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Halo 5 Will Be Getting a CUSTOM GAMES BROWSER on PC and Xbox One

September 6th, 2016
In news that doesn't seem to be getting near the press it needs, Frankie (on GAF) and Josh Holmes (on the Beyond forums) have both confirmed that some kind of CUSTOM GAMES BROWSER is coming to Halo 5 in the future! (Thanks uberfoop for the heads up!)(MacGyver10 15:41:12 UTC)

Morpheus Shares Old, New Montage from Halzred

September 6th, 2016
While he failed at achieving, he at least succeeded at posting! Morpheus is back to sharing montages, and has a uniquely-revisited, old montage remade as new. (MacGyver10 15:36:31 UTC)

Let’s Play Myth II: Soulblighter Co-op #06 Gonen’s Bridge

September 3rd, 2016
Gonen's Bridge

We're playing the next of Bungie's famous franchises, the Real Time Tactics fantasy wargame, Myth. Set in a mysterious land of cyclical war and destruction, Myth lets you command a ragtag army in a desperate battle against the forces of the Fallen Lords.

Garrick and his remaining troops must stay ahead of the army of the Dark and reach Gonen's Bridge before Dwarves blow it up. Ooga Booga once again leads us bravely into battle, as we choose to take on the horde instead of running.

In this episode we're once again using the high definition tagset, made by Ooga Booga, Renwood and Road. The Myth Myth HD Total Conversion v1.31 provides higher resolution units.

Due to the tireless work of many community members over the years, the Myth engine has been modernized to work on current operating systems, although you'll still need a copy of the game's data files to play. Check Ebay.

For the engine itself as well as texture enhancements, go to Project Magma:

There's also multiplayer metaserver available for competitive carnage:

A bunch of other Myth-related downloads are available at The Tain:

Intro and outro Music "Into the Breach"
by Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori from Myth The Fallen Lords.

Forza Runs Over the Info on Halo’s Warthog Gracing Their Shores

September 2nd, 2016
343 gave us their thoughts on the Warthog's inclusion into Forza Horizon with a return from this week's Canon Fodder, now it's the Forza folks time to run over the info from their perspective! (MacGyver10 22:42:17 UTC)

Can You Smell The Halo Archive from HBO?

September 2nd, 2016
The Halo Archive has shared their 'beacon' (think community update or recap) called 'Can You Smell What The Beacon is Cooking'. Read their thoughts on different Halo shenanigans and news, and get a feel for their community! (Thanks Adv Jones!)(MacGyver10 22:38:28 UTC)

Flick Your Wrist and Stroke Some Keys, It’s Halo’s Forge on PC!

September 2nd, 2016
ChrisTheeCrappy let us know that IGN has a video up of Halo 5's Forge on PC. The 'narrator' doesn't seem to know too much about Forge, and gets some things plain wrong, but it's cool to see how the UI and mode will work!(MacGyver10 22:36:00 UTC)

This Week At Bungie – 09/01/2016

September 1st, 2016
Sent West.

A Family That Holds Halo 5 Together?

September 1st, 2016
Adv Jones stopped in with a piece she penned over at The Halo Archive. Is Fireteam Osiris really the glue that holds Halo 5 together? Go read the article and let us know your thoughts in her forum post!(MacGyver10 15:55:09 UTC)

Racing Back Into Our Hearts, Canon Fodder Hogs the Spotlight Again

September 1st, 2016
Whaaaa? Canon Fodder is back for a very special episode to discuss the upcoming feature of Halo's Hog in Forza Horizon 3! You can read how this marriage came about and more about Halo cars over at HaloWaypoint!(MacGyver10 15:16:47 UTC)