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Podtacular 165: Cortana and Halo Campaign Show


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Releasing a little late this week, the final campaign show is making it's debut, until Halo Recon comes out. GLewis was experiencing internet issues and wasn't able to be on the show, but we had a nice visit from Lancelot, host of the Around the Ring podcast. This week we discuss the final two Halo 3 campaign levels. Thanks to all the submissions we got. Thanks to the person who submitted this week's podart as he/she did not include their name.

Submit your Stuff

This week, we are going to the voicemail and discovering what has been left there over the past couple of months. We are also doing Tales from the Foxhole so send in your great stories of you owning your opponents or any hilarious encounters of the unexpected. Deadline for callins to be guaranteed is Wednesday night. Deadline for tips is Sunday.

Podtacular Calendar

Ever wonder what events Podtacular is hosting? Did you know there's a place to find out? Well, thanks to CapnKrunk, our lovely site administrator, the calendar is back up and operational. "Where do we find it?" you ask. There's a nifty link on the main menu called "Events" where you can keep up to date with the latest Podtacular events. There are a few events up there now, so keep an eye out for new stuff.

More ways to get on the show

Ever wonder where we get all those cool screenshots for the podart? They come from community members just like you. Have a cool screenshot? Send it to us at or post it in the screenshots thread for a chance to be used as future podart.

Submit Your Stuff: Campaign Show

The final campaign show is just around the corner, and we're looking for the best of the last two campaign levels: Cortana and Halo. Picking up where we left off, send it your tips and grizzly stories of battling with the numerous amounts of flood you battle in the fight to save mankind. Send your stuff to , or use the big green button.

Community Voice

We are having our monthly leadership conference on Sunday, and now is the time to speak up. Think there should be something changed on the site? Is someone due credit for their efforts in the community? Now's your chance to speak up. If you have something to say, please send me an e-mail at duststorm117(at)gmail(dot)com, replacing appropriate punctuation.

Submit your Stuff

We are kinda taking a backwards twist on things starting up. This week's episode will be Customs and Creations, so send in a description of your favorite map variant, game variant, etc. along with your name to get a chance to be mentioned on the show. Deadline is Sunday afternoon.

Podtacular 163: Tales from the Foxhole


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We are back in podcasting action, and to start it off, we bring you some Tales from the Foxhole from the time we've been gone. GLewis couldn't make it so we poked a little fun, Be sure to get your stuff in for the next episode for a chance to be featured on the show.

Submit your Stuff

We are back in the rotation again and we are recording on Sunday, which means it's time to hear what has happened in the community from the time we left the podcast. Send in your Tales from the Fox Hole for a chance to be on the show. Use the Big Green button to submit those fantastic extermination overkills or amazing sticks that you keep telling everyone about. Here's your chance.

Return of the Podtacular Podcast

Podtacular, the Unofficial Halo Universe Podcast, and the community are proud to announce the return of the Podtacular audio podcast later this month. That's right, Podtacular is back.
Now you will see some new faces, but the content and fun will still be there.

Our first returning episode will be late September, so all those thing you wanted to tell us, but never got a chance to, well here's your chance. We haven't decided on an opening topic, but get thinking. The new host line up consists of myself, Cryptoflix and GLewis. Don't worry, though, because all your faves like Foo Mo, JVB and others will drop by every now and then.

More details on the new Podtacular podcast will be posted soon. Thank you everyone for your participation in the community and we hope you enjoy the new show.

Keep on Fraggin' Trucks.

Around the Ring – Episode 3

This week, Lancelot and I review a milestone map in the Halo CE community from perhaps the most popular mod group: CMT Snow Grove. Join us as we take you through this excellent CTF map made by the Custom Map Team.
The episode is also available from iTunes as well. Just search for podtacular and you'll find us there.

Also, submit your tips for our next map: Yoyorast Island. It's wierd, it's fun, it's unique and we are reviewing. So send us your tips at .

Faceoff Week 2 Video

Wrapping up the preliminaries, I have the last montage from week two for Podtacular Faceoff. If you wish to participate, you may sign up in the forums. In this movie, matches between xl HellFire lx vs. RobinxHood 911 and iOpTiMuS vs. Kapow FTW. Read on to watch the video.

ATR Episode 3

Lance and I are treating everyone to the first Around the Ring show that will feature user submissions. For those in the Halo: CE community, we are doing a very popular map: CMT Snow Grove, perhaps the most played CTF map. We're looking for some good CTF tips, so if you have played the map, please help out your fellow players. You can send your tips to .

Halo 3 Monty Python Project

I'm sure some of you have seen little snipits on youtube of Monty Python and the Holy Grail acted out in Halo. Well, Dust Storm is taking it one step further and is heading up a project to completely remake Monty Python and the Holy Grail in Halo 3. Sound interesting? He has a forum up for the project, so if you are interested, check it out.