MLG Anaheim Preview

Over at MLGpro.com, Trunkers has taken a look at the upcoming MLG event in Anaheim. The article covers the up-and-comers in the pro scene, highlighting three teams in particular, as well as the possibility that we could be seeing some changes on the leaderboards in Anaheim.

Best. Stat. Ever.

Regular readers will be familiar with some of the stats I’ve excavated in the past from the murky depths of the terabyte-plus Halo 2 stats database: 3.33 billion player-games, half a billion unique games, the recent games-per-month graph. But today I offer you what is unquestionably the most Earth-shattering, momentous stat ever stated in the state of statdom: The Average Gamertag.

StuntMutt Kidnapped or Worse?

Fans of tragicomic strip creator StuntMutt will be saddened to hear that the onetime vendor of horrifying puns and other three panel atrocities is apparently missing, feared kidnapped or worse. The evidence is in two consecutively amusing strips, both deliberately funny. Click here for Proof.

Halo Screen Saver updated

Would you like to use the Halo 3 Announcement Trailer as your screen saver?  Well, now you can!  I've updated my Halo Screen Saver to show WMV videos as well as QuickTime and MPEG videos.  You can also now set up a playlist of movies to show one after another.  Check it out at http://www.haloscreensaver.com/.

Clanmatch Communities

Now with Clanmatch removed from the playlists, some clans are very frustrated and tossing their controllers against the walls. Although, as long as Bungie allows clans to represent their social network by letting players have a clan name there is still a way to do Clanmatches!

Team SWAT’s what!

After just 24 hours online, the new playlist Team SWAT has already eclipsed Team Snipers as the second most popular matchmaking playlist, and is within a hair's breadth of beating Team Slayer, the most popular matchmaking playlist ever.