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More than just webcam fun

October 31st, 2002
Bungie's hiring again... this time, they're looking for a Community Development Manager. Responsibilities, requirements, and general info can be found on oh, how I wish I lived near Seattle sometimes.

Winter Season Promo Mirror

October 31st, 2002
A European mirror for the Halo Winter Season promo mentioned yesterday has come online - thanks again to GJ of Fantazm!

True, True

October 31st, 2002
Halo in your local pub? Narcogen, of, found an interesting article describing a new marketing deal between Microsoft and Anheuser-Busch which will get Xboxes into bars. Promotional schwag, including Xboxes, will be given away during the initial phase. Nice!

Mighty Cool

October 31st, 2002
In the midst of the forum madness of the last couple of days, Lorraine Reyes-McLees dropped by with an update on Eagan (misspelled the last time we mentioned him) - sounds like everyone's doing well! (We want sketches, Lorraine!)

Trick or Treat…

October 31st, 2002
Strykerwolf created a pretty cool image for Halo-ween... we've shamelessly stolen it for use here on this page. (You can see the original on our forum.) Strykerwolf - if this thievery is not acceptable, we'll yank it... but it was just too cool not to use.

Deluge of Dramas

October 30th, 2002
Lots of Fan Fiction today...

See what you can read (and comment on) before the next wave.

Halo Winter Season promo

October 30th, 2002
Whoa. Can't remember the last time we did this, but hey, exigent circumstances, and all... Travis Cossel, quickly making a name for himself in the Halo Video scene, has put together a promo film for the iGames Halo Winter Season - you can grab a copy (6.3 mb, 1:22 long, QT 5 format) over at our Mythica mirror space, or from the hotline server, or from HBO's overflow space. (This, too, we'd be happy to offer mirrors for... if you've got the space, let us know.)

Don’t try this at home

October 30th, 2002
On October 25th, jackass the movie opened in theaters. Within three days, we'd received two submissions parodying this film. Our limited bandwidth resources required that we choose one... Kevin Kranzky has created a 6:45, 32.5 mb film that looks at stupid Halo stunts. Some of it's hilarious, some of it is kind of silly... but then, I'd guess that can be said about the MTv film, as well, right? It's currently being hosted by and the hotline server, but it's a big'un, so if you've got space, and would like to help out, let us know! Update: CYBRFRK has put a copy up at Cybrfrk'n. Thanks! Update 2: GJ has supplied another mirror, courtesy of Fantazm. Woohoo! (This one's in Europe.) Full mirror list coming at some point.

iGames posts tournament rules

October 30th, 2002
iGames has posted the tournament rules for the Halo Winter Season; if you're interested in competing in this national event (the first qualifiers are this weekend), check out this page! Thanks to Team Overkill for the heads-up.

The H Boys…

October 29th, 2002
Tuesday's Fan Fiction:

Have at 'em...

Halo Electronica

October 29th, 2002
SilverBrin****, of The Psyjnir Complex, has created another piece of Halo fan music. In SB's words:

Think Halo meets Oni... If the Master Chief and Konoko were out clubbing, you might hear this....then again mb not not :(.

It's interesting. I have trouble hearing the Halo influences in places... but you should check it out for yourself! Just under 3 megs, in MP3 format. And yes, this means I'm gonna get off my butt and set up a Fan Music section to this site... Soonâ„¢.

Blame Canada

October 29th, 2002
Game Nation has interviewed Xbox Canada's marketing manager, Ryan Mugford. There are some interesting numbers in there; Canada has the highest percentage of Xbox gamers in the world (30.1% of their home console market), the highest percentage of Halo purchasers, and a ridiculously high percentage of people with access to broadband (80% of Xbox owners have it). Now, except for the silliness about Halo coming to the Gameboy Advance (I must say, a large chunk of Mugford's credibility went out the window when I read that portion of the interview), there's some good info in there; don't mind the uncertainty in the Halo 2 release dates, pay attention to the Xbox Live info (and the Canadian stats in general). Thanks to Harry Al-Shakarchi for the heads-up.

A light in the sea of darkness

October 29th, 2002
Hojjen drops off a big, bright desktop for our Wallpaper section. Take a look...

What happened to Faircloth?

October 29th, 2002
Bizarre pair of Miscellaneous Art submissions tonight. (For what it's worth, the creator of the first one has nothing to do with me, and I probably wouldn't have posted the second one if I hadn't been so amused by goings-on on the forum this evening.)

Monday’s Reading

October 28th, 2002
Better late than never... today's Fan Fiction offerings:

Apparently, the comments abuse is getting worse. A forum thread has been started to get votes from people interested (one way or the other) in the continued existence of the Comments section - be sure to chime in soon.

Sunday’s reading

October 27th, 2002
Weekend Fan Fiction:

A word of advice to fan fic writers: If you decide to use a font that 95% of your readers do not have access to (like, say, Tengwar Sindarin), be sure to submit any text in that font in GRAPHIC format (take a screenshot, save as a gif). This is the first and last time I'm going to be downloading fonts to do this for writers; in the future, any text that comes in in a totally random font will be displayed in the default font (which will, I promise, make it look really stupid).

Fear and Wonder

October 27th, 2002
We received another movie from Jiberish Halo Productions. This one's called 'Fear and Wonder, and it's a 3:21 long, 13.8 mb gameplay film. There are some great moments in this film (the dismount/mount at 0:40 is fantastic), but I'd like to make something clear... this movie (and more than a dozen like it that have been submitted by various people in the past couple of weeks) is the kind of movie that we wrote the Posting Guidelines for in the first place. It's pretty cool to watch, it's well made, for the most part... but it really doesn't add anything original to the corpus of Halo movies. :( I'm letting this one through, for a variety of reasons, but I want to make it clear that from this point on, movies like this will NOT be hosted by us (or more accurately, by those that supply our bandwidth) any more. Please don't ask, because I hate saying no. Likely, I'll just point you to this news post. [Movie sidenote: Someone uploaded a movie called 'Red Star's Halo Secrets'. There was a readme attached... but there was NO CONTACT INFORMATION in the readme. The movie is not watchable (either the upload failed midway, or it uses some strange codec I don't have access to), but I have no way of contacting the creator to ask for another copy, or more information. If you're reading this and you know who created this movie, please let us know.]


October 27th, 2002
Pair of desktops for you today. (One was submitted probably as a logo enhancement... but it's wallpaper-sized, so I'm putting it here.) Check our Wallpaper section.

Getchyer Bungie Screens Here!

October 27th, 2002
We've added the three map views from Bungie's recent Team Tournament Strategy Guide to our Screenshots database.

HCC comes online again

October 26th, 2002
Griffon writes to point out that Halo Command Central (a site that has existed in many guises over the years) is live again, in its prettiest format yet, over at There's not much content yet (Just a Weapons page and a Vehicles page, it seems)... but it's open, and content will fill out quickly, he promises. Go check it out!