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Wow, that’s big.

December 31st, 2002
A simply MASSIVE new logo from X - in our Logos section.

Very nice.

December 31st, 2002
Heh. We're flattered. :)

HBO XBL Gamertag list gets an upgrade

December 31st, 2002
Two months ago, forum regular Tarrsk set up a list of HBO forumgoers and their Xbox Live gamertags, so that people could find friends to play with. Recently, that list moved here, to HBO. Now, it's become quite a bit more automated. The list keeps track of which XBL games you play, and you have full access to your own entry, so that you can add and remove games as you buy new ones or get tired of old ones. All existing entries have been moved to the new system, and assigned random passwords. None of these, of course, have games associated with them, because that information wasn't collected the first time around. If you'd like to edit your existing entry, simply visit the list, and follow the 'Edit your existing entry' link at the top of the page. We found email addresses for most existing entries, so you can have your password mailed to you - once you're in, you can change the password to something you can remember. There were about a dozen entries for which we have no email addresses - if you're one of these, you'll need to mail Tarrsk again with your address. (Follow the instructions on the page for details.) You're welcome to set up a new entry, as well - but be advised that these will be screened; spam will be deleted, and spammers will be banned from the system. Hopefully, this new setup will give people more control over who they play games with! If you have any questions about the list itself, please contact Tarrsk. If you have a PROBLEM with the list (something isn't working properly) contact me - I coded it, and any errors are certainly my fault.

Someone at MS is smokin’ funny stuff…

December 31st, 2002
Whoa. Nice find by mnemesis. After seeing all those hardcover copies of The Fall of Reach on the Bungie Webcam, he went looking at Del Rey's online catalog... and the latest iteration of the entry for the next Halo novel is rather intriguing. It's now listed in 3 categories, instead of just two. The older two ('Fiction - Science Fiction' and 'Fiction - Science Fiction - Adventure') have been there for months... but now it's listed in 'Fiction - Movie/TV Tie-In' as well. After all those times Matt's said that there's no Halo movie in the works, it looks like SOMEONE thinks Halo's gonna get SOME screen-time... I'm curious to see how this unfolds.

From Germany to the US and beyond!

December 30th, 2002
Back in September, we posted a piece of Halo fan art that showed an interesting composite submitted by macro werner. Well, its fame is spreading - you can find this picture (unattributed) on page 91 of the February 2003 issue of OXM. (Interestingly enough, the footer of that page says 'February 2001' - maybe they're having some quality control issues.) Thanks to elect5 for the heads-up.

The Fan Music Prototype?

December 30th, 2002
Griffon pointed out that he announced a piece of Halo fan music more than two years ago. (As far as I can tell, this is the FIRST piece of Halo fan music - I'm sorry it's remained buried until now.) You can grab a copy (3.2 mb, mp3 format) from mythica.

Morning Pictures

December 30th, 2002
Matt Purcell asks a momentous question, Katana_701 sketches some weapons based on the Halo assault rifle. You'll find the results in our Miscellaneous Art section.

Stories for a Monday

December 30th, 2002
Fan Fiction from the last day or so:

Go get 'em... Update: oops, missed one. Don't forget to check out Ring Of The Forerunners Part II, by Locke.

Belly of the Beast Remix – now local, too

December 30th, 2002
A couple of days ago, we mentioned a new piece of Halo fan music. We've recently gotten permission from Spiderstyle (the creator) to host a copy here; we've placed it on Mythica's HBO Mirror. It's 3.9 mb, and nicely polished. We'll add comments from the author about the piece as soon as we get them. Hopefully, this will take some of the pressure off, the original host (they still have it available, we're simply mirroring it). Enjoy!

HBO XBL Gamertag list up again

December 29th, 2002
Tarrsk's HBO XBL Gamertag list was updated recently - but he's in a place where he has no access to the website. To help out, we're hosting it here at HBO. Find friends now! (For those who don't know, this is a list of HBO forum regulars, correlating their Xbox Live gamertags to their HBO Forum profiles.)

Halo50k – back up!

December 28th, 2002
dolbex writes to say that the new, improved website is up and running. Check it out!

If you’re really, really bored…

December 28th, 2002
In the December issue of OXM UK, the top 10 plays included a few Halo pieces (as usual). Most were rehashes of standard stuff... but one was something that I haven't really seen filmed before. (This might be because it is so mind-numbingly boring to actually film that nobody wanted to bother... or it might be because it's pretty boring to actually WATCH. Either way, this was the first clip I'd seen like this.) 2 minutes of killing your coop partner, over and over and over again (lots of parts were skipped to keep it from being TOO boring), so that you could drop all the bodies at once. 10 megs to download from Mythica. (You can actually see the end result in a Frogblast movie from many months ago - but in a different context.) Thanks muchly to Griffon, who ripped this for us and sent it along.

More Lego Warthog Stuff

December 28th, 2002
7 months ago, David Karl created a Warthog out of legos. He's at it again... check this out. David sez:

the 'hog has almost been completely digitized, and instructions should be done within a couple weeks. in the mean time, you can try and scrounge up this piece, cuz you'll need four of em. the only set I know of that has these is number 6933, that blacktron six-wheeled thing. either go find one or get ready to improvize with the smallest shocks you can find.

David also points out that the Moden HL server has moved to Looking forward to seeing the final product!

Halo Soundtrack Remix, from the Netherlands

December 28th, 2002
Nadorst points out that there's a Halo remix on the Dutch Xbox site that we've never mentioned before. It's pretty powerful - and rather nicely done. I don't read Dutch, and there doesn't seem to be any way to contact the creator of the piece... but you can download it from either at the above link, or directly from the download page. It's 3.9 mb, in zipped mp3 format. Check it out!

Saturday Stories

December 28th, 2002
3 bits of Fan Fiction for you today...

Gonna be out for most of the rest of the day. Please don't get antsy if you submitted something. Thanks!

One small step for Cortana…

December 28th, 2002
The Master Chief is... where? Check the Miscellaneous Art section.

Blockin’ out the scenery

December 28th, 2002
Signs for our times? (Spoilers - lots of 'em.)

PC Halo info – in German

December 28th, 2002
Randy Pitchford, president of Gearbox, spoke recently at CPL's Winter Event about Halo for PC. (We mentioned this several days ago, referencing the Gamespot article about it.) There was also a summary at The Adrenaline Vault - and Halo Orbit, the German fansite, has translated this into german. Go take a gander if the english version is giving you trouble!

Hoist a Guiness!

December 28th, 2002
The latest issue of the Guiness Book of World Records has given the title of 'Most Advanced Game Console' to the Xbox - and the picture they've chosen to use to illustrate the point is the Master Chief. Not too shabby! (This was posted at - but we received email about 4 hours earlier from md10md.)

Stories for you

December 27th, 2002
Just a couple of Fan Fiction pieces for you this morning:

As much as we'd like to, we cannot accept fiction (or artwork, for that matter) with no Halo influences; we are, after all, a fansite devoted to a particular video game, and not a general host for anything you put together. Thanks!