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Halo Orbit gets redesign

May 31st, 2001
It's fansite day. Xerxes writes to say that Halo Orbit, a German fansite, has been thoroughly redesigned, with many new features added. Go check 'em out!

Ozhalo – Halo-Australia in disguise

May 31st, 2001
Terror writes to let us know that Ozhalo is not a new Australian site (As we said yesterday)... it's Halo-Australia, joining the CFGN. Same good coverage, same staff, new look! Thanks for the heads-up, Terror. (Word of warning to visitors - as good as this site looks in IE and Opera, it's painful in NS, and a little funky in iCab - so choose your browser with care.)

Confirmation of location-specific damage

May 30th, 2001
Thanks to Ferrex, who posted to his old stomping grounds at, confirming that location-specific damage WILL be included in Halo. It's long been speculated that this would be included... but this is the first confirmation of it by a Bungie employee.

New Halo site coming down under

May 30th, 2001
Lee Timms writes to say that a new Halo site is coming soon rom CFGN (Cyber Forces Gaming Nation) - OzHalo. As he says, the new design is very nicely done. Looking forward to the site! says Blech!

May 30th, 2001
Thanks to Dan Rudolph, who pointed out three separate E3 wrapups (one from each editor) at Bottom line - they hated Halo. Ben thought Halo was the "biggest joke of the show"... but then, he got a bunch of stuff wrong. (If you're gonna name someone by name, get the name right... and if you're gonna ridicule a special effect, like the umbra effect the Halo guys were so rightfully proud of, don't confuse it with something mundane, like a lens flare - it throws doubt on the credibility of the rest of your criticism.) Chi declared that "if Microsoft is hedging most of its bets on HALO, it better seriously think about folding its hand and cutting its loses." And Brad ignored it altogether (though he included a shot of the Halo display in his rant against ALL Xbox titles, and Chi mentioned how underwhelmed all three were by Halo). Ouch!

Best Action Game?

May 29th, 2001
Thanks to Jan Louw, who noticed that the Game Critics Awards site has posted its nominations for its Best of E3 Awards. Halo is up for Best Action Game. Awards are announced on June 18. Good luck, Halo!

Poll smash at MSXBox

May 29th, 2001
Thanks to Gothmog, who noticed a new poll over at

Now that E3 is over, which of the following blockbuster games are you looking forward to the most?

Only 125 votes so far, but Halo's edging out Project Ego... make sure it stays that way!

A simple clarification

May 29th, 2001
Clarification: We've gotten a few emails about some pictures we posted last week... and people want to know how they relate to the glyph puzzle (discussed here, here, and here). The waters were muddied by this post, written by Chelsea Bridge. Here's the skinny: There is NO relation between the glyph puzzle and those wacky pics. The timing was completely coincidental - not our fault at all. As for the pics themselves... all you need to know is already visible. Hope this helps.

Cross-dressing gorillas?

May 29th, 2001
The Corporation has its own take on the changes Halo has seen recently... thanks to Lophan for the link.

Halo SETI Team 7 day stats posted

May 29th, 2001
You gotta love it when you totally forget you've done something. Halo SETI Team stats were collected yesterday, as they usually are on Mondays... but due to the holiday, we forgot completely to mention them. Team output was up a bit this week - nice job, folks! The Marines are holding steady at 49th place in the Battle of the Teams, but maybe with the two new additions (nurble and Calvin1331) the climb could start again. And what's with the HUGE increase in unit production from CowMutilator? See how YOU are doing on the 7 day stats page.

Best of E3 at MSXbox

May 29th, 2001
Thanks to Ph.D., who pointed out that MSXbox has put up their 'Best of E3 Awards'. Halo picked up only one mention - runner-up in the 'Most Fun' category. On the other hand, Halo managed to stay out of the 'Most Disappointing' category... so it's not all bad. Go check out the details on the rest of their picks.

Halo a runner-up, says Gamespot

May 28th, 2001
Gamespot has put up their 'Top Games of E3 2001'... and Halo takes runner-up in the Xbox category to Gun Valkyrie, an action-shooter from Smilebit. Gamespot was clear:

Halo's one-player mission was engaging and challenging, but the slowdown in the four-player split-screen mode was unavoidably visible.

They have not, however, lost hope:

While the framerate in multiplayer was a little rough, we expect that Halo will clean up nicely by the time it's released this November.

Go read the whole thing! (Poking around on Gamespot's site also pointed out this E3 2001 Preshow Hands-on that we seem to have missed from last week... they're pretty psyched about the AI. Check it out.)

Chris and tell

May 28th, 2001
Last week's Halo Update (originally at has been added to the Update Database - the word of the week is 'Chris'. The 'Chris clan' has just increased to 5 (Barrett, Butcher, Carney, Hughes, and Lee) - the largest group on the Halo dev team (leading the Mat(t)s - Noguchi, Segur, and Soell) and the Pauls (Bertone, Clift, and Russel). Makes you wonder, doesn't it, with all those names out there to choose from... how come 11 members of the Halo dev team share three names?

New Miscellaneous Art

May 28th, 2001
What do you get when you take a marine, you blow up all his planets, and you dump him on an alien artifact with no sleep? Griffon, of Halo Command Central, thinks he knows... and sent us a submission for the Miscellaneous Art section to show us. Check out Halo Dude!

Joe Staten on cutscenes

May 27th, 2001
Thanks to Joe Staten, of the Halo Cinematics team, who posted to's forum today, clarifying a bit about cutscenes in Halo. Nice info:

  1. All of Halo's cinematics will be rendred in the engine.
  2. Some cinematics you'll be able to move while they're playing (non-interruptive) and some you'll just have to sit back and watch (interruptive).
  3. The "minor" more level-specific cutscenes are the former, the "major" cutscenes are the latter.
  4. The Xbox, and, more importantly, the Halo engine has no trouble rendering complex scenes such as, oh, the Pillar of Autumn engaged in a battle above Threshold with the recon picket of a Covenant battle-group. Not that we're doing that, mind you...

Go check out the whole post for details - but I'm lovin' the idea of that Pillar of Autumn battle, nice to hear it's not totally destroyed upon entry into the system (as the original story had it).

It’s an ugly business

May 27th, 2001
fAt1, of MPZ Halo, let us know that we can probably expect PC Gamer UK to hammer Halo in their upcoming E3 article - he spoke briefly with editor Matt Pierce, and it seems they were very disappointed that Halo is currently showing only on the Xbox. (Not horribly surprising, for a magazine that focuses on PC games, but still...)

Wallpaper section updated

May 27th, 2001
Johannes Gunnar sends along a desktop pointing out a connection that's important to him. You'll find it in our Wallpaper section.

The fiction keeps pouring in

May 27th, 2001
Koontzy sends us part 5 of his 'Land of the Unknown' saga. It's getting a little odd. You'll find it, along with lots of other fan fiction, in our Fan Fiction section.

Screenshots updated (finally)

May 26th, 2001
Took a while to find some slow time... but the Screenshots section has been updated - you'll find the 15 official pics released by Microsoft last week on the Gaming Sites page, and a number of camera shots taken off the monitors at E3 on the Unofficial page. (Most, though not all, of these have already been seen on the E3 2001 coverage page.) Enjoy!

The skull’s getting teeth

May 26th, 2001
Wow. You'd think that they'd take a break after E3... just to calm down. (I suppose since the actual programmers didn't even GO to E3, it's understandable that they didn't... but it's still surprising.) This week's Halo Update is over at and it's chock-full of goodies. New multiplayer options, a new team member, more effects than you can shake a stick at, and some PID-like wounded, information-toting Marines. Go read till you drool!