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It might be time for cake.

May 26th, 2018
Wow. Been a little while since I posted here (thanks, MacGyver10, for making that possible!), but a recent email from Stuntmutt, coupled with the 19th anniversary of this site, made for a pretty compelling siren call. Swing by the One One Se7en page for a new guest strip, and Stuntmutt's response. (We haven't accepted guest strips for that comic since 2004. We had to sweep a lot of dust out to even find the right buttons.) And to everyone still stopping by for a little bit of Halo news now and then, thanks for all the memories!(Louis Wu 17:32:20 UTC)

Rockslider Shows Off the ‘Harlequin Elites’ That Result from Merging Covenant Corpses

May 23rd, 2018
Rockslider is back showing off a cool side effect his merging behavior has with the elites in Halo: CE!(MacGyver10 14:17:19 UTC)

New Canon Fodder ‘Nevermore’ Focuses On the ODST Squad in the Upcoming ‘Fireteam Raven’ Arcade Experience

May 19th, 2018
Our very own GrimBrother One surprised the world with a new Canon Fodder up at HaloWaypoint. You can read all about the ODST squad behind Fireteam Raven, the new arcade experience coming to Dave & Buster's real soon!(MacGyver10 02:02:01 UTC)

Rockslider Merges the Corpses of Covenant Elites in Halo: CE for Some Fancy Results

May 17th, 2018
Rockslider continues to iterate on his Covenant body merging, this time with elites in Halo: CE! Who knew sangheili could be so fancy?(MacGyver10 21:48:23 UTC)

Halo Community Update 05/10/18 – ‘Summary Approaches’

May 11th, 2018
GrimBrother One has taken it upon himself to collect a bunch of the recent Halo happenings and cram them into this week's Halo Community Update at HaloWaypoint! A reminder of the new weekly 343 Social Streams, some HCS remarks and plenty of other cool stuff join the usual fan creations!(MacGyver10 20:44:53 UTC)

Sparky of halomodtesters Releases Kit for Modding Just About Everything via Halo: CE on Mac

May 10th, 2018
Sparky of halomodtesters on YouTube is putting a lot of work into some pretty cool stuff for Halo: CE, particularly on Mac in this case. Here's what they had to say:

I've been working hard on my Zeus-related projects as I mentioned over the years. The Zeus projects were experiments, and they are generally concluded. Today, I am announcing an application that I am developing to replace the Halo Custom Edition Halo Editing Kit programs. This all-in-one application is called "silence". I frequently post results of the day's work on this application on my YouTube channel, "halomodtesters".

The application is ready for a user test, so I simply recorded a video of its current capability of reading .actor tag files (used by the Halo Editing Kit).

Here is a beta tester build, with fully-featured .actor tag file format support. The .zip archive is encrypted. The password is "beta tester". Thanks for your interest!(MacGyver10 15:03:43 UTC)

Master Chief Collection Insider Recap of First Testing Phase. SPOILER ALERT: It Goes Great!

May 10th, 2018
The level of transparency in this thing is pretty amazing! Check out the Master Chief Collection Insider Flight One Recap over at HaloWaypoint to see in depth stats and explanations of how the initial test of MCC's rebirth went! Pretty amazing what 343 is doing to bring this game collection up to where it should be! (Thanks davidfuchs!)(MacGyver10 14:57:40 UTC)

Rockslider Merging Some More Covenant Bodies All Over Halo: CE

May 10th, 2018
Rockslider is back at merging some Covies with their new technique, but this time trying it out in a few different places. Check out their post in our forum for your video flavor!(MacGyver10 14:55:57 UTC)

New Novel ‘Halo: Silent Storm’ Has a First Look at HaloWaypoint!

May 4th, 2018
In lieu of a community update yesterday, we did get a first look at the new Halo novel, 'Halo: Silent Storm'. Looks to be a cool story of Master Chief and Blue Team as they fight for humanity’s survival in the early days of the Covenant War.(MacGyver10 15:01:41 UTC)

Vote for the Best Halo Maps of All Time In an Online Bracket

May 4th, 2018
Having trouble figuring out your favorite Halo maps of all time? Nillapuddin has put together a bracket for the multiplayer maps of Halo 1, 2 and 3, as well as a separate bracket for Halo Reach, 4 and 5. Check it out and vote for your favorite!(MacGyver10 14:45:32 UTC)

