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Light Reading for Wednesday

July 31st, 2002
Fan Fiction today consists of one installment - Rise To Honor, part 12, by Shadow. Take a look!

More Tricks

July 31st, 2002
The Tricks queue continues to shrink. It's not gone yet (by ANY means)... but it's six tricks lighter. You'll find these six (ranging from simple stunts to pretty cool explorations) in our Gameplay Tricks section. Another few days of this, and they'll ALL be processed. (Until the next one comes in...)

Spread the wealth!

July 31st, 2002 has expanded their forum system to allow forums for each 7th Column chapter - if you have a burning desire to chat with your chapter mates, get to building!

10,000 strong… and growing

July 31st, 2002
The Halo National Tournament just passed 10,000 contestants... wonga. According to Yeroen, that makes this the biggest LAN event ever. :)

Not porn, we promise

July 31st, 2002
Artistic submissions today:

  • CrAzYjOhN911 submitted a VERY large scan of a Halo sketch
  • BOLL submitted a modified screenshot using Swedish candy, inspired by this forum thread

You can find both in our Miscellaneous Art section.

We’re famous!

July 31st, 2002
Heh - The Banners section gets an update... with an HBO banner, no less! Thanks to Mr Bill Jr V for the submission.

Where’s Shel Silverstein when you need him?

July 31st, 2002
I... I... words fail me. (Apologies to Jen Taylor, and smacks around the head and ears for Team Overkill.)

They’re supposed to be FUNNY.

July 31st, 2002
Good lord. (Thanks, mnemesis.)

Stories for Summer

July 30th, 2002
Tuesday's FanFic:

Go get it!

Hold Everything!

July 30th, 2002
Halo sightings crop up in the oddest places... check out Blackstar's latest find.

Halo’s all the (Biz) Buzz

July 30th, 2002
Doh! Tarrsk sent word last night that Halo is back in the news on Gamespy - due to the Halo National Tournament. (Registration for said event, btw, is at 9552 at the moment - closer and closer to 10,000 contestants!) Gamespy sees the large number of contestants as a positive sign that online console gaming has a future. Oh, yeah...

The Albatross’ Left Wing

July 30th, 2002
Finally—FINALLY—the Gameplay Tricks queue gets looked at. No, it's not cleared yet. In fact, most of the stuff that went up has been known for months... but remember, baby steps, right? 10 down, 25 to go. More tomorrow, unless a rock falls on the house. Go look at the ten posted today.

Monsters at Play reviews Halo

July 30th, 2002
Another Halo review has been posted - Monsters at Play, a site aimed at the thinking crowd, has weighed in... and Halo gets another thumbs-up. Give it a read - it's worth it. We've added this to our Reviews database.

New Logo Treatment

July 30th, 2002
Mr Bill Jr V has sent in a Bryce/Photoshop composite honoring a great game, and a great operating system. Check the Logos section.


July 30th, 2002
CrAzYjOhN911 has dropped off a new tidbit of Miscellaneous Art for our collection...

Miscellaneous Art Bonanza!

July 29th, 2002
Ample amounts of artwork came in to our coffers recently - We have the following tidbits for you:

  • A rendered sniper rifle, by nova kog - nice Maya workmanship!
  • A postcard from Halo, by Mr. Bill Jr V - makes me wanna go...
  • New camo outfits for the Halo marines, by Warbow - and if I'm not mistaken, Private Gough has been replaced by Private Warbow...

Visit our Miscellaneous Art section for the goodies!

Monday Musings

July 29th, 2002
The weekend's Fan Fiction offerings:

Go get 'em!

Keyes’ Corner writeup gets an update

July 29th, 2002
At the end of May, a new section opened at HBO - Keyes' Corner. The first (and so far only) installment was an in-depth look at the Unlimited Ammo glitch in Halo... and now, 2 months later, Storm Singer has added another little twist to the whole shebang. He learned that the limits on the UA glitch with respect to vehicles can be circumvented in some cases. Check the writeup for details. And let us know if you come up with innovative uses for this!

Halo Mod for Half-Life

July 29th, 2002
A few weeks ago, n3m noticed a new project over at Planet Half-Life - a mod called 'Incoming'. We neglected to mention it then - but it came up again yesterday. So we're mentioning it. :)

Mythica’s Back!

July 29th, 2002
After a two-week downtime, has returned! 2.7 gigs of movies are back online, and the biggest Halo movie host (by far) has returned to serve up the goodness. Try not to crush it in your haste to grab whatever you were missing... (Thanks to Brian Towne, whose tireless efforts have returned this resource to the Bungie community... we now know EXACTLY where we'd be without you, Brian!)