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Author: Dust Storm

  • ODST Achievement Guide: Headquarters

    Download I had this one done for a while, but I just haven’t posted it here yet, but here it is. This guide is for dome inspector that you get as Romeo on NMPD HQ. This one is especially fun with the Grunt Birthday Party skull when shooting grunts with the automag. Another […]

  • Submit your Stuff

    Next week’s podcast is the Callins and Tales from the Foxhole. Chuckie is taking a crack at the voicemails since our beloved Krunk has stepped down. I’m sure we’ll have some pretty crazy tales too, but make sure you get yours in for this week by using the Big Green Button on the front page.

  • Future of Podtacular

    Well, a sad day in the Podtacular history has come where the future of the community lies in the balance. Our beloved CapnKrunk has been gracious to manage the website hosting for almost three years. Now he’s facing not having a job and having to pay for the website himself, which is not an easy…

  • Submit Your Stuff

    Next week, in light of the new maps that came out, we are doing Customs and Creations, so all you forgers out there who jumped on sandbox and went “OMGWTFBBQ!”, this is your time to shine. Just use the Big Green Button to submit your stuff. Deadline is Sunday.

  • PodTV Campaign Show Site

    Well, it has been fun making this series, and it has drawn to it’s conclusion. I’ve boasted about this project to quite a few people, and I’ve been hard at work developing a site for it. So I’m please to announce all the videos are available to be viewed and downloaded on my website:…

  • Pod TV Campaign Runthrough – Cortana

    After discovering the replacement Halo, you go in search of Cortana in the flood-infested High Charity. Make your way through the flood, killing all the infected Covenant and pure forms. Make easy work of them by using flames. Once you find Cortana, you discover she still has the activation index. You must start a chain…

  • Pod TV Campaign Runthrough – The Covenant

    After discovering Truth’s plan to activate the Halos, you must breach the barrier he has activated and stop him. As you make your way to the first tower, you encounter heavy defenses that you can take out with your Spartan Laser. Make your way up to the first tower and deactivate the tower. Meanwhile, the…

  • Pod TV Campaign Runthrough – The Ark

    After heading through the portal, you are met my a fleet of brute ships. While the elites take on the brutes, you and several marines head down to some Forerunner installation trying to find a landing zone for the Dawn. After keys has landed, you make your way to the Cartographer blasting through heavy Covenant…

  • Website Downtime

    Some of you may have noticed what Podtacular has been down for two days. Please note that it was not something we did. DreamHost, our hosting provider for the site experienced a Denial of Service attack to their DNS which affected the databases that most of the sites hosted my them run off of. If…

  • Podtacular 181: Multiplayer Tips and Map of the Month: Ghost Town

    Download | Shownotes This week we take a look at the last legendary map: Ghost Town. It’s a good medium-sized map that goes well with most gametypes. GLewis is missed again, but is substituted by our very special guest: Zoom from the Cave Girls clan. Enjoy

  • Submit your Stuff

    This week, it’s the multiplayer tips show on Ghost Town. And we’re going to have some special guests this week on the show. So make sure to send stuff in using the Big Green Button and get it in before Sunday afternoon.

  • Podtacular 180: Halo Wars Demo-lition

    Download | Shownotes This week, we have a special episode of Podtacular. All the way from Ensemble Studios, we put the crackdown on the newly anticipated Halo title: Halo Wars. We scrutinize the game in every way, shape and form. Joining me this week is Moderator ChuckieJ and L0rd4bove, our resident Halo Wars specialist. We…

  • Halo Wars Submission

    Next week, we are diving into the recently released Halo Wars Demo. Anything and everything related to the demo: we will have on the show. To submit your stories, experiences, tips, etc. use the Big Green Button on the front page.

  • Podtacular 178: Callins and Tales from the Foxhole

    Download | Shownotes This week we open up our voicemails with CapnKrunk. Paranoid Sarge joins us this week to read the Tales from the Foxhole. It’s a long one this week from all the submissions we got. Keep it Up. Enjoy.

  • Podtacular 177: Customs and Creations

    Download | Shownotes Hype (aka Kiaffex) joins us this week as he talks about his custom map he just finished: R7. We get to hear about all the great maps and gametypes that you sent in this week. Somehow, we managed to get a pro, basketball player on the show?!? Listen to find out. Enjoy.

  • Submit your Stuff

    It’s time to check the mailbag once again for this week’s Callins and Tales from the Foxhole. Send us your domination stories and hilarious moments. Also, drop us a line at our listener voicemail at 206-888-HALO (4256). Send in your submissions by using the Big Green Button on the front page. Deadline for voicemails is…

  • Podtacular 176: Multiplayer Tips and Map of the Month: Last Resort

    Download | Shownotes This week we have GLewis back in the house with tips for Last Resort. Crew and all, Brent Gamer joins us again for the madness that ensued behind the scenes. Be sure to check out the bloopers as I get continually interrupted by my friends. Thanks to Uzumaki15 for this week’s podart.…

  • Submit your Stuff

    This week is Customs and Creations week where we get to hear all your fantastic stories from the Halo 3 world. So use the Big Green Button to submit your stuff for next week’s show. Deadline is Sunday afternoon.

  • Submit your Stuff

    This week is Multiplayer tips and Map of the Month: Last Resort. Submit your tips on how to dominate this remake of the Halo 2 Zanzibar. Submissions are due by Sunday afternoon.

  • Podtacular 174: Callins and Tales from the Foxhole

    Download | Shownotes We are back after quite some time off from the holiday break. So to kick things off in the new year, we catch up on the community Tales from the Foxhole. Krunk brings us the voicemails and JP Oliver is our guest for this week. Thanks to lilkuke for this week’s podart.…