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Halo: First Base

November 30th, 2003
Not long ago, it became clear that the submissions for One One Se7en were quickly outstripping our chance of hosting them in a reasonable timeframe, and the Archive was born. (Next week's Archive update already has nearly 30 strips in it.) It took much of the pressure off the Guest queue... but Stuntmutt hasn't been allowing that queue to shrink; he's added a Holiday category (Thursday's Guest strip was postponed for a Thanksgiving strip) and he's been pretty consistent with the Sunday strips (there's one today, in fact), bumping the Guest strips patiently waiting for that Sunday slot. Yes, his commentary is right on the money. Yes, he's more consistent at making you laugh than the guest strips are. Yes, yes, yes, it's true that many Guest strip creators simply cut and paste from Stuntmutt's artwork. But what is One One Se7en all about, anyway? Isn't it about empowering average joes to create a piece of a highly successful comic? Shouldn't Stuntmutt realize that it's not about him? Should there be a vote to remove the regular strip altogether, replacing it with Guest strips, to give joe sixpack a fighting chance? Well, while you're thinking about the answers to these questions, go read today's Sunday strip. And please, please, PLEASE... don't try these lines yourselves in a bar.

Two weeks…

November 29th, 2003
Wonga. Now that the DVDs are done, Red vs Blue is back at work; filming on season 2 has begun, and they're shooting for a mid-December release of episode 20. (They're also hoping to have another Public Service Announcement between now and then.) Thanks to Ross Mills for the heads-up.

Saturday Stories

November 29th, 2003
18 stories for you since the last Fan Fiction update (36 hours ago):

Seems like it's speeding up, if anything...

Carol of the Marines

November 29th, 2003
Ross Mills has whipped up a short Christmas-themed film for you; only 26 shopping days left! Timing's nice, though it would have been more impressive had there been no need to manipulate pitch... it's 1:21 long, and available in both WMP9 and QT formats (4.8 mb each, you choose). Don't hate him for the suffering he's caused... think of the artistic value. Update: DOH! I thought this was a remake of 'Carol of the BOBs', an older Marathon-based piece... it wasn't. It actually USED Carol of the BOBs as the soundtrack. My bad. (Sorry, Jester!)

Halo Elites Recruiting

November 29th, 2003
A couple of members of the Halo Elites wrote to say that their clan website is now online, and they're looking for new members. Check it out!

Weapons Upgrade

November 29th, 2003
In today's Guest One One Se7en strip, Stumanji looks at possible Covenant counterattacks to the new Mark VI armor and weapons. Ouch!

Micro Assault WHAT?

November 28th, 2003
NINJ4 posted a funny little animated gif earlier today... I can't say I haven't wished I'd had one of these... (The image is now local, to keep from crushing his connection.)

A tribute, eh?

November 28th, 2003
Hehe - the Story page boys get a nod from today, with the latest installment of echofournineteen, their ongoing comic. (Check the Downloads section.) Thanks, Madda Cheeb.

Mod info at

November 28th, 2003
progamerz points out that over at, there is quite a bit of info about making Halo PC maps and mods. (He also pointed out, a mod site with a pretty cool-looking map in progress called Cliffhanger.) Look around!

Red Army Clan recruiting

November 28th, 2003
This came in a few days ago, too - we're slipping. Efighter wrote to point out that The Red Army Clan for Halo is currently recruiting. Drop by their forum if you're interested.

Roasted Turkey

November 28th, 2003
DOH! mrsmiley stepped in and created a Thanksgiving-themed Halo Babies when Gruntsbane had family obligations... we missed it because we took yesterday off. Take a look!

Project Halo – A Strategy Game

November 28th, 2003
Dang - posted a few days ago, I forgot to get back to it. SanchezTheLlama put out a request on our forum for developers who want to help out in an open source project - a strategy game based on Halo. There's an out-of-date website up at, and more information within the linked forum thread (read all the way through).

Discount Halo

November 28th, 2003
Thanks to Jamirus99 and Geeoff, who both pointed out that Best Buys across America today will be selling Xbox Halo for $17.99 between 6 am and noon. This after-Thanksgiving sale is the perfect time for those of you in the US to buy that spare copy!

The Food Of Love

November 28th, 2003
In today's One One Se7en, Stuntmutt points out some of the advantages that the Mac MC has over the PC MC. (Note that Macsoft will honor no promises made by a comic strip on a fansite.)

Rush Hour

November 28th, 2003
The PoA is a tad bigger than it might look - certainly bigger than Halo: Resolution noobs can grasp.

HBO HPC list now on a page

November 28th, 2003
Yesterday, DaChameleon sent a note to our forum announcing a HBO/HPC nickname list. You can use this to learn the HPC handles (and in some cases, the real names) of your favorite HBO forum regulars. (This was originally put together by Ben Roth, and posted on our forum. This version now has a permanent home.)

That’s just too many words.

November 28th, 2003
The guests have gone, the cleanup is mostly finished, and I came down to look at the Fan Fiction queue, knowing that the last time I did so was 3 days ago. Gah... 35 new pieces! (And that's after rejecting the ones that shouldn't have been submitted...)

I guess you've got some reading to go with your digesting, this evening.

The Other Other White Meat

November 27th, 2003
We're gonna take most of the Thanksgiving holiday off; lots of family, Halo can wait. Before we go, though - here's a Thanksgiving strip from Stuntmutt, to fill in today's One One Se7en quota. Enjoy!

Okay, okay, I give.

November 26th, 2003
It was discussed so many times on our forum, I didn't really notice that it didn't make our front page... but I want the flood of email to stop, so hear ye, hear ye, be it known that the Red vs Blue Season 1 DVD is now on sale over at Now can I go back to sleep?

They came…

November 26th, 2003
The mini action figures ordered from The Bungie Store a while back arrived today. Maybe, one of these days, I'll actually have time to set up something fun with them. You never know...