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Stories and links

June 30th, 2002
For the Fan Fiction readers, we have two new stories:

For the Fan Fiction authors, I'd like to take an opportunity to point out a couple of sites you guys should know about:

  • Zenith - a site devoted to helping Fan Fiction writers be better at their craft. Check it out.
  • The Halo Fan Fiction Project - A collection of writers attempting to recreate Halo as a novel. The project officially starts tomorrow!

And now back to your regularly schedules Sunday activities...

Halo Installation 004 comes online

June 30th, 2002
A new site for ya - Halo Installation 004. Lots of game info, gameplay tips, speculation. Not your average 'put up a bunch of screenshots and call it a site' site. (Now if only they didn't refer to us as 'official' in the links section... :) )

Bonk is Back!

June 30th, 2002
Gone for a long time, Bonk returns in style! Go visit, and check out the newest Teleporter Fun vid - pretty cool shooting, there...

New Fiction function

June 29th, 2002
Quick Fan Fiction functional update: there's a new link attached to each entry in the Fan Fiction section; if the story is part of a series, you can now read the series in its entirety. (The old 'more by this author' link is still there... but in some cases, this will bring up much more material than you'd like to read.) Hope this helps some of you!

New day, new chapters…

June 29th, 2002
Saturday's Fan Fiction:

All yours...

We’re famous!

June 29th, 2002
After the gnomes clean this up, they're gonna come looking for whoever made the mess... we wuz framed.

Friday Fiction Folderol

June 28th, 2002
Today's Fan Fiction:

Check 'em out!

Warthog Render submission

June 28th, 2002
Oddworld18 stopped by our forum to point out a warthog rendering he did. We've added it to our Miscellaneous Art section. The version available here is a QuickTime 5 movie - but the original is linked in the description (or in Oddworld18's forum post).


June 28th, 2002
Vector40 ran across a couple of heretofore-unknown Halo links this evening... we've added them to our Links page. The first one contains one monster of a movie... but unless you're hell-bent on collecting every Halo movie out there, you can probably pass on it. (It's 440 mb, and it spends 28 minutes tooling around on Silent Cartographer. It's actually a pretty good display of what most tricksters have to go through at one point... I don't know how many times I said "hey, I did that!" when he died. :) ) The second one has general info (lots collected from here) and speculation. While we were updating the Links page, we added Ross Mill's Halo Ideas page, as well.

Enough soundtracks to go around

June 27th, 2002
Heh - thanks to Psyrixx, who pointed out (in an oh-so-polite way) that the Bungie Store has restocked its supply of Halo Soundtracks - if you couldn't get your hands on one before now, go grab it! (Heck, if you already bought one, go buy another!)

Will it fly high, like a bird…

June 27th, 2002
What makes the world go round? How about Halo... what makes Halo go round? (Jump in any time.)

Now that’s just cool.

June 26th, 2002
Inspired by a discussion on our forum, oldmano'theC drops off a desktop image with some pretty big intentions... check it out in our Wallpaper section.

That Rescuing Weasel

June 26th, 2002
And it's Weasel to the rescue! That Weasel Television mirrors 'Vehicle Fun' by Black_Jackal, '16 Minutes of Halo Fame' by Assassin X and HiTmAn 101, and 'Tournament' by Warbow (in both the original QT and a new, 9.8 mb .wmv) - if you're having trouble getting these files, go visit That Weasel! (The Tournament mirrors page has been updated with these links, as well as with Blackstar Production's mirror - it shouldn't be hard to get any more.)

Honor is Rising…

June 26th, 2002
New Fan Fiction from Shadow - Rise to Honor, part 3 is now available. Take a look!

The evolution of a sketch

June 26th, 2002
Apologies for the delay - a few days ago, we received a sketch of the Master Chief... along with a series of images showing how the final product came about. You can find this image (and its evolution) in our Miscellaneous Art section. Interesting!

More music, yah!

June 26th, 2002
Woohoo! 5 more musical outtakes, courtesy of Marty O'Donnell and the Bungie Online team - read all about 'em (and download 'em) from Bungie's Tru7h and Reconciliation website. Thanks to Clefton Twain for the heads-up! (With a little work, the Halo Love Theme Sketch could have made it into a Godfather sequel... okay, maybe not.)

Warbow vs… who?

June 26th, 2002
Movies, movies, and more movies... there's no guarantee that the main server won't simply melt, but we've put another massive film up at - this time it's Warbow's 'Tournament'. It's... well, you should watch it, it's sort of hard to explain. It's 18 megs, in QT5 format, and if you can mirror it, we'd love to hear from you. In the meantime, you can find it on the web at mythica, and on Hotline at the Psyjnir Complex. (Psyrixx, you rock, too. :) ) These, and hopefully more, links can be found on the Tournament Mirrors page. Let the downloading begin!

News from the Xbox front

June 26th, 2002
Xbox news: Pallor points out a new book by Dean Takahashi called 'Opening the Xbox: Inside Microsoft's Plan to Unleash an Entertainment Revolution'. She hasn't read it yet, but has reason to believe that Bungie (and Jason Jones) might be discussed. Also - emildux points out an article at that looks at Microsoft's willingness to stay in the Console War - a prediction of nearly 2 billion dollars lost in the next two years in the fight to dominate the market. Some interesting numbers in here... nice to know that Halo 2 will still have a console to play on by the time it arrives.

Mongo Movie Madness

June 26th, 2002
Feel the love. Yesterday, we posted our new Movie Posting Guidelines, to (regretfully) explain why we couldn't continue to find hosting for every single movie made by fans. Today, 3 new movies find non-HBO-related homes, and two movies get MORE homes. You guys rock. Okay, to business:
  • Vector40, against his better judgement, risks tomorrow's dinner to bring you 'Vehicle Fun', by Black_Jackal - it's a 3 minute, 7 mb .wmv file showing lots and lots of vehicle flipping.
  • Mad Cow risks the wrath of his cable company by setting up a server on a spare PC in his home, and providing bandwidth for a movie called '16 Minutes Of Halo Fame!'. Another .wmv, this one is (surprise!) 16 minutes long, and 27 mb big - it shows a series of gameplay stunts, with an unusual soundtrack; creators Assassin X and HiTmAn 101 discuss the tricks as they're playing. It has a 'reality tv' type feel to it.
  • Dan Chosich points out his fifth offering (titled, straightforwardly, Halo Movie 5, but also known as Halo Assault) - 6 minutes of Blood Gulch carnage, nicely filmed and set to music. (For what it's worth, I'd say this is the best of his work so far...) It's available in four flavors - two QT5 versions, and two WMV versions, ranging in size from 30 to 65 mb.
  • That Weasel, a longtime HBO bandwidth donor, provides homes for Scottish Hunter and the new H3 - links point to their mirror pages, which reflect the new entries. (Mad Cow has ALSO provided another home for H3 - and that's listed there too.)

All of these movies will make it soon into the Movies database... along with a couple of other recent releases we've neglected to archive. To all the hosters - you guys make this community hum. To the movie makers - it's wonderful to see that Halo inspires so many to such heights, and we're really happy our recent scaling-back hasn't hurt the creative spirit. Keep up the great work!

How to Make Friends (For Dummies)

June 25th, 2002
Got Halo, but can't find any prospects for local LAN games? Never fear, the 7th Column is always there to help! Shaq Diesel and Skip Weasel, two Bungie employees (and, from the sounds of it, lonely guys) offer you tips on how to make friends, in the hopes of building up a critical mass for a Halo fest. Check it out!