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Bungie Fans RULE

May 31st, 2002
Last time Bungie put up a set of 'eyeball benders', it took the community over two months to solve them all. This time, it took 16 hours. Well, that's actually how long it took candyman to CONFIRM the guesses - but the final correct guess came less than 5 hours after Frogblast posted his observation that the puzzle was up. Not too shabby! (Dave C. also points out that the Seventh Column story mentioned earlier now has a couple of cool new photos... and a fun little feature - every single blue dot on the maps of the chapters now LEADS to the chapter it represents!)

The first mirrors for Warthog Revisited

May 31st, 2002
Mirror sites have begun to come in for the Warthog Revisited movie - we've started a mirror list. Hopefully, the bandwidth will continue to hold up once the servers drop off that list... but if you haven't seen this, grab it now. it's hilarious.

New Badgers for ya

May 31st, 2002
A couple of months ago, Stormsinger posted an interesting piece of concept art for a future Halo mod, if the opportunity to build one ever arises. Yesterday, he sent in a render of two of the final four versions of the vehicle. We've added the image to our Miscellaneous Art section, but there is enough material now to warrant the creation of a 'Halo Extensions' section - it won't be instant, but we'll be putting it together soon. Rules for admission will be included. :) In the meantime, visit our Miscellaneous Art section and check out Stormsinger's latest creation! (And if you missed it in our forum - my bad for forgetting to mention it here - check out Roger Wilco's vehicle suggestions, as well.)

Seventh Column Details emerge

May 31st, 2002
Curious about the reach of Bungie's Seventh Column? Take a gander at Matt Soell's State of the Seventh Column address, posted last night. (You'll also get a nice rundown of the E3 Fanfest, a tasty bonus.)

Warthog Revisited – available!

May 31st, 2002
Woohoo! The long-awaited 'Warthog Revisited', Randy Glass' followup to his 'Warthog Jump' film (first seen last week, in a slightly less finished form, and the Bungie Fanfest in LA), is now available! You can grab it for a VERY short time at Randy's site - but he's going to pull that down sometime today. Mirrors would be gratefully appreciated! (I've already tossed copies of both the large (320x240, 17.2 mb) and small (240x180, 8.9 mb) versions up at - thanks, Brian! - but the more, the merrier!) Read Randy's forum post for more details.

Physics is fun

May 31st, 2002
For those who think Halo's tapped out, interest-wise... check this out. Razorback posts a note to our forum, explaining how he set up a situation where the standard auto-aim feature of Halo just stopped working - in his words, "it whould like, thorw away my vision from the hunter." (Razorback is Portuguese - give him a break on the spelling and grammar.) Stormsinger added some details... and Ferrex popped in with the behind-the-scenes explanation... and for Halo-geeks, it's pretty satisfying. (If you read it and say, 'so what?', rejoice in your non-Halo-geekiness.) It's not old yet, folks!

What the heck IS that?

May 31st, 2002
Whoa - thanks to Frogblast, who noticed a new set of screenshots over at Bungie's Tru7h and Reconciliation; another set of Eyeball Benders! This one's tougher than the last set... add your guesses to Froggy's thread!

Ask Bungie to WHAT?

May 31st, 2002
Halo: Game of the Year Edition box acronym: revealed! Mnemesis, our research droid, has sent in both the acronym... and a pretty decent guess:

Yes, that's the number '5', not the letter 'S'. Mnemesis' guess? "Ask Bungie To Finally Introduce Pimps At Sea On Sega." (Well, except for the 5...) Have an idea yourself? Post it to our forum! (Thanks to B5RobMan, who did his best to find this acronym - your time was appreciated!)

Combat Unevolved…

May 31st, 2002
It had to happen... Scott Porter writes to let us know that work has begun on a Marathon Infinity conversion - Halo: Combat Unevolved. They've JUST started, so there's not much there yet... but if you are interested in getting in on the ground floor of this project, send him mail!

Keyes’ Corner opens for business

May 30th, 2002
It took much, much longer to put together than any of us expected... but I'm proud to announce the opening of a new section here at HBO - Keyes' Corner. This will be a place where complicated aspects of Halo are examined in-depth; we won't just look at a single piece, we'll tear the puppy apart, see what makes it tick. We'll show you how you can use it during gameplay, and look at some of the ramifications, when relevant. Installment One covers the Unlimited Ammo/Unlimited Camo glitch - what it is, where to find it, how to activate it, what you can do with it. The article is replete with maps and movies of the areas you need to visit and the tasks you need to accomplish in order to activate the glitch. Many thanks to Stormsinger, xbill, and Frogblast for their invaluable help in putting this together!

E3 Photos from the Canucks

May 30th, 2002
Heh - Daniel (Finn), of Team 7hr33, has put up a page of images commemorating his (and Rich's (Shovelface's)) visit to E3 - dinner with Bungie, Fanfest shenanigans, and a very freaky accident involving a man in a palm tree. Check it out! (Visit the Team 7hr33 website, and then hit the 'Bungie Trip 2002' link about halfway down the Index.) A nicer pair of guys you won't find. (Though put guns in their hands, and it's a whole different story...)

New Halo music vid available for dl

May 29th, 2002
Goodness... passed right over this. :( Robo42786, a frequent contributor to our Fan Fiction section, has created a music video for Halo - it's called 'When Worlds Collide', and is set to the song of the same name by Powerman 5000. It's in .wmv format, and weighs in at 4.9 mb, zipped. We've put it up on's server - but anyone who wants to mirror it would be gratefully acknowledged.

The chase is on… again!

May 29th, 2002
In the old days, Box Acronyms were a staple of Bungie's offerings, and provided quite a bit of discussion fodder for fans. The practice fell by the wayside, unfortunately, with Oni... and the original Halo release has none, either. However, starting with the Game of the Year Edition, and continuing with the Halo Soundtrack, the practice is back! I don't have a copy of the GotY box, so I don't know what the acronym is... but Friday night, lucky Fanfest-goers got their hands on the Halo Soundtrack, a couple of weeks early... and the acronym there is


Our own mnemesis, of the Halo Story page, threw out a guess of 'Songs About Buildings And Babes Wearing Leather'... but this is probably not exactly right. Anyone else have any guesses? (We'd also love to get hold of the GotY acronym, if anyone's got a copy...)

Fan Fiction, just for you

May 29th, 2002
Wednesday's Fan Fiction input...

This is the final chapter of Effusion (though an Epilogue should be coming)...

Sometimes, all you need is common sense.

May 28th, 2002
Read this. Thanks.

New links for PC mod ideas

May 28th, 2002
For those who had trouble yesterday seeing the mod designs created by Roger Wilco... he's put up a local mirror here. Hopefully, this will work a bit better than Tripod did...

The last survivors…

May 28th, 2002
Thanks to Miguel Chavez, who sent in a nice pic of the close of the Fanfest last week. It was taken just before we broke everything down, and you can see the die-hard late-stayers, along with two of the 6 Xboxes we used (plus their screens). Only about half the people are labeled - this is my fault, as I didn't know everyone there. :( (If you know any of the unnamed people, feel free to tell us - we'll add labels.) And for those who don't believe Miguel is REALLY Bungie's Number One Fan... check this out.

Movie cleanup

May 28th, 2002
The movies released after the fanfest on Friday have been added to the Movies page - they should be easier to access from there. More coming soon!

Weekend reading, a little late

May 28th, 2002
Built-up fanfic over the weekend:

Go to it!

Images, images…

May 28th, 2002
A pair of desktops came in over the weekend - you'll find them in our Wallpaper section.