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Battle of the Bay synopsis, cut 1

March 31st, 2002
A few descriptions of the carnage that took place at the Hilton Towers in San Francisco (yesterday's Battle of the Bay) have been posted on our forum. Thanks to Psyrixx, Appleicious, and Tarrsk for their input... hopefully there'll be more!

Sounds for your computer, Bungie-style

March 31st, 2002
Wh00t! (As of the time of this post, the Mac version is incomplete - you won't be able to unstuff it, because the Binhex file didn't completely upload, it seems. This will likely be fixed soon. The Windows version is fine, though... the Error message is a riot.)

A website worth exploring

March 31st, 2002
Daniel writes to say that Team 7hr33's website has had a major overhaul - new layout (I like), TONS of new content (much of which I will eventually steal for inclusion here), and one disappointment - a movie, posted yesterday (and filmed on March 11) shows Team 7hr33's exploration of the 'Black Door' on Two Betrayals, mentioned in the recent Gameplay Trick uploaded by Frogblast. (It STILL doesn't predate Legolas' documentation in our forum... but it is the first video showing the door.) Go visit - check out the Maw vids, the frontwards 360 in a Scorpion, and the very slick plasma pistol/grenade combo trick... and everything else around there. These guys have S7yle, with a capital S.

Serious influx of FF

March 31st, 2002
We wish you peace on this day, in a world gone mad... and we offer you a new batch of Fan Fiction:

These are all available in our Fan Fiction section.

Locked doors? Pshaw!

March 30th, 2002
There's a pretty big backup in the Gameplay Tricks queue, but time is short this weekend. I'm putting up a recent exploration by Frogblast - it stands alone, unlike some of the other entries. Check it out for some freaky behavior in Two Betrayals!

Japanese Halo championship, explained

March 30th, 2002
Yesterday, we mentioned some changes to the Japanese Halo site - protexts has been kind enough to translate the news item associated with the dogtags (he calls it a paraphrase/translation):
They are having a Halo tournament 3/31 in two shops in Nagoya: Nagoya Toys Paradise and Miraiyabuusu. The players will purchase first time limited dog tags (comes with rubber silencer (literal translation) along with a case and a logo on it). The dog tags are the tickets to the tournament.

So, if you're going to be anywhere near Nagoya in the next couple of days, you might want to visit one of these shops!

New Wallpaper

March 30th, 2002
Two new desktops for you - one, from Joel Day, was created some time ago, but only submitted recently. The other, from Loren Judah, is new. You can find both in our Wallpaper section.

BotB interview at 7th Column

March 30th, 2002
Nice. (It's an accompaniment to this article at the Seventh Column, Bungie's community site, about an upcoming (TOMORROW!) lanfest with an expected 50 participants. Wowzers!)

Friday night reading

March 30th, 2002
Four new Fan Fiction entries:

You'll find 'em all in our Fan Fiction section.

Driving Drunk can be fun

March 30th, 2002
How many different ways can you screw up in a Warthog? Parias and Mr. Zig put that question to the test, with Driving Drunk, a new Halo vid. Currently, there are three sites you can grab this at:

The slight music glitch at the very end is my fault - don't blame Parias. Overall, a pretty funny flick! (You can read his description of it on our forum.) The movie is 2:38 long, and about 9 megs big, in QT5 format. Give it a shot!

PS and Xbox Hardcore rates Halo

March 30th, 2002
PS2 and Xbox Hardcore have posted their Halo review - and while it glows, there are a few odd things about it. They list a 60hz mode for PAL for it, though for the past week or so, that's been just about the biggest gripe on our forum (the LACK of a useful 60hz PAL mode)... they list 4 players in the info box (though the review itself correctly states that up to 16 can play), and they give it an overall rating of 91%, though their individual scores are all much higher (graphics: 94%; sound: 96%; playability: 94%). It's a good read, though - check it out. (We've added it to our Reviews Database - currently at 108 reviews, average 94.8%.)

Tip 4: Think Different, or Die

March 30th, 2002 has put up part 4 of their multiplayer tips series - this one contains a 2.4 mb, 15 second film showing how knowing the patterns can help teammates work nicely together. (It'll put a smile on your face... unless you've been in Blade's position.) Take a look!

Japanese Halo site updated

March 29th, 2002
The Official Japanese Halo site has put up a bunch of wallpapers - they look a lot like the images poena.dare #CP#g sent in a while back... except with Xbox and Halo logos plastered on 'em. (There is also a nice new section on characters, and an interesting picture in the news that shows dogtags and some sort of metal box - the only (english-readable) text is 'Halo Championship'... intriguing.)

Fanfic page now explicit about length rule

March 29th, 2002
A few weeks ago, I instituted a new 'official' policy about Fan Fiction submissions - they need to be of a minimum length for inclusion in the collection - but I neglected to make this clear on the Fan Fiction page itself. This has been rectified. Apologies to all Fan Fiction writers who missed the original post, and were therefore unaware of the policy.

It’s all fuzzy, ma!

March 29th, 2002
What the...? The Bungie webcam has gone dark! (Here's a recent pic, in case it changes before you read this.) I hadn't noticed this before, but it's an hour off Redmond time - I wonder if it's a daylight savings thing? In any case, hopefully it just got knocked over during a wild night of carousing in the Bungie offices - and is not a sign of something more sinister (like an infiltration of... oh, never mind).

Movies are fun

March 29th, 2002
ShdwPnthr points out a pair of movies he's made - one shows the carnage you can wreak with the chaingun on the Warthog (I'd have done a bit more driving damage before getting in the back; you suffer less personal damage that way, but the wreckage is undeniably vast in any case), and the second shows a pretty slick start to the Maw Run. They're in QT5 format, and weigh in at 1.5 mb and 900k, respectively. Check 'em out!

Man, that guy needs help

March 28th, 2002
Barnolde caught a Covenant Dropship pilot drinking on the job... check it out in our Gameplay Tricks section.

Shadow Droid pics

March 28th, 2002
Gh?lsbane found a couple of shots of a Star Wars 'Shadow Droid' that looks somewhat like a Banshee - check out these views:

Even the names of the weapons are familiar...

Down in a swamp

March 28th, 2002
Ryan sends in the Part II: Arrival of Well Enough Alone, a pre-Halo saga involving the characters you know and love from the game. Check it out in our Fan Fiction section.

Cool new Misc Art

March 28th, 2002
Two new (and very cool) bits of artwork came in recently - bikeman704 sent in a screenshot of a Halo Pelican, built in Worldcraft... and StormSinger sent along a slick rendering of the sniper rifle ammo. Check 'em both out in our Miscellaneous Art section! (More news coming soon - been afk for the last 18 hours or so...)