair of Halo Toy Box strips (1 | 2) - humor seems to be going downhill.(Louis Wu 11:51:02 UTC)

Veins of Ice and Poison. A convenient Matrix. For now. AReflex dead. Update 9.

June 30th, 2007

Two new forum posts at from the Adjutant Reflex account.

In a new thread titled "Veins of Ice and Poison", one post and one reply from the Adjutant Reflex account has been made:


|n|n|nROGUE PROCESS ghost.713>
  X.XX.713> POS/NAV < @ > <53LPH54.6JG62.1740><1………>
  I do not require charity or alms
  But I did choose poverty
  And other darkness too
  Will you wait for me?


Adjutant Reflex is ended. This is a convenient Matrix. For now.

So we have more cryptic messages from MSBungie. What in the world do they mean?

Parting note: Two major entertainment events are happening in the next few weeks - summer movies and E3.

Next week marks the busiest movie week of the summer. Could we see a HALO trailer before the Transformers movie next week? I Love Bees was kicked off with a HALO 2 trailer before the movie I, Robot which opened in July of 2004. However, I just don't think we'll see something at the movies. E3 is coming up.

E3 starts July 11th. All eyes will be on the video game industry that week. New games will be announced. We will likely see HALO Wars multimedia. Will we see any presence of the Iris ARG at E3? I would be surprised if we didn't. Microsoft will have a presense. A HALO property will have a presence.

OMG I almost forgot event: Marvel is releasing HALO Uprising - a new comic book series. What a great way to reach the ARG fans! We've already seen an online comic. Will we see something hidden on a page of the HALO Uprising comic?


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Looking for steaming logs

June 30th, 2007
Frankie's written up the latest Bungie Weekly Update, and it's a combination of tantalizing tidbits and facets of frustration. TELL US MORE, you'll scream. OMG IS IT SEPTEMBER YET? you'll demand. And WOWZERS YOU HAVE A 71 TERABYTE DRIVE CAN I HAVE IT? you'll whine. (Of course you won't. Who wants a 71 terabyte drive? How on earth could you download enough porn to fill that?) Go read. AND HEY! MISTER CHIEF IS BACK! (He's in our Weekly Update Archive, too.)(Louis Wu 01:36:24 UTC)

Bungie Weekly Update: 06/29/07

June 30th, 2007
More terrabytes than you can shake a stick at. Where has Mister Chief been? And a mode one dood called "the greatest ever," in multiplayer.

Fishy Trip Mine.

June 29th, 2007
BOLL's third guest One One Se7en goes up today... all I can say is, give it a few seconds to sink in.(Louis Wu 12:00:17 UTC)

Multiverse, in High Res

June 29th, 2007
We'll be posting the full collection of Zune Giveaway finalists in the not-too-distant future... but Jamie98s has released a high-res version of his 'Multiverse' vid over at GamingTV - check it out!(Louis Wu 11:55:38 UTC)

Friday’s Fan Fiction

June 29th, 2007
Just a small batch of Fan Fiction this week - only 6 pieces. Get 'em read!(Louis Wu 11:53:16 UTC)

Halo as art

June 29th, 2007
Zerowind117 took a lot of inspiration from Halo this past year in his Practical Design class - check out this forum post for some of his projects!(Louis Wu 11:36:16 UTC)

Adjutant Reflex lives! Makes post at Update 8.

June 29th, 2007

For the first time since June 19th, Adjutant Reflex has made a forum post. Over a the following was posted:

A pulse

Can you feel it?
Beating at the heart of the Universe.
Skin too thick to be sure.
It's alive though.
I'm certain.
What do I do with life?

The post was made at 06.28.2007 10:17 PM PDT. Adjutant Reflex's avatar has not changed.

Was this Adjutant Reflex who previously had been overtaken by some entity? Perhaps AR is back to guide us to the next guide.

Microsoft's HALO 3 marketing campaign known as Iris has been idle for over a week now. Perhaps this posting by AR is a sign of things to come sooner rather than later.


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on the back burner: Catan, Guitar Hero II, HALO 2 (PC)
Shadowrun rocks!

Playing with that thing he likes

June 29th, 2007
The most recent 'Humpday' Challenge at Bungie was played against a pair of guys who work on the TrueSkill ranking system - it was sort of a pickup match, and Bungie won it handily. (I think they like this "we can only play Humpday matches against internal people for the time being" stuff, because right now, they're better than the competition. I'm wondering how whiny the tone's gonna get when they're playing against community members again, and having their collective butts handed to them on a regular basis.) There's also some smack talk about Luke's old employers, and how they couldn't stand the heat... thanks, MasterChief2829.(Louis Wu 11:24:34 UTC)

GamesRadar talks to Sketch

June 29th, 2007
GamesRadar has posted a new Halo 3 Q&A - it's an interview with Brian Jarrard about what the Beta did for Bungie, and how it played out in general. The tricking community should take note of this comment:

There were definitely some areas that fans managed to reach that our designers either never intended or were aware of but couldn't fix in time for the beta. The final game will not allow people to get outside of the map or break the way the game is meant to be played.

Man... that sure sounds like a challenge to me! Thanks, MasterChief2829.(Louis Wu 11:14:21 UTC)

Humpday Challenge: Cowardice and TrueSkill

June 29th, 2007
Team EGM is in the house this week for the Humpday; but they pulled up lame. Thankfully, the folks from TrueSkill were willing to oblige.

Release date for Halo: Uprising #3

June 28th, 2007
While attempting to answer a forum question, I came across a page we haven't mentioned on Marvel's website; it's a details page for Halo: Uprising #3. There's no new info in the summary (it's roughly the same summary that the first two books had), but it DOES list a release date of September 26, which tells you that the comic series will NOT be finished before Halo 3 hits the shelves.(Louis Wu 22:36:34 UTC)