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See? Paul Bertone IS working on Halo.

June 30th, 2001
Matt, in a blaze of speed (or maybe just an effort to get out of the office early), kicks out this week's Halo Update in record time. The content, however, wasn't skimped on. Lots of little stuff this week - working on the fine details. (Remember where God is...) And what's this... the Shadow's back? Who is the Shadow? Read the entire update for yourself (or go crazy and search the database, already updated with this entry).

Yet more wallpaper upped

June 29th, 2001
'Tis the season to make wallpaper, it seem... Xboxman has sent in a new image to prettify your desktop. You'll find it in our Wallpaper section.

Movies… they make your world go round

June 29th, 2001
An upcoming Halo movie? Matt's not talking... but he still says stuff. Hmm...

News page gets an upgrade

June 29th, 2001
Thanks to CarthagTuek, who suggested a nifty little enhancement for the news page - the headlines section for older days on a page now contains links to the full days referenced; today, for example, whil you can still get to the individual posts in Wednesday's news, if you want to read ALL of them, just hit the "Wednesday's" link. Hope this makes catching up on older news easier, and thanks to CarthagTuek for the suggestion!

New Wallpaper added

June 29th, 2001
A couple of days ago, a new desktop image was uploaded to our ftp space. Due to an unfortunate accident, the logs were lost - we have no idea who sent this. If it was you, let us know! (You can see the image in our Wallpaper section.) Update: The image has been claimed by @ctive-Desktop. Thanks!

Will Halo Measure Up?

June 28th, 2001
Thanks to Ph.D., who pointed out an interesting article on The Elements of Gameplay, over at Gamasutra. It's a good read, and hopefully gives the Halo dev team a few things to think about!

How come I don’t get a slave?

June 27th, 2001
Jay Weinland, audio engineer on the Halo team, dropped into our forum to clarify his job description. The Elderly One will probably be thrilled to hear that Jay describes his job as

Sound Designer, Audio Engineer, and all-around Marty slave

(That means he gets to carry around that huge horn that Marty holds up to his ear so that he can hear what's going on.) Welcome, Jay!

Bob’s Big Date

June 27th, 2001

It was all over in a moment. The sharp pain he felt in his chest and neck turned to dull warmth as it tore him to the ground, ripping limb from limb, guzzling his intestines and other organs.

Poor Bob. This guy needs a smiley-face sticker, don't you think? Go read Chapter 3 of Hermes Trismegistus, over in our Fan Fiction section.

Ambient life: soon, maybe

June 27th, 2001
Apparently, the ambient life seen in the E3 trailer is not currently in Halo. Matt Soell stopped into our forum to pass along this note in answer to the question about whether ambient life would be present in Halo:

Ambient life is still on the To-Do list, and it's not that far down either.

I can't guarantee it will be in the game (not yet anyway) for all the usual reasons. But I can say we still plan on doing it.

Sounds positive, but noncommittal... sort of like my first girlfriend. I hope Matt doesn't turn out to be as psychotic as she was...

Beautiful morning, my eye.

June 26th, 2001
Sometimes, people just lose it.

Halo Dev Team, delineated

June 26th, 2001
Ph.D. has taken it upon himself to put together a full list of Halo Development Team members, along with their job descriptions, where available. Pieces of this have been floating around the net for a couple of years now... but nobody's ever put it all together in one place before. Once finalized, this information will probably be added to our FAQ, for posterity - if you have any further insights, be sure to post them to this thread! (It's a rather long thread - the most recent full list can be found here.)

Halo SETI Team 21 day stats posted

June 25th, 2001
As several people noted last week, the SETI servers finally started crunching stats again, so we've gotten to the Halo SETI Marines 7-day stats (this time out, 21 days) again as well. Looks like crunching went on as before - numbers are roughly three times the normal weekly output. (This is good - it means we didn't lose anyone, or any crunching, during the downtime.) Tharkhaad takes La Crunch honneur, with 244 units over the past 3 weeks, and WereTiger leaps over 105 opponents to snag the Frogblast award. Nice going, guys! Full details are on the 21 day stats page.

Microsoft Tasta Mo Lika Bungie Spice

June 25th, 2001
Last week's update has been added to the Halo Update Database - and man, it's getting big. Sounds like this week most stuff is unmentionable... but one thing has changed - the Mighty Chris Butcher is Mighty no more. The end of a 4-month era...

Telling BoB where to go

June 25th, 2001
Over at, there's a very interesting post from Chris Butcher, currently working on AI in Halo, about the direction this field is going. Definitely worth a read.

Flash Halo teaser at

June 24th, 2001
Cody Ellis, one of the Flash directors at, dropped us a note to let us know that he's put together a little (okay, big) Halo teaser, in Flash. It's a 3.8 MB file, but it's a pretty nice presentation of some Halo images over the years. Check it out!

HQ Halo opens its doors

June 24th, 2001
Andreas den Hertog writes to say that he's started up a Halo fansite, called HQ HALO. Check it out!

Bottomless Clips and the Money Shot…

June 23rd, 2001
This week's Halo update is over at thanks to Acrappa for getting it up in the face of adversity. The Mighty Chris Butcher is mighty no longer... but Chucky just got Swarthy. (Yo-ho-ho...) A new name pops up - Eric Arroyo. And the shotgun gets bigger... go read all the groovy details for yourself.

New look at old letters

June 23rd, 2001
More than two years after their original posting, Knight Premier sends in some thoughts about the first Cortana Letter (with ramblings about the rest, and a host of other topics, for good measure). Check it out in our Theories section.

Halo fans smash FunXbox poll

June 22nd, 2001
Siva pointed out a poll at FunXbox, asking about the most-anticipated Xbox game... but by the time we went by, it was over. Seems there was a last-minute Halo push, though - because in the hour and a half between when Siva posted and when the poll closed, Halo went from 'a few percentage points' behind to a couple of hundred votes ahead. Nice going!

More Wallpaper for you

June 22nd, 2001
Sikora drops off a new wallpaper, showing off the various environments the marine pops up in. You can find it in our Wallpaper section.