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A synergy of subtleties

October 31st, 2003 has put up a pretty massive article called 'The Making of... Halo'. It's a fascinating look behind the scenes - what made it in, what didn't, and in some cases, why. This is a web version of the Edge Magazine feature 'The Making of...' - maybe the January 2004 issue (out in the UK in about 3 weeks). Jaime Griesemer talks quite a bit about how some decisions were made, and even Marty O'Donnell gives away a secret or two:

"And that melee attack sound on the back of a Hunter - gabonk? Think watermelon wrapped in tin foil, and a baseball bat."

Fantastic writing, and a great recap of what makes Halo the addictive masterpiece it is. Thanks to Xzzy for the heads-up!

News around the Halo Community

October 31st, 2003
Halo links sent to us in the past few days:

Couple of notes: Black Death Squad has a news item, dated last week, that says that they're using us to host their movies. News to me. Also, the mail about Factor VIII Contingency came in a couple of weeks ago - somehow I missed it completely (it turned up as I was closing windows). And lastly - for all the people who write and ask us why we don't actually ADD these links to the Links page - we're way behind. There are (literally) dozens mentioned in the news that haven't been posted; nobody's taken the time to go through and catalog them. Simple as that.

Gamers Europe says ‘eh’.

October 31st, 2003
Gamers Europe reviewed Halo (8/10). They were pretty unhappy with it ("in terms of a port, this is pretty poor"), but the last sentence left me scratching my head:

It's hard to recommend if you've not played it before, but if you haven't then in the name of God jump on the bandwagon while you can.

Um... what? Snagged off Blue's News (thanks, Ash). Update: Mark Murphy writes to say that that wording was a mistake; it's been adjusted to be coherent. (It's now consistent with the rest of the review, as well.)

Trick, Then.

October 31st, 2003
Proving once again that corn monopoly is NOT to be muscled in on, Stuntmutt serves up a Halloween-related One One Se7en for you. (Personally, I was waiting for the 'ouch'.)

You Mean Puns AREN’T Illegal?

October 31st, 2003
Seems Halo: Resolution is trying to muscle in on Stuntmutt's corn monopoly. Hmmm...

Now THAT’S fast.

October 31st, 2003
A couple of weeks ago, nukedude was playing around with a mod BOLL had created, one that allowed super speeds. (BOLL had made his own Xbox vid a couple of months ago, on Blood Gulch, with no sound... but after HPC came out, folks discovered that Death Island provided some unique jumping opportunities.) nukedude's vid is called 'SuperSpeed' - ever see a tank do a wheelie? (Would you call it a treadie?) It's 5:14 long, 30.2 mb, and recorded in DivX format. You can find it on Nukedude's site - and we've put a mirror up at Mythica. Take a look!

Brain in a Spoon

October 31st, 2003
To kick off Halloween with a bang, we've got Jillybean's 'An HBO Halloween' in our Fan Fiction section. Check it out... it's full of forum regulars. I will say, in my own defense, that I have never, ever, worn a tutu. Except that once.

Lots to read

October 30th, 2003
15 stories for you today in the Fan Fiction section:

Submitters: please be careful; apparently the script will allow you to submit stories over 64k in size, which will bring down the server when I try and approve them. I'll be on the lookout for this in the future, but it would be easier if you simply broke your stories up when they're that big. Thanks! Alert list set up

October 30th, 2003
Some time ago, Deimos Fawkes, over at Subnova, set up a small private monitoring service to notify a few people when posted new content. (Vengeance, a Subnova server, simply watched, and sent out mail - basically a list of headlines - whenever it detected a change.) Yesterday, Ross Mills asked whether this list could be widened - so we've set up a simple mailing list that anyone can subscribe to to get this information. Again - if you subscribe, you'll be notified within 5 minutes of a change in status at (This means you'll also get mail when goes down.) This does NOT tell you if there's new HBO news, or what the weather is, or ANYTHING else, other than that has been updated. If this interests you, send mail to with a body that reads 'subscribe bnetalerts' (the link should already do that for you). And if you run into trouble - please let us know. (And if you see Deimos around, thank him!)

