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“Powered by Jjaro tech” clocked up its 7777th SETI unit and quits.

Hamish calls it quits! In a dramatic countup which started early this morning the Story page’s SETI client “Powered by Jjaro tech” clocked up its 7777th SETI units on the very day that the Microsoft-Bungie buyout is announced. Coincidence? We think not. We’ve also learnt that Hamish doesn’t intend to continue crunching SETI units which should be good news for Banzif. The Marathon’s Story page lives on though. This is what the page had to say:

Marathon lives on. And the “heart and soul” of the Marathon’s Story page is not Bungie but its fans. As long as there are fans there will be a Story page. Veritatem Dies Aperit.

Anyone know what that last bit means?