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Weekly updates in FRENCH, too

February 29th, 2004
Eclarap points out that not only can you get the updates in German, as we mentioned earlier today, but in French, too - just stop by Halo-Game and see what they've got!

Bullet Time, almost

February 29th, 2004
DocOctavius continues his rendering experimentation with an appropriately named image - 'Action'. I'm lovin' this stuff!

Frankie’s Weekly Update – in German

February 29th, 2004
Stefan, from Halo Orbit, has pointed out that you can now read Frankie's Weekly Bungie Updates in German, if you so desire - and they're fully searchable, as well. Visit the archive for more details!

Lost in Translation…

February 29th, 2004 updated their EchoFourNineteen comic series (check the downloads section) with a new strip on Friday - but we didn't notice. (Thanks, snowy_duck, for pointing it out.) Interesting perspective on the Jackal language...

The end of something great?

February 29th, 2004
Ouch. Subnova has run out of money... it doesn't look like it can afford to offer the services to the community that it's been offering. (If you weren't aware, roughly half of HBO's pages have been running on Subnova servers for the past month or so.) We're going to do our best to keep this from affecting the HBO day-to-day running... but the bottom line is, it's expensive to run a not-for-profit website... and not everyone has bottomless pockets. (Not everyone has my aversion to donations, either - if you're feeling generous, there's a donate link in Subnova's sidebar.) We're gonna miss you guys!

Toilet Humour

February 29th, 2004
Stuntmutt, never one to be right there on top of the day's events, has written a Sunday Strip for One One Se7en that looks at... well, last week's Weekly Bungie Update. You can never sink too low, it seems. There's always another rung down.

Homelan Strikes First

February 29th, 2004
HomelanFed recently interviewed the First Strike mod team about their work - the result is an interesting read. How they got started, what their mod will cover, what we might be seeing in the future... check it out!

Nice lines, baby

February 28th, 2004
Wow - now THAT'S a slick-looking Warthog. quaglinoman, over at the Halomods forums, has posted a TRON-inspired warthog (the original movie, not the recent game) - and it looks great. Check it out! (Thanks to TURBO for the heads-up.)

Goodbye, CN

February 28th, 2004
John Kedrowski pointed out the sad news that CobaltNova is hanging it up. No more Halo for Emil... he's closing the doors.

The Weapon of Choice in Halo 2?

February 28th, 2004
Stuntmutt has provided the world with a bonus movie today - it weighs in at 552k, and it shows off what might just be the most powerful weapon we'll see against certain enemies. Check out Pump Action!

IRC aid for mIRC users

February 28th, 2004
Our Homelan-sponsored IRC channel has become its own little community - something that many realized would happen. It's a place for forum regulars and irregulars alike, along with visitors from other sites and the odd (and I do mean odd) Bungie employee to come and hang out; in general, it's a friendly place. We had a problem a little while ago with a rather persistent troll, and the result was that we muted the channel; in order to speak, you have to be 'voiced'. Setting people up for automatic voice (given by the channel server as you enter the channel) is easy to do - but requires that your nickname is registered. (There's information on how to do this on our IRC Info page.) This is all well and good... but it turns out that many IRC clients neglect to 'Identify' the user automatically - so the server isn't sure it's really you, and the autovoice doesn't work. One of the worst offenders is mIRC, a popular Windows-based client. Setting up Auto-Identify is a bit obscure - so Nick has gone ahead and made a short video (1.8 mb) showing how to do it. If you use mIRC, and you're tired of pestering channel operators for voice so that you can speak... check this out!

If You Want Something Done Right… Kill Cortana First

February 28th, 2004
And because too what fun is text without pictures, we have today's Guest One One Se7en - Jillybean threatens to take over the place. After that last post, i've half a mind to let her.

My eyes are burning.

February 28th, 2004
Geez - you don't update Fan Fiction for a few days, and suddenly you've got 29 entries to post.

Gah - I hope that's the last of it for the weekend... luckily, you've got two days to read all this. In the future, I'd appreciate it if folks would keep their handles to a minimum - post by your real name, or post by a nickname... but don't post by both, it makes a total mess of my front page. Thanks!

The Modeling Continues

February 28th, 2004
I missed the "Bushwacker" yesterday - I hope this doesn't kill Revenant_SP001's Tripod account. (If it does, I grabbed a copy - let us know.)

Having Fun with the Chaingun

February 28th, 2004
Today's REAL Bungie Weekly Update is over at TeamXbox - and it's a doozy. Halo 2 PIC! Okay... it's just a prototype of the Joyride action figure... but it's way cool-looking. There's also lots of info about the week's progress; ambient life, new control schemes, lightmaps, you name it. Go read!

On Top of Old Gephy, all covered with…

February 27th, 2004
Devin Olsen posted a note about a movie he and Goatrope made - getting to the top of Gephyrophobia. There are three mirrors for the 7 mb, 1-minute DivX-encoded film listed in the forum post. Take a look!

Hot Buttered Lugnuts!

February 27th, 2004
Episode 25 of Red vs Blue's Blood Gulch Chronicles has been posted for sponsors. It's a monster - 4:48 of hilarity. They just keep getting better and better. Thanks, Ross.

Fake Updates Aren’t Much Fun

February 27th, 2004
Whoa. WAY ahead of schedule, Frankie has posted this week's Bungie Update over at the IGN forums. Info on the upcoming web overhaul, voice chat, new multiplayer options, and (w00t!) final Halo 2 box art - what more do you want? Go read. (Thanks for the heads-up, Obie!) Update: I should have known it was posted too early - sorry, folks, this was a fake. Bad news for everyone, now - folks are gonna be suspicious of EVERY update from here on in.

Would you like to dance?

February 27th, 2004
More rendering from DocOctavius - this time, it's our friend the Elite. I like it!


February 27th, 2004 is stating that testing is going on for the Halo Editing Kit, and that 'things have progressed'. If we hear more, we'll be sure to pass it on!