Scavenger Hunt: mired in the details

October 30th, 2003
Got a grunty thirst for a trinket? Try buying a clue.

Local version of chat log now up

October 30th, 2003
Busy morning, but I've finally gotten around to formatting our own copy of the CPL chat last night. (Hehe - I had to go back to this one to remember some formatting I'd used before...) I realize there are half-a-dozen other versions out there, but my long-term experience says that if it's not local, it's not available after a while.

Part 3 of the Bungie Fanfest Documentary released

October 30th, 2003
There's a report up on about part 3 of the Bungie Fanfest Documentary; this episode looks at the Halo 2 trailer, and the fun surrounding it. As has been the case, you can find 320x240 versions on (linked in that article), or higher-res versions here:

Older episodes are linked in this post.

HBO-COERCE comes online

October 30th, 2003
C.O.E.R.C.E. (an organization formed last summer to help alleviate HBO's movie bandwidth woes) has now put another Halo PC server online - and we're honored that its name is 'HBO-COERCE'. You can find server password and Ventrilo password listed in this forum post, and the current map rotation (though that's subject to change) in this forum post. Given that there are now three HBO servers, I've opened the GameDaemons one (removed the password protection). You now have three HBO-branded servers to choose from - two of which are GameDaemons boxes. Enjoy!

Wow, I like that.

October 30th, 2003
Interesting sketch on the Bungie webcam right now - archived here in case it changes before you read this.

Halo Reviews

October 30th, 2003
A couple more reviews for you - Hatekill loved the AI, thought the graphics were too simple, Gametactics thought the 2-gun limit was bogus. Also, Gamestar Magazine (in Germany) reviewed the game, and gave it an 87% (though they're running a silly petition to get Gearbox to add coop play - as though Gearbox wasn't ALREADY doing their damnedest to add it). Thanks, Shacknews, Blue's News, and Uriel.Update: Malcolm Owen, the author of the GameTactics review, writes to correct my interpretation of his opinion on the 2-weapon system.

[...] I meant it as in it is an interesting game ruling which forces the player to think and work out which weapon outweighs what depending on their circumstances.

Sorry about that; his biggest complaint is actually that the game isn't as impressive as it would have been a year ago.

CPL talks to Randy Pitchford

October 30th, 2003
CPL has posted an interview with Randy Pitchford - it's pretty focused on league gaming (suprise, surprise), but has some really intriguing info in it. Like this question:

Will HaloPC support demo-recording/playback functions?

Randy : A multiplayer demo recording function is in development at Gearbox. We hope to be rolling this out in time for the winter CPL event as it will happen automatically with some of the changes to allow modification of the game that are happening soon. We must allow the possibility that it won't be available then, though. Our priorities have shifted a lot since launch because our number one priority is responding to the needs of our customers.

Woohoo! Go read the rest. Found this at Blue's News, thanks, Ash.

The Warbow?

October 30th, 2003
Today's Guest One One Se7en was drawn by Warbow, and looks at a pretty cool design created by another forum regular, Roger Wilco. Makes a good point, though.

CPL Chat posted around the net

October 30th, 2003
A number of sites have put up transcripts of last night's IRC chat on the #CPL channel of Gamesnet with Gearbox, Bungie, and MS - we haven't had time to format our own yet (I wasn't around last night, but I logged it anyway :) ). In the meantime, you can check out

Some really good info in there! Update: Oops, missed a couple; Ross Mills posted to our own forum! And so did BOLL...

Spam Filtering Restored

October 30th, 2003

The SpamAssassin mail filter is also functioning once again.

Some users may still experience email being blocked from certain servers, but within the next day this should end.

Ticked Mice.

October 29th, 2003
And again. This time it's Finn, working toward the Tag Team knockout of the Halo Story Page mailbag (though the first post of the day is mnemesis') - more stuff than you can shake a Forerunner at. (Can you even SHAKE Forerunners? I mean, given the doors on Halo, they must be pretty big, right? Or was that just so their trapezoidal cars could get in? No, that couldn't be it...) Anyway, go read. (And oh, yeah, the fixed content at the top of the subpages has been updated, as well. That Finn... he's a funny guy. (I think Stuntmutt was looking for more corn material...) )