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Xbox comes online

August 31st, 2001
Temjin caught an article over at IGN Xbox which trumpets the arrival of online capability for the Xbox. Is it too late for games like Halo? Probably, since the game's release date is now just over 2 months away; adding major new features at this stage would be pretty reckless... but until you hear it from Bungie themselves, nothing's for sure!

Priceless headshots

August 31st, 2001
Filling a void that we didn't even notice until we saw this artwork, Nathan Giem submits the first (but maybe not the last) parody of the famous Mastercard 'Priceless' ad campaign. You can find it in our Miscellaneous Art section. (Please - this one is very well done, but if we get a bunch of shoddy copies, we may start rejecting some.)

Still MORE Wallpapers 4 U

August 31st, 2001
The recent remarkable Wallpaper production trend continues - today we got another from Mike Price, called 'From Concept to Reality', and another from Siva, enhancing his Curves collection. Check 'em out in our Wallpaper section!

Wallpaper hits the 200 mark

August 30th, 2001
Two more desktops for you today - another from Siva, who started this latest trend and continues to send in attractive images, and one from FunkyJ, who... um, is sending in original artwork. Sort of. Check 'em both out in the Wallpaper section.

Halo Literature… coming up

August 30th, 2001
Sometimes, you just luck out. Adam Daniel took it upon himself to learn a bit more about the Halo Guide he discovered earlier - and he came up with more than even he realized. First, he called Prima Games, and learned these facts:

Expected in stores November 11th
Software platform: Xbox
Media rating: Teen
Media grade: AA
ISBN: 0761537449
144 pages

(Neither Adam nor the Prima representative he spoke with have any idea what that 'Media grade' means.) Then he followed up this call with a search of Random House's website... and discovered that it's a paperback. (Not really suprising, given the content.) What he seems to have missed, but which jumped out at me when I hit that search link, was the OTHER Halo-related title at Random House: 'Halo: The Fall of Reach', to be available in both eBook and Del Rey paperback format by October 2001. A full-length Halo Fan Fiction, published by Random House, out before the game is? WOW! Kudos to Adam for uncovering all this - both the details of the Strategy Guide, and the existence of the novel!

And the submissions roll on

August 30th, 2001
A day for impressionists... we received two new desktops today - one from Uriel, editor at Halo Network, and the other from [SE]X-Com, editor at Socket Error - both take an artsy approach to image modification. You'll find both in our Wallpaper section.

New is old, in blink of an eye

August 30th, 2001
Yesterday, Siva created an original wallpaper in an attempt to inspire folks to move away from modified Bungie creations. Well, Mike Price took him up on it - and our first new submission is a modified Siva creation. Check it out in our Wallpaper section.

Halo Guide listed at

August 30th, 2001
Adam Daniel noticed that has a listing for a 'Halo Guide', by Prima Publishing. There's almost no info at Bestprices, and none at all at Prima... anyone feel like digging?

Moving away from the old

August 29th, 2001
Eric 'Siva' Salzman, in an effort to encourage more innovative desktop design, has sent in a gorgeous new Halo desktop for our Wallpaper section. Grab it... then be inspired!

More retro-style Wallpaper

August 29th, 2001
Continuing with the rash of old-style images in desktops, Colby Campbell sends in a new composition for our Wallpaper section. Take a look... says Yes to Halo

August 28th, 2001
Thanks to Noctavis, who noted (on the forum) that took a look at the hottest Xbox titles... and their number one pick was Halo.

However you choose to hero your way through Halo, the action should break in your new Xbox in explosive style.


Zartman and Bungie – working together

August 28th, 2001
Hmm... curiouser and curiouser. Last week, Matt Soell mentioned the name of Doug Zartman in his Halo Update... and Hamish Sinclair wondered out loud about it on the Marathon's Story Page. Well, today Matt clarified the comment - seems Doug, in his capacity as part of Microsoft's Intellectual Property group, is doing quite a bit of Halo-related work these days... nice to see old names come together. (Check the What's New section for August 28th for full details.)

End of drought in sight

August 28th, 2001
Matt Soell dropped by our forum recently to explain a bit about the dearth of new Halo material (screenshots, videos, etc). Bottom line - there's stuff coming... soonâ„¢.

Marine in Grey

August 28th, 2001
Ashley Power sends in another desktop image for our Wallpaper section - this one in shades of grey. Take a look!

In your face

August 28th, 2001
Uploaded to our ftp site, a German clan site called Socket Error modifies a Halo screenshot for our Miscellaneous Art section. Check it out!

Gaming Age looks at Halo

August 28th, 2001
op-ivy noticed a new Halo preview at Gaming Age. There's nothing new in it, and in fact there is some incorrect info (nothing major)... but press is press, right?

Bullet to the brain

August 28th, 2001
Death and destruction on the Halo, in NevinNiven's new story, 'Sniper's Paradise'. You'll find it in our Fan Fiction section.

Is it in you?

August 27th, 2001

    He squeezed his eyes shut, blood pounding behind them. His fists clenched, fingernails biting into his palms and drawing up blood.
    But he knew. He knew.

Lieutenant Hibbins finds the strength to go on in Vector40's latest story, 'A Reason for Fighting'. Check it out in our Fan Fiction section.

Fun with Photoshop

August 27th, 2001
Marcel Baert sends in three variations on a theme for our Wallpaper section. Enjoy!

Mmm… vehicles

August 27th, 2001
The Watcher writes to let us know that the results for last week's Question of the Week at the Online Universe have been posted. Check it out!