Rockslider Shows Off a Cool, New Halo Combat Evolved Glitch in Merging Covenant Bodies

May 2nd, 2018
Rockslider put together a new video in our forum showing how to merge the bodies of dead Covenant and marines in Halo CE's campaign. It really makes for some neat moments in separating the models with plasma grenades and rocket blasts! Not sure if anyone has really shown this off before either, as it seems to be a cool, new glitch for this 17 year old game!(MacGyver10 15:35:53 UTC)

Community Playdate with 343 Industries Today on Mixer in Halo 5’s New Playlist

May 2nd, 2018
343 Industries will have a community playdate today in the new 'Elimination' playlist. Hop in to try to play with their crew and score a fancy AR skin! (MacGyver10 15:33:37 UTC)

Halo Community Update 04/26/18 – ‘Fancy Catch-Up’

April 27th, 2018
After a couple weeks off, Grim is back with a new Halo Community Update over at HaloWaypoint. A recap of the recent Halo World Championship, a little bit on an ArmA 3 mod and some other cool Halo bits round out another 'non-new-game-announcing' update (45 days till E3)!(MacGyver10 21:51:04 UTC)

Rockslider’s Freaky Graveyard Video Sets Up a New Series of Upcoming Videos

April 27th, 2018
There's something freaky afoot. Check out Rockslider's latest video, a short but cool one on a topic they'll be spending quite a bit more time on shortly!(MacGyver10 21:46:24 UTC)

343 Industries Asks the ElDewrito Team to Halt Work on ‘Halo Online’ and Discusses Community Content

April 25th, 2018
Looks like the inevitable was addressed yesterday, as 343 Industries shared over at HaloWaypoint that they and Microsoft are strongly encouraging the ElDewrito team to cease working on their 'Halo Online' project. If you remember, 'Halo Online' was a game Microsoft released only in Russia to test the waters for Halo on PC, but cancelled shortly after. It's a tricky situation, but one 343 Industries explains very well I felt in their Waypoint post. (Thanks munky-058!)(MacGyver10 18:28:55 UTC)

Development Update #3 on the Master Chief Collection. Xbox One X Enhancements, Possible Addition of Halo Custom Edition Content and Lots of Other Goodies!

April 23rd, 2018
While pointing out a particular possible addition to the MCC, AfroRyan let us know last week (while I was on vacation) that another MCC Development Update is out for your reading! A LOT of cool stuff in there including some proposed images of the new menu system, Halo: Custom Edition maps possibly being added and other engineering and game-specific wonders! Definitely go check it out!(MacGyver10 18:36:36 UTC)

10 Years Ago, the Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack Was Released!

April 16th, 2018
CyberKN over on our sister site DBO, reminded us that yesterday was 10 years since the Halo Legendary Map Pack was released for Halo 3! Play a game on Avalanche, then check out his post to mancannon down memory lane!

Update: Looking back through our news archive, I found some cool things that happened around the release of the Legendary Map Pack, like a 'Game with Fame' with Avenged Sevenfold, Frankie interviewed and KP's gorgeous face (a working live link!) and we here at HBO played Bungie in the first Halo Humpday Challenge on the new maps!(MacGyver10 22:27:24 UTC)

Congrats to Splyce on Winning the Halo World Championship this Past Weekend in Halo 5!

April 16th, 2018
Congrats to Splyce on winning this past weekend's Halo World Championship! I'm sure the $1,000,000 they made by becoming champions feels pretty good! (MacGyver10 18:58:49 UTC)

Halo Community Update 04/12/18 – ‘Worlds Renown’

April 13th, 2018
Rightfully so, but a very Halo World Championship-themed Community Update this week from our prodigal, GrimBrotherOne. There is the obvious and heavy amount of content for our version of the Super Bowl, but some cool stuff in particular are the free stuff you can get for watching on Mixer this weekend, your last chance to get the Arena-themed Legendary Crate and some recaps of other HCS events. Ske7ch did a great job culling content from the community as well (check out that aesthetic map for the Titanic)!(MacGyver10 21:56:07 UTC)

The Halo World Championship Takes Place this Weekend, and Here’s How to Keep Up with All the Halo Action!

April 12th, 2018
Sixteen of the best Halo teams in the world will be competing this weekend to become world champions, make sure you check out HaloWaypoint to get the full breakdown and what socials and channels to be following for all the action! (MacGyver10 21:12:01 UTC)