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Halo Love, Aussie Style

November 30th, 2002
According to Hedgemony, Halo is pushing Xbox sales in Australia STILL, more than a year after release. (Okay, it's only been out for 8 months Down Under... but you know what I mean.) For more details and speculation, check his forum post!

2003 GDC details surface

November 30th, 2002
The 2003 Game Developers Conference is coming up soon (March 4-8, just 4 months away), and there are already at least three Bungie talks scheduled:

(There's another session listed, but it seems to be a duplicate of the last one.) Sounds like there might be some good stuff to hear!

Of Movies and Such

November 30th, 2002
Recently, someone going by the name of ArakniZ has been dropping movies off in our Uploads directory. They're in WMP9 format, so we can't watch them. (There is no player for WMP9 for Macs, and none of the front-page HBO staffers has a PC.) Normally, we'd email this information... but ArakniZ hasn't given us an email address. We cannot post what we cannot watch; anyone who wants a movie posted by us needs to put it in a format we can see. (And we'd really, really, REALLY like email addresses we can contact you at, so that we don't have to waste valuable front-page real estate sending personal messages... you don't want it posted, that's fine, but we'd like to be able to contact you about your work.) I've added this information to the Movies page, as well. All that said, we DO have a new vid for you to watch; Calvin has dropped off a short piece analyzing what makes a movie worth watching. (Please don't take it too seriously.) It's in QuickTime format, is just under 2 minutes long, and weighs in at 6.4 mb. We've put a copy up at (which had another terabyte month for the Halo cause - thanks, Brian!).

Salvation, huh?

November 30th, 2002
MereCatFish drops off a desktop for our Wallpaper collection.

Soon you will be food.

November 29th, 2002
While we Americans filled our bellies, Finn, the Tireless Canadian, updated the Halo Story page. More stuffing than you can shake a fork at!

Turkeys? Not here…

November 29th, 2002
Friday's Fan Fiction:

That clears out the most recent stuff...

The Visual Comments

November 29th, 2002
Submitted artwork over the past couple of days... JangoMaster126 turns in a minimalist Halo 2 case, Mr. Lolly Pop Man composites a nice Halo montage (full of spoilers), and Andrew Katz takes another stab at the Spartan II logo described in the Fall of Reach. You can find all three images in our Miscellaneous Art section.

Project Mjolnir shuts down

November 29th, 2002
Whoa - long break for me. Felt good. :) Back in the saddle, bit in my mouth... Miguel Chavez points out that the guys who were planning to build a Mjolnir Mark VI suit have given up. Bummer... but then, it was a rather ambitious project.

What you DON’T want on your table…

November 28th, 2002
Heh - I had every intention of taking the whole day off... but I came down to check for email from a couple of guests, and I saw this Thanksgiving offering from Doggone. I couldn't pass it up. Enjoy the day, everyone!

Always Read Before Eating

November 28th, 2002
Just a couple of new Fan Fiction pieces for you this evening:

And with that, I'll wish you a Happy Turkey Day, and bid you adeiu for a bit...


November 27th, 2002
Tuesday's Fan Fiction offering:

Some of you may have noticed that there was some confusion with Fafnir chapters 9 and 10 - I managed to overwrite the comments for chapter 9 accidentally. The database has been cleared up, and all the chapters are configured properly again... but those comments are lost forever, apologies. This is the final chapter of the Fafnir series, and there are just 4 more left in the Shadows of Archon II series.


November 27th, 2002
It's a snowy morning here at HBO HQ (there are almost 10 inches on the ground, and it's still coming down) - but the fan submissions continue. A pair of images for you in our Miscellaneous Art collection...

The Dream Team… aptly named

November 26th, 2002
Curious about who won the AGP Tournament that took place last weekend? Wonder no longer - the full scoop can be found over at Bungie's Tru7h and Reconciliation site. HP Darkman, the winner of the Halo National Championship, anchored the winning team... but check out all the details!

Clearing out the backlog – again

November 26th, 2002
In a perfect world, new items we mention on our news page would be added to the various subsections of the site as we get them. In real life, though, I neglect to actually make those secondary additions until someone complains that they can't find some relatively new item. The Miscellaneous section and the Movies section have both been brought up-to-date, with more than half-a-dozen new entries from the past couple of weeks. I'll try and do better.

Screens and more

November 26th, 2002
Last week, Bungie posted an article on the Tru7h and Reconciliation website called 'Designing for Carnage', which looked at 3 multiplayer maps and how they were developed. We've added the 15 images (screenshots, 3D Studio Max views, and sketches) to our Screenshots database. For posterity, and all that.

Hate that loser table…

November 26th, 2002
Stosh is really turning 'em out... the third 'blam' comic was sent to us recently. You'll find it in our Miscellaneous Art section. (There are some comments about it on Stosh's Blam website.)

Lightning Speed

November 26th, 2002
A couple of weeks ago, a suggestion came up that it might be fun to see how fast folks could run through the various levels of Halo. Travis Cossel, Halo moviemaker, has taken up the challenge - and has created a Seventh Column chapter devoted to the cause. Visit Halo@LightningSpeed and check up on the rules... and then get to taping!

Starry Starry Cartographer

November 26th, 2002
Team Overkill drops off a Van Gogh-ized version of a Halo screenshot for our Miscellaneous Art collection. (It pulled an 'A' in the class it was turned in for.)

Less email, not more – really

November 26th, 2002
A few days ago, Blackstar updated his 'Halo: The Movie Q & A' with some additional information about international folks and assorted sundries. Please, read it and stop emailing him. :) (Thanks to Phoenix155 for the heads-up.)

Start the week reading

November 25th, 2002
Monday's Fan Fiction allotment:

The Jump, Part II is dedicated to the author's friend Ken, who died recently in a car accident. Our sympathies... Update - oops, forgot one; Cameron Eades' Halo: Combat Evolved, chapter 2. Sorry about that!