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Podtacular 579: Reset Erickyboo

April 30th, 2017
This week in Halo, we find ourselves still without the latest Halo Wars 2 leader, Colony, but for a very good reason that would otherwise break even the Lekgolo themselves. More news on the summer season of the Halo Championship … Continue reading ?

Podtacular 578: Colonizing Ideas

April 23rd, 2017
News for Halo Wars this week is good as Halo Wars: Definitive Edition becomes a standalone title for Xbox One, Windows 10 and Steam, and the next leader for Halo Wars 2, Colony, is announced and slated for release. Colony … Continue reading ?

Podtacular 577: Who’s on First

April 15th, 2017
We find ourselves yet again in another week gone by with not much franchise news, but there’s plenty happening in the community, changes to the eSports arena and, perhaps the biggest news this week is the reveal of Xbox Scorpio’s … Continue reading ?

Podtacular 576: Unforginbelievable

April 7th, 2017
What do you do on a week that is filled with little news? Have a short show, and a short description. There’s some cool forge bits in here though and a bit of German too!

Podtacular 575: HWC 2017 Recap

April 4th, 2017
Twelve teams from around the world met in Burbank, California last weekend for the Halo World Championship 2017. Among the energetic competition was Halo Gear giveaways, team merchandise and the 405th, but the question on everyone’s mind is who would … Continue reading ?

Podtacular 574: Burn Baby Burn

March 31st, 2017
Breaking in the guest host seat for the first time this year, Hidden Xperia makes his debut appearance on the podcast as we discuss the latest leader addition to Halo Wars 2, Morgan Kinsano, updates to Halo 5: Guardians and … Continue reading ?

Podtacular Special: HaloWC 2017: Optic Gaming: Royal 1

March 29th, 2017
Optic Gaming is the reigning Halo world champions (formerly Counter Logic Gaming), and at the start of day 3, they are already set on second place and poised to defend their title. While the team warms up for their championship … Continue reading ?

Podtacular Special: HaloWC 2017: Str8 Rippin

March 26th, 2017
Str8 Rippin is a household name when it comes to competitive Halo and they are looking to make waves at this year’s Halo World Championship. Securing their spot in the top 4 teams, Str8 is poised to take their winning … Continue reading ?

Podtacular Special: HaloWC 2017: Team EnVyUs: Elumnite

March 26th, 2017
Team EnVyUs was made for one main purpose, take down the reigning Halo world champions Optic Gaming (formerly Counter Logic Gaming). Behind this star lineup of talent is their coach Elumnite who has helped lead the team through getting knocked … Continue reading ?

Podtacular 573: Three Scarabs

March 18th, 2017
Guess who finally finished the campaign and who’s ready to start talking Halo Wars 2? With the lull in this week’s studio and community news, we are ready to sail into spoiler territory. For now, we take a look at … Continue reading ?

Podtacular 572: Halo’s Patch Tuesday

March 11th, 2017
While Dust Storm is still struggling through the Halo Wars 2 campaign, patches are coming out this week for both Halo 5 and Halo Wars 2 and mostly for multiplayer. Forge possibilities continue to expand, unit balances across the entire … Continue reading ?

Podtacular 571: Welcome Back to the Ark

March 8th, 2017
Halo Wars 2 is finally out and brings the Halo saga back to the Ark, the Halo making machine we left at the end of Halo 3. After nearly 28 years, the Spirit of Fire crew wakes up to a … Continue reading ?

Podtacular 570: Zee Updates

February 14th, 2017
The clock ticks away to the launch of Halo Wars 2 and we have not just one, but two Halo Community Updates, Halo Canon and a handful of other announcements. The Blitz Beta had some great outcomes with players clocking … Continue reading ?

Podtacular 569: Bye Blitz Beta

February 7th, 2017
We are all sad that the Blitz Beta is over, even if some of us only won one game from it. With the end of the beta comes the impending release of the final game, but while we wait, we … Continue reading ?

Podtacular 568: Blitzkeys

February 1st, 2017
The Halo Wars 2 Blitz Beta launch this past weekend and we’ve already got our hands on a few matches, getting the feel for the mode and the new quirks of the twist on traditional RTS multiplayer. Halo Waypoint with … Continue reading ?

Podtacular 567: Beta Blitz

January 23rd, 2017
The Halo Wars 2 Blitz Beta is here, offering another chance to get a taste of the next installment of the Halo franchise and the twist Blitz brings to classic RTS game play. We had a chance to get an … Continue reading ?

Podtacular 566: Incoming Blitz

January 18th, 2017
We have entered the home stretch of the Halo Wars 2 launch with the announcement of the upcoming Blitz multiplayer beta launching on Xbox One and Windows 10 on January 20th. This new game mode takes a twist off of … Continue reading ?

Podtacular Special: Halo Bowl II Announcement

January 17th, 2017
The Halo Bowl is back for it’s second tournament and this time we’re growing to six podcasts competing to be crowned the champion of Halo podcasts. While we’re looking forward to competing, we’re also pleased to partner with Gamers Outreach … Continue reading ?

Podtacular 565: Bringing in 2017

January 10th, 2017
It’s a new year bringing in a new Halo and building on the old. The latest content update for Halo 5 is still bringing life to a game that is over a year old, and Halo Wars 2 is coming … Continue reading ?

Podtacular 564: Forging Bounty

December 31st, 2016
Our last podcast of 2016 finds us looking at the delivery of the latest content update for Halo 5: Guardians, Monitor’s Bounty! This year has been an incredible and memorable year for the Halo franchise, and looking back at what’s … Continue reading ?