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And Logos…

March 31st, 2003
After a long time with no submissions, the Logos section gets another entry. We've also put up a layered Combat Evolved document (photoshop format, 1.1 mb, zipped) that appeared on the web - in a much larger size - for a short time about 18 months ago. If you want to make your own Halo logos (i.e. without the word 'Halo'), this is the puppy you need.

More pictures, even.

March 31st, 2003
Next up in the 'clearing the queue' game... 6 art pieces for our Miscellaneous Art collection. Everything from Zelda/Halo crossovers to armed school invasions. Check 'em out!

Halo Cheats made easier – no modding required.

March 31st, 2003
Wow. I wonder if this really has a market? A company called CodeJunkies has created a product called ActionReplay, a $39.99 package (£19.99 in the UK) that uses a specially-modified 8 MB memory card to move saved games from your PC to your Xbox and back. (The package comes with 'powersaves' - saved games from critical points in Halo, and other games.) More details can be found in a writeup at XBOX365, which was pointed out to us in our forum by Tomass.

Halo PC Strategy Guide details

March 31st, 2003
Nice find by Eclarap - looks like the Official Strategy Guide for the PC version of Halo is being done by Sybex (the Xbox version was done by Prima), and it should be released on June 15, 2003. According to the listing for it,

The PC product refines and improves upon the Xbox version -- which many consider the "best first-person shooter ever" (EGM) -- with greatly enhanced multiplayer capabilities and new weapons and vehicles.

Wonga... should be nice to get hold of this!

Pictures for your desktop

March 31st, 2003
Gonna try and clear out the art queue today. First up: desktop images. We've got 7 for you - you'll find 'em in the Wallpaper section.

Even more stories

March 31st, 2003
Fan Fiction from the weekend:

Don't forget - stories without titles simply cannot be approved. (There's nothing to link to...)

GURPS cover – now mostly readable

March 31st, 2003
Both 2 and 2 make 5, over at Subnova, and Doggone, on our own forum, have cleaned up the recently unearthed (but damaged) front cover for GURPS Halo. Check the pics out, and speculate away!

Another new site… sort of

March 30th, 2003
Oops, forgot this one - Sector7, which opened a while back, then died, is back online. Or... at least, it's supposed to be. (All I get is a flash animation of the title...)

Doughmainename comes online

March 30th, 2003
guy who doesn't post... too often wanted to point out his Halo site. Take a look.

Dead Rabbits summary number 1 (with pics)

March 30th, 2003
Team Overkill is the first to post a summary of the Dead Rabbits event that happened here at HBO Headquarters yesterday. (They won't be the last, I don't think...) It's a good read, and covers the spirit of the day pretty well. I'll say it was an honor to be killed so many times by these guys... (Thanks to E.S. for the heads-up.)

Combat Resurrected

March 30th, 2003
Hehe - nice pickup by oddworld - this week's Photoshop Phriday at Something Awful contains a pretty nice Halo parody. Check it out!

Quick Wrap-up… and GURPS news

March 30th, 2003
Another day... another lanfest in the past. Apologies for the sparse updating yesterday, but there were 26 Halo fanatics here yesterday, from as far south as mid-New Jersey and as far north as the Massachusetts/New Hampshire border... 5 states were represented, and the carnage was nonstop. Mostly the games were just for the heck of it, but we did have one 2v2 Team Slayer tournament running during the fest. Congrats to the winners, Geeoff and Tom! Back on the Halo news front, Subnova has received a damaged, but readable, image of a proof of the cover of the Halo GURPS manual. Curiouser and curiouser...

A day to play…

March 29th, 2003
News will be sparse today... Dead Rabbits kicks off in less than 2 hours. 30 Halo fanatics, all crammed into my house, shooting each other and making the dogs crazy. Should be fun!


March 29th, 2003
Seven new stories for you in the Fan Fiction section:

Go read 'em!

LSW now online

March 29th, 2003
StarWarsFanMan points out that his new movie project, 'Halo: Large Scale Warfare', is now online at The Green Marines. Check it out... he's looking for feedback!

More Web Comics (old ones this time)

March 28th, 2003
Hehe - Cybrfrk found a pair of web comics from last year that everyone here seems to have missed. Check out TrueNuff for January 9, 2002, followed by January 11, 2002. Now THERES a Halo fan. :)

It is insidious and elegant.

March 28th, 2003
Finn, in a frightening display of work ethic (and not a little cruelty, leaving mnemesis with nothing to do), has updated the Halo Story page with a mind-numbingly large array of speculations, comments, and pictures from the peanut gallery. If you're even slightly interested in the Halo storyline, you'll want to read this.

Friday Reading

March 28th, 2003
Fan Fiction submissions in the past day or so:


Brute Force Companion DVD details emerge

March 28th, 2003
Thanks to the literally dozens of folks who pointed out the article at IGN Xbox listing the actual details of the Brute Force Companion DVD Set. The first word of this actually came from Dan Chosich, on our forum - and in response to some speculation of mine, Matt Soell confirmed that there's nothing in this set that you can't already get on the net.


March 27th, 2003
Interesting. Looks like poena.dare came into posession of an interesting Bungie webcam shot recently... details are over at Bungie Sightings. Thanks to Ross Mills for the heads-up. (Shame on you, pd, for not letting us know